Claire Greasley Pro

Actor, Extra, Model

London, United Kingdom
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Fable the film

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Physical Details

160 cm / 5ft 3in
88 cm / 35in
54 kg / 118 lbs
Dress Size:
8 - 8
White / Caucasian
Eye color:
86 cm / 34 in
Hair color:
Skin color:
Hair length:
66 cm / 26in
Hair type:


  • Kingdom Drama School. 1 year Part time course; attending (sundays)
  • Meisner Workshop : The Actors Temple. Simon Furness
  • Guylian Chocolate " under the sea" advertisement. : 3RockAR
  • Kingdom Drama School : Part time 1 year course (sundays); attending.
  • An Introduction To Puppetry : Joseph Richardson
  • Bubble & Squeak Collective : Weekly screen acting classes: attending; ongoing. Director Paul McNeilly
  • Fright Corner. Horror short, for festival submission. : Writer/producer Nina Romain. Director/cinemaphotographer Doug Rollins
  • The Keyhole; community play/street theatre : Various roles: Elizabeth,George, reporter, william, jacob. Director Peter-Scott Presland
  • Calamity Kevin : Detective Shirley. Level Se7en Studios. Director EMre ORan
  • Artisitic film for festival submission : Director Slawomir Milewski
  • The Reel Scene. : Auditioning, and cold reading technique workshop. London
  • Joboundu On- Camera live, interview with Marco Biagioli and Erica Melargo
  • London Actors Workshop (LAW) : Advanced Course.
  • Farming. : Barmaid. Director/writer Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
  • My Dinner With Herve : Director Sacha Gervasi
  • RELLIK. BBC crime drama series. Club guest; fetish dungeon room. : New Pictures. Two Brothers Pictures.
  • Silent Witness. Series 21 : Nurse. BBC.
  • Holby City Series XV1111. : AAU patient. BBC
  • Eastenders : Essex bus passenger. BBC
  • Holby City : Wyvern visitor. BBC
  • Good Omens : Commuter. Director Douglas Mackinnon, executive producer Neil Gaiman et al
  • London Actors Workshop (LAW) SHOWCASE. RADA studios. : Played Toine, from PIAF stage play, for showcase duologue scenes.
  • London Actors Workshop (LAW). : Part-time intensive acting course and showcase (5th December). Course director Jonathan Sidgwick. Tutor and Showcase director; John melainey, plus guest casting directors/tutors.
  • Bubble & Squeak Collective. Screen acting workshops; attending, on-going. : Producer/Director Paul McNeilly
  • Fight Performance Workshop; unarmed. : Dan Burman. CUCKOO BANG
  • Eastenders : Audience member.BBC
  • Acting Gymnasium: Attending. Artistic director Gavin McAlinden : Weekly acting and theatre workshops
  • Murder In Successville. Series 2 : Albino Police Receptionist. Tiger Aspect Productions
  • Chewing Gum. Series 2 : Estate Resident. RETORT.
  • Duck Quacks Don't Echoe : Participant. Magnum Media
  • WILL. Tv drama pilot for TNT Channel. Director Shekhar Kapur. : Theatre attendee (mosh pit).
  • Holby City. Series XV111 : Darwin patient
  • Acting Gymnasium; attending : Weekly theatre workshops. Artistic Director; Gavin McAlinden
  • The Piano. London Film School. Director Kornpat Pawakranond : Piano Teacher
  • 5 dead nurses. Story; Project Mania. Ghost Bear Films. Paris rivers : Charlie
  • Ae Dil Hai Mushkil : Concert Goer. Director; Karan Johar
  • Holby City. Series XV111 : AAU Patient
  • The job lot. Series 3 : Jobseeker
  • Modestep "rainbow" : music video. Support Group Member. RSA FILMS
  • Humans. Tv series : WAP rally attendee. Kudos Ltd
  • 1603 : Nurse. Paul J Lane Film
  • Alleycats : Passerby. Director Ian Bonhote
  • Slaves "cheer up london" music video. Bullion Productions : Londoner
  • BAD ACID. Director David Chaudoir : Audience member
  • City Of Tiny Lights. Director Pete Travis : VIP Club Guest
  • Heineken Commercial. Partisan : Rugby supporter
  • CONTAINMENT. Bandaloo Productions. Neil McEnery-West
  • Immer-City; The Dwindling House of Holland (ghost walk). : Costume Ghost
  • MicK Sing Productions : Beth Charkham Workshop
  • Rc-ANNIE LTD : BADC LEVEL 1. Stage combat (currently attending)
  • Dare-To-Dream-Again productions : Drama workshops, and rehearsed reading
  • Hampstead Academy of Acting and Drama : Voice Workshop taught by Eamon Haughian
  • Hampstead Academy of Acting and Drama : Acting Level 2
  • Hampstead Academy of Acting and Drama : Acting workshop Level 1 taught by Hajaz Akram


Acting experience

Previous unpaid speaking roles

  • English

  • Irish
  • UK Scottish

I have done a number of SA roles as far. I have attended acting workshops; on going. Attending auditions for acting roles. Have done some small acting roles as far.

2009 Goths tv pilot - Shine tv
2010 LEARNING HEBREW. A Gothsploitation movie. INSURGENT FILMS
2011 Spiritual contact the movie (church congregation member) Atalia films
2012 Three stops down from plaistow (Guvner's dolly bird). Pick & mix films
2012 Bollywood feature film: Jab Tak Hai Jaan (commuter at train station;walk on ) Dir Yash Chopra
2012 Bond skyfall (commuter).
2012 About time (theatre goer). Dir Richard Curtis
2012 Hollow - Short film. Dir Joe Payne
2012 Class A 'Superhero' (soul balloon person)
2013 Sea Out - Short film (featuring james cosmo); dir Jake White
2013 Still. Dir Simon Blake
2013 DownDog. Dir Andres Dussan
2013 Baptism - film trailer (police; agent); The Philm Company
2013 "DRIFT" - short film (nurse); Dir Maria Tanjela
2013 "I'm Still Here" (nurse). Dir Kris Smith
2013 Second Coming (job seeker); Dir/writer Debbie Tucker Green
2013 Yonderland; Sky 1 series (Elder) featured role. Dir; Steve Connolly..
2013 Mob Handed (council estate resident); Director Liam Galvin
2013 Death Walks (zombie level 1)
2013 HEADLOCKSECURITY (pub goer)
2013 Cornetto Ice Cream Advert (club goer)
2013 "O" ;film short (rioter); Bashford Twins
2013 M.L.E. Feature film (passer-by; party girl) featured. Dir Sarah Warren
2013 London Fields (Pepsi) featured role. Dir Mathew Cullen. Story; Martin Amis
2013 The Contract (Prostitute); featured. Dir Nick Auerbach, writer David Marconi
2013 Kingsman: The Secret Service (shop customer) Dir Matthew Vaughn
2013 Gory Time. (bar goer). horror short
2013 Girl Power. Short (Fetish club guest; featured). Dir Benjamin Bee. Writer Kefi Chadwick
2013 The Program (press photographer) Dir Stephen Frears
2013 Lawson "Juliet" video
2013 The Mission (goth rock band); music vid
2013 He Who Dares 2 (civilian) Dir Paul Tanter
2014 One Crazy Thing (music shop customer) Dir Amit Gupta
2014 South of the river (cancer support group member) Dir Joe Watkins
2014 Milk. Short (utopian society member) Dir Amelia Hansson
2014 Set the Thames on Fire (prostitute) Dir Ben charles edwards
2014 "The dying hours", trailer (dead body)
2014 Legend. Working Title Films. Dir Brian Hegeland
2014 The Royals. Dir Mark Schwahn
2014 Phantom. Director Kabir Khan
2014 CONTAINMENT (featured; lines/fight choreography). Dir Neil West
2014 Londongrad (gypsy traveller). TV series: CTC Media (STS channel Russia).
2014 Save The Children. Christmas jumper day ad.
2014 Yonderland. Series 2 (elder) WTTV
2014 Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation. Dir Christopher McQuarrie

Acting roles:
2013 Duality. The Elemental Chronicles: II Short Film - Eona (witch)
2012 Student short - Clara
2013 Reader role, at auditions for a short film
2013 Street experience; past-life regression: Ch4
2013 "I AM Zombie"; Urchin (dancer) Noir/Grindhouse short film promo for game; Another Word Films: Dir Bruno Centofanti
2013 The Fallen (zombie); book trailer.
2013 Rehearsed Reading of a play
2013 Rock band Vs Vampires. Film. Aurelia Mandrake (vampire). Scanned for video game/dbled as peasant.
2013 For U Tv. Advert; featured
2014 Fable. Short film (wicked stepmother); Half Pint Pictures
2014 Kill Day (Forrester) Pixiemoo productions
2014 Z-Listers (Chris' girl # 2). Dir Kris Smith. Available on youtube
2014 RBS, Natwest viral "grouch couch" Director Dom Jolly. M&C Saatchii

Trying to start compiling a show reel. Attending acting workshops, and theatre group. Attending auditions; ongoing.

Skills:first-aid, very experienced horse rider; had horses for many years growing up; did show jumping .Still try to partake. Have done some choreographed fight scenes. Completed beginners, int A & B pole dancing; on C level. Currently doing circus aerial drop in classes, hoop, static/ flying trapeze.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Modeling website

I have done a few alternative modelling shoots within the area of fetish/goth/fantasy. I don't particularly look alternative except for a few piercings and a tattoo. Therefore i am quite versatile in how i can look, and plan to do more varied shoots. So open to ideas that may suit and interest me. I also do acting and SA work.

TV & Reality

I do not have any reality experience.I have done a couple of pilot shows, sky series, and trailers. Mainly feature films, short films and music videos as far.

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