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Composer, Pianist, Music Producer, Other Musician, Film producer / Manager,… more

Glasgow, United Kingdom
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Instrumental Showreel Audio

Audio of my instrumental showreel.

01Instrumental Showreel Audio

Credits & experience

  • Working on various projects, including a synthwave/electronic album. : Also composing a variety of classical and piano compositions. Completed soundtrack for a new original stage play that will be debuting this year.
  • Currently composing a full length feature film soundtrack : Working on various projects covering a range of styles.
  • Working on a various projects from electronic music to classical.
  • New electronic album "Exit To Nowhere" by Transceive,co-written & produced released on CD & download : Video for the "Exit To Nowhere" album track, "Break Down The Doors" produced & edited by myself. https://transceive.bandcamp.com
  • Recently produced album "Lost Weekend" released on download. : Featuring guitar and flute: http://www.nujazzeurope.eu/lost-weekend.html
  • Recently produced & co-written album "The Road To Trasanne" released on CD & downloads. : Featuring operatic, classical, guitar and drums: http://www.nujazzeurope.eu/road-to-trasanne.html
  • I'm a freelance composer, producer & song writer.
  • I write a wide variety of musical styles & can easily adapt my compositions.
  • Ranging in styles to whatever type of music or sound a project needs.
  • From electronic to dance to classical, I can be as versatile as required.
  • I have produced many remixes for a variety of major record labels.
  • I have also had my music used on tv shows, adverts and radio adverts.
  • The remixes I produced, singles & album that I wrote have been released & licensed around the world.


Composer ability


Producer ability


Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Indie
  • Electronic
  • Hip-hop
  • Jazz
  • Classical

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