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chriswilson starnow

I am reading from the Management of Portfolios training book. I then read the Executive Summary.

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03Bubblegum A Detective Story

Physical Attributes

177 cm / 5ft 10in
73 kg / 160 lbs
White / Caucasian
96 cm / 38 in
Skin color:
86 cm / 34 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Film. Pleasure of meeting someone : Extra, protestor, wake guest, coffee shop participant
  • Agency 9. Campbell & George. Advertising campaign for new club. : I played the character of Campbell throught-out the campaign.
  • Short Film, Lights Canberra Action. Top Twelve Shortlisted. : Actor. Bad Guy [Boss].
  • WorkPlace Role Playing : Actor of various roles, driver, Dad Guy, police officer etc
  • Film Hawaa, Telugu Indian production : Actor - Police Officer
  • Goodwin Retirement Village TVC : Fruit shop customer
  • WWII Battles Won & Lost. WildBear Entertainment Doco. : Co-Lead actor. Military Officer.
  • Regency Knights TVC 10 Capital : Satisfied Customer
  • Art, Not Apart Festival. Producer Sebastian Chan : Customs Officer - Interrogation role
  • Sex Tour of My Hometown by Tessa Muskett : Actor
  • Secret City Film : Extra, Dignatory at Cocktail party
  • The Code series 2 : Tactical response officer. Political reporter Parliment House
  • Blue World Order, February : Extra, villager/survivor/scientist
  • Magic Man : July Extra at grunge party
  • Portrait of a Son : March 2014 Extra.
  • Locks of Love : Feburary 2014 Extra.
  • Graphic Dreamers - short film : Film Festival, Lights, Canberra, Action. Played character of Neal. Written by Benjamin Woods and directed by Benjamin Woods and Anthony Shaw 23/24 February.
  • Post Apocalypitc Short Film : 11-1-14 Lead role in Post Apocalyptic Short Film. Filmed over 5 hours in a forest outside Canberra.
  • Victorias Models, : Weekend model course
  • Extra on political thriller the CODE : Worked for 3 days as a reporter/parlimentarian. The shoot was held at Parliment House.
  • Voice over work : I have used my voice at a number of tourist venues in Canberra including the Royal Australian MInt. Also used my voice in radio advertisments primarily for a well known fitness company also here in Canberra.


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • Australian

March 2019 - Somebody Else's Country, CanberranMedia.

Oct 2017 Actor - Goodwin retirement village TVC. Screenscraft ACT.

Oct 2017 Actor - Police Officer.Tollywood. Hawaa - the film. Director Mahesh Reddy First Telugu film shoot entirely in Australia.

Simulated Patient Program since Aug 2017. ANU / Canberra Hospital.

May 2017 TVC for Regency Knights curtains & blinds Canberra ACT.

March 2017 Co-Lead actor Documentary, WWII Battles Won & Lost. WildBear Entertainment.

March 2016 Actor Customs Officer. Art, Not Apart Festival. Producer Sebastian Chan Canberra ACT.

February 2016 Extra, Million Dollar Angel. Lights Canberra Action. Producer Sebastian Chan. Canberra ACT.

November 2015 Actor in Tessa Muskett's short film, Sex Tour of My Hometown. Batemans Bay, NSW.

September 2015 Extra, Secret City - Cocktail party participant. Canberra.

August 2015 Extra in the Code series 2. - Tactical Response Officer and Political reporter. Canberra.

August 2015 Actor in Short and Sweet play, Decisions, Decisions. Writer Angus Algie, Director Phillip Meadows

June 2015 WildBear Entertainment. Documentary, played Leonardo Di Vinci. Director was Christina Bellamy.

April 2015 Father role in short film, Pretty Bones. Producer Philip Meddows Canberra.

February 2015 Extra in Blue World Order [ACT] Director Che Baker.

Nov 2014. Actor for Wildbear productions [ACT]. Corporate video - Disaster recovery scenarios.

July 2014 Extra in Tropfest film, Magic Man, Director, Oliver Levi-Malouf. Canberra.

March 2014 Extra in Portrait of a Son. Producer, John Kovacs, Bungendore NSW.

February 2014 Extra in Locks of Love. Canberra.

February 2014 - Main role in short film called Graphic Dreamers. Written by Benjamin Woods and Directed by Anthony Shaw. For the film festival competition, Lights Canberra Action.

11-1-14 Lead role in Post Apocalyptic Short Film. Filmed over 5 hours in forest outside Canberra. Produced and directed by Amr Tawfik.

Completed an acting / modeling course [2 days] in Canberra in November 2013. Victorias Models.

Have completed [Sept 2013] working on the political thriller ABC TV series the Code in Canberra as an Extra. We shoot at Parliment house over 3 days and my role was as a reporter and Parlimentarian.

In the past I have done;

A few voice over jobs for tourist venues in the ACT. For example the voice explaining the operation going on as you look through the viewing windows at the Royal Australian MInt. As well as two FM radio station commercials promoting a fitness company in Canberra. I am also the voice of the Govt. Department where I work in regards to phone messages to incoming callers.

I was a member of Canberra City Toastmasters for a number of years and was President for two years. So I have presented to groups before and have developed good presentation skills including voice modulation and projection.
Done a little stand up comedy at local clubs.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

Extras agent

Victorias Models


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Have completed [Jan 2014] a two day modeling course in Canberra. Victorias Models.
July 2016. Photo Shoot - Servcorp Canberra Editors web page.

TV & Reality

Co-Lead actor Documentary, WWII Battles Won & Lost. WildBear Entertainment. March 2017.
Regency Knights Curtains & Blinds. TVC satisfied customer 2017.
Holden Commercial. Extra. Two day shoot. Photoplay films. August 2016
ABC Mini Series The Code 1 & 2 - Political reporter and Tactical response officer.
Foxtel Mini Series Secret City - Cocktail party distinguished guest.
How Animals Changed the World - Bear Cage Entertainment - Leonardo di Vinci.


  • English

  • Australian

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