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Northampton, United Kingdom
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Physical Attributes

161 cm / 5ft 3in
60 kg / 132 lbs
White / Caucasian
Less than 73 cm / 29 in
Skin color:
63 cm / 25 in
82 cm / 32 in
Dress size:
UK 8 / AUS 8 / US 4
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Employability Course : Presenter for E-Learning Videos - Live Host on Zoom
  • Presenter : Presenter for RunThrough Events throughout the UK
  • Voiceover : Voice for latest 'SeaLion' advert on TV and Radio stations throughout the UK
  • Isite TV : Presenter for Curry's PC World Tech Videos
  • Bodyswaps, Voiceover : Voiceover for an educational app
  • Presenter and Voiceover : Curated and produced a video with a well known Garden Centre, about how to take care of Christmas Trees and I produced and edited a Video of their Christmas Displays, alongside a poem I wrote that I voiced over it.
  • Radio : My current role - Superdrug Live Radio Presenter. I produce and present this show myself and product review and advertise on air, too. I am in control of all the content and chat about my own every day anecdotes, as well as content within Pop Culture.
  • Online Live Presenter : Odurn Live Announcement Presenter - Presenting a Live Broadcast to 3K+ viewers and putting the script and content together. A Live Stream filmed professionally from my own Home Set-up through a Host website - I am confident with technology.
  • Up-Learn : Presenter for E-Learning Videos
  • Videoblogg : Journalist and Reporter - Finding my own stories that intrigue and interest me and scripting and producing content to camera within a Live Studio with Autocue and Green Screen. Finding relevant stories and information appropriate for our target audience.
  • Virgin : Live TV Presenter at Virgin Games - Working in a Live Studio Environment with a team of co-presenters, producers, Autocue, Talkback and Green Screen. Scripting my sets and presenting to camera and interacting with Live comments and callers.
  • Winkball : Presenter, Interviewer at Events throughout the UK - Finding events throughout the UK and writing to them, getting a media pass and exploring the events as well as interviewing Talent and customers. This would go in to a Vox Pop style video on YouTube.


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • UK English


Extras experience

Previous extras experience

Extras agent

Loudspeaker Agency


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Modelling agent

Loudspeaker Agency


TV presenter experience

Previous paid TV presenter roles

Radio presenter experience

Previous paid Radio presenter roles

  • English

  • UK English

My name is Daisie-Belle and I am a professional presenter, radio presenter and voiceover artist. My presenting credits start from around 5 years ago back on various radio stations across London, presenting alongside various household names. I started at Boogaloo Radio, which is home to some huge names within the music industry and have had guests such as Carl Barat and Alex Zane. I had my show each Saturday, 12-3 'Happy Dais with Daisie-Belle' and I created my show to play solely new music that never made it to the UK charts/mainstream. I have a huge interest in pop culture and within the music industry and I love finding and exploring new talent that havn't quite made it to the mainstream yet. I would hold 'Live Lounge' sessions with uo-and-coming Artists and bands and this was a great success.

I have also worked for multiple digital reporter network platforms, such as Winkball and Videoblogg, gathering stories, presenting it confidently to camera either within a green screen studio environment or out and about on the streets for ‘vox-pop’ style videos, chatting to both talent and guests at events and random members of the public. I have lots of experience interviewing famous talent at events, as well as customers at events, festivals, political events, foodie, arts events, you name it! I have always been in charge of all the content, the interviews, the questions, the introductions and openings, so I have a lot of experience scripting my own work. I have experience vlogging throughout my career, through Youtube and Insta stories, advertising different events I have been hosting at.

Previously, in 2017, I was the Live Presenter for Virgin Games, which was on-screen presenting, which also gave me even more experience within a studio environment, being creative with games for the consumers, creating excitement live on air and also sticking to certain script work. This involved hosting my own show as well as co-hosting. I trained in and worked with Autocue, Green Screen and Talk Back.

Following from that currently, I am the Live Radio presenter for Superdrug Live, which is live on air, every day 11-3pm throughout the 800+ stores Nationwide. I produce this show so am very capable and used to creating fun, relevant and interesting content.

Currently, once every 2 weeks, I host a Live 10 minute show remotely from home, via streaming website ‘Be Live.’ This is to announce the winner of a luxury handbag competition. This has given me a lot of experience setting up a studio space at home and dealing with last minute technical issues, enhancing my skills as an editor, script writer and producer. I love the live videos and am very confident directing and producing these shows and like to be in control of the tech side, too. I am also an efficient video editor.

I'm very versatile with my work and my brand and am more than just an Entertainment Presenter. I have a lot of different interests and love learning and expanding my knowledge. I enjoy working for and marketing for different business' and I love that my role is all about bringing words to Life and engaging with the audience and with people - that's what I love about presenting. I have a great energy and a clear, concise voice which makes me perfect for corporate projects, too.
My background is in Musical Theatre, so I have a natural interest in all aspects of the Arts. I love Fitness, Well-Being, Training and I'm a massive Foodie. I'm incredibly active and I enjoy the outdoors, so in my free time you can find me exploring different walks/climbs and trails throughout the UK.

My Voiceover Credits Include Nickelodeon, Nick.Jr, MTV, Club MTV and Virgin and various corporate explainer videos for Companies and Educational programmes.
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