Craig Walker

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New South Wales, Australia


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Craig brought something to the scene I didn't expect... I'd imagined the role initially as sinister and villainous, but he showed me sadness. Who really cares if a villain perishes? But we care if a good man is damned... It hasn't just given me a new way of interpreting the film when I'm in post production, but given me a renewed empathy for people who end up making bad decisions in one area of their lives despite choosing compassion elsewhere. What a blessing!

Recommended for Acting Jul 5, 2020

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Craig is fun and easy to work with, professional and reliable and takes directions well. Definitely recommend working with him.

Recommended for Acting Mar 11, 2020

Craig Walker was such a pleasure to work with! He has a wonderful personality, and a great talent for characterisation.

Recommended for Acting Nov 15, 2019

Craig is highly professional with vibe and energy on set, he would take directions if it make sense, also he improvises a lot to make the character more convincing. And Craig has his standards and principles, which we respect. Definetely an honor to work with.

Recommended for Acting Oct 23, 2019

Craig, the man, the myth, the legend. I worked with Craig recently on short film Russel Sprouts. We had an absolute hoot and he was great to improvise with, he's a fantastic actor! 100% recommend and hope to work with him again!!!

Recommended for Acting Oct 23, 2019

Craig was a joy to work with! Such a professional, and a very talented and comedic actor with so much vibrance and energy on set. 10/10 would recommend! Thanks Craig!!

Recommended for Acting Sep 26, 2019

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Very professional, easy to communicate with

Recommended for Acting Aug 11, 2019

Absolutely Nailed our ADR Recording, super easy to work with and very professional. Would highly recommend for any and all acting projects.

Recommended for Acting Aug 1, 2019

Craig is so professional and a lovely guy to work with. He is so versatile and really puts on a great performance. He really embodies a character with such commitment and I would love to work with him again in the future.

Recommended for Acting Jul 16, 2019

Great Actor!

Recommended for Acting Jun 20, 2019

Craig is a very easy going, talented and reliable actor. He was cast in a commercial role and we were very pleased with his performance and professionalism. Would cast again!

Recommended for Acting Jun 19, 2019

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Craig was fantastic to have as a part of our film. Well rehearsed, booming voice and bringing powerful presence to the character he played, I can't imagine the part without him. I highly recommend working with Craig.

Recommended for Acting Feb 24, 2019

Craig, consummate professional. You brought lovely subtle characteristics to the role. Thanks for your participation.

Recommended for Acting Dec 23, 2018

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Craig is a highly versatile and professional artist. Always top of mind in considration for projects.

Recommended for Acting Jun 13, 2018

Have worked with Craig on several jobs. Professional. Attentive. Intuitive. Highly recommend him.

Recommended for Acting May 2, 2018

great professional actor and very reliable and professional

Recommended for Acting Apr 30, 2018

Craig is amazing to work with!!

Recommended for Acting Apr 21, 2018


Recommended for Modelling Feb 27, 2018

Craig is a consumate industry professional who brings a wealth of experience to any film set. With his lifetime of experience and his willingness to assist all involved in the production process, Craig is a valuable asset to any production and any actor lucky enough to get the opportunity to work beside him. Very highly recommended actor and industry professional.

Recommended for Acting Feb 25, 2018

Craig’s expertise with acting and public speaking allowed him to perform with precision and clarity as the Ashley and Ilona Master of Ceremonies. His professionalism with the right touch of humour made him a joy to work with. Craig took it upon himself to understands some of the more nuanced features of the Ashley and Ilona brand & product, then set about to provide suggestions and ask pertinent questions. For Craig the work is definitely something he loves to do, evidenced by going beyond expectations! I would recommend him with any project that requires the very best in execution. Craig is a person who is able to present creative solutions and adjust to changes on the fly. He is an asset to any business.

Recommended for Acting Jan 10, 2018