About StarNow

StarNow connects talent with opportunity.

“I believe StarNow not only gives their members an opportunity to broaden their knowledge and network with like minded people, but also to find work they previously may not have had access to.” - Michelle Quin, Casting Director

We believe:

  • talented people deserve great opportunities
  • great service matters
  • our website should be affordable
  • safety online is important.

Meet the team

Customer Service and Trust & Safety

We're creative individuals who are active actors, dancers, models, musicians and crew. We're here to answer questions, offer advice and focus on the safety of our members.
Say hello! contact@starnow.com


We're foosball loving computer geeks that make sure your profiles and listings look great and that your applications and messages are delivered. We're always looking for new .net developers to join our growing team, so send us your CV if you're New Zealand based and would like to join us - jobs@starnow.com

Casting Coordinators

Experienced in the industry, we are the first port of call for industry professionals who are looking to find talent. We're also the Friday Drinks organisers, focused on developing fun and rewarding marketing campaigns and promotions. If you would like to find out more about casting through StarNow, contact us - casting@starnow.com

Where did we begin?

The founders of StarNow created the site while on their OE in the UK. A chance meeting with an actress friend prompted them to think about how they could build a site to help aspiring talent connect with agents, filmmakers and other industry professionals. From small beginnings in a cramped London flat, StarNow has grown to an international casting hub servicing countries around the world.

With the growth of StarNow, a wide reaching community has been developed. Our talented members have shaped this growth and have contributed to the company's success.

Read about some of our members' successes:

  • "I went from living in Somerset to travelling the world and now living in London as a successful model with NEVS agency. THANK YOU STARNOW!" - Kimberly Marren Read more…
  • "Thanks to StarNow I have steady work and have worked on feature films, short films, done catwalk, appeared on the radio and stage and have worked for 2 summers in my dream job in Spain!" - Chloe Driver Read more…