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Newport, United Kingdom
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Physical Attributes

172 cm / 5ft 8in
85 kg / 187 lbs
White / Caucasian
111 cm / 44 in
Skin color:
81 cm / 32 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
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Credits & experience

  • Face Time model shoot: Yolanda Barreto : Bedroom style model shoot via FaceTime video link, using natural window light and wardrobe mirrors. props used - Bed, chairs and bedside table. Style: Oversized what shirt, Lace bra and Knickers.
  • Face Time model shoot: Yolanda Barreto : Model shoot produced from the kitchen Via video link with London based Portuguese Model Yolanda. Support and help from her husband and brother. Style: Fitted Jeans, Crop T - shirt and heels
  • Face Time Model Shoot: Hannah Lewis : Model shoot involving the Cardiff model shooting from her own home via a video link. This was a good shoot done from inside and outside in the garden. A good learning curve for both. Style: Jean shorts & Black top. Oversized jumper. Summer dress.
  • Model Shoot : - Brylee Louisa: Shoot involving a new clothing brand. The shoot was conducted using the branded t-shirts and a small church. The areas used were specifically targeted to show the brand design. Church wall, Wooden door way & window were used.
  • Location shoot - Brylee Louisa : A short 30 minute location shoot with Brylee to work with the new fashion brand and get some urban type images with the clothing. Very basic shoot using natural light out in the winters light.
  • Beauty Pageant Studio shoot - Christine Gregory : The shoot was to help the Pageant Ambassador to help promote Beauties Of 5 Continents Global pageant. Both Studio work and a small shoot out on the shop high Street. The shoot was done in pageant gowns and sashes and we also involved the general public.
  • Studio/Location shoot - Model Nathanuelle Fagan : To shoot some images for a fashion page on a new website. The concept was higher end male fashion in the studio and at last minute we also went out on location. Natural light out on The British location used
  • Studio shoot - Ana Luisa Martin : To capture some studio fashion shots for a brand new photographers website. The shoot was also to help promote the young rising model and a new fashion brand being released next year.
  • Studio shoot - Lucy Hodges : Studio shoot working to check the new light system out. We also managed to do some festive images with a Christmas theme and also a Mother/Daughter style mini shoot throughout.
  • Studio shoot - Stephanie Rees : Working with fashion model Stephanie in the studio to build up her portfolio. We also worked with a new clothing brand being launched next year. Pageant queen work also shot in the studio as Stephanie is a title holder.
  • Location Shoot "Dark Days" - Vicky Lang : The Job was to tell a story for the model. I had to get the right location with the correct light in order to do this job the full justice that it deserved. A very powerful and moving story was shared to me by the model and I hope I did the shoot justice.
  • Location shoot - Vicky Lang, Brylee Louisa. : Pontypool Stadium to shoot with a brand new clothing brand being launched later next year. Used single and multiple models to work in the terraces. Used natural and soft box light.
  • Studio shoot - Lucy McLoughlin : Shooting some high end fashion images in dresses ready for next years website launch for Final Image Photography. Long dresses and elegant style clothing shoot. We also tried some low-key work in darker lighting as well as Hi- key lighting.
  • Vintage Salon Shoot - Lucy McLoughlin : The shoot was set in a vintage hairdressers. The model was used to shoot 40's,60's fashion with both clothing and lingerie. The make up & hair was also created too a vintage style theme by the shop owner and stylist Jan
  • Model Portfolio Build - Lucy McLoughlin: : Pontypool Park
  • Promotional Shoot - Eighth Couture Clothing Brand. : Pontypool Stadium with model Ieuan Thomas & Leon Morgan.
  • Model Shoot - Katie Smith : 2018 Calendar Shoot for Tranch Fc. Shoot location Dressing rooms of football club using flash photography & reflector boards.
  • Model Shoot - Lucy Hodges : Pontypool Park portfolio update in the river
  • Model Shoot - Karen Halifax : 2017 Calender shoot for final image photograph : Coastal rocky foreshore.
  • Model Shoot - Rio Davies : 2017 Calender shoot for final image photography. Barn underwear shoot and motorbike underwear shoot.
  • Studio Shoot : A hi key shoot For my wife Trish to gain confidence in the Model and to Practice using studio lighting and set up.
  • Studio Shoot : Studio Shoots in Hi Key paid work For Hanna Bowles
  • Model Shoot - Kym Hearne : PR shoot in water with props. Umbrellas and branded company tops.
  • Model Shoot - Danii Paget & Mark Smith : Wedding Shoot. A wedding shoot both inside and outside using a wedding car and chauffeur & guests. Shot at Tedworth House
  • Model Shoot - Mark Smith & Angelina Kemp : Male & female model shoot working together to create an intermate style close sexy shoot. Shoot included clothed and underwear type shots in a barn and surrounding area. The shoot emcompassed both natural light, Relector borads and flash lighting.
  • Model shoot - Angelina Kemp : River Shoot using natural light and flash photography. Shoot area covered shots in the river, under and above the bridge as well as shots in the trees along the river bank
  • Model shoot - Angelina Kemp : Dissused Farm yard building & Machinary, Soft box lighting and natural light used as well as flash photography.
  • Model Shoot - Nicky Davis : Lingerie shoot in hotel, using flash and soft box lighting
  • Model Shoot - Danny Finnagan : Manly outdoor Barn shoot. Up date of Danny's portfolio showing out door work and Danny's versatility and practice poses and positions
  • Model Shoot - Nicky Davis : Wedding dress shoot and ripped jeans look. old sarun castle and farm yard.
  • Wedding Photographer : The Manor - Weston on the Green
  • ModelShoot - Red riding hood. : Model - Hayley Lawson, MUA - Ebiee moshie.
  • First Point Photography : Diploma in Photo Image Capture
  • Model Shoot - Katie Smith : Debut model shoot in barn. using soft diffused and natural light.
  • Childrens Photo Shoot : Childrens Photo Shoot in The ruins and The park
  • Debut model shoot - Simona suchockaite, Stylist - Ebee Moischi : Debut model shoot in wood.
  • ModelShoot - Tracy Kiss. Stylist MUA Sara Baker. : Model shoot in studio with Race Super bike; Abingdon, Oxford, UK
  • Boxing event photographer : Oxford University
  • Model Shoot - Claire Sessargeo-Louis Valleley : PR shoot for British Super Bike team -Cresswell Racing with model and Rider and sponsors including motorbike in a studio
  • Model Shoot - Claire Sessargeo : Model shoot in studio with Race Super bike
  • Model Shoot - Freya McAleer : Model shoot in Church ruins
  • First point photography : Diploma in portratuire Photography
  • First Point photography : Diploma in Wedding Photography


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

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Photography experience

Part-time professional (paid work)

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I have recently done a model and motorbike shoot, and i have also done some PR shoots with models, British Super Bike rider and motorbike including team managers and sponsor's. I have done a model shoot in an old ruins and also have some studio work experience with models. As l am building my portfolio i would say that i offer very reasonable and competitive rates compaired to other photographers but would be looking to cover some smaller company expansion costs only. My work can be seen on my profile. i would be only to happy to discuss a shoot required or alternatively id like to hear what your ideas were. I like to meet first discuss the shoot and ideas and then put the shoot together with the individual shots that were required. Then a second meet prior to the shoot to talk the shoot through. Once you were happy we would then conduct the shoot. All images would then be available to you on disk to do as you please.If this is what you are hoping for then please contact me.

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