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Physical Attributes

185 cm / 6ft 1in
81 cm / 32 in
78 kg / 171 lbs
Eye color:
White / Caucasian
Hair color:
106 cm / 42 in
Hair length:
Skin color:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Graduated with 3 years study from Beijing Contemporary Music and Film Academy. : Specialized in Film / Television acting, and Drama, in the Performing Arts. ( script , action , motion and green screen


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English
  • Mandarin

  • Canadian

I launched my acting career in 2007-08. I am greatful to have worked along side with some of the best actors and producers in Asia. The knowledge and experience that i have gained, i believe will create a future for me in the film industry. My goal and passion, is to continue my acting career here in Canada, as I strive to reach the top. Being an actor in a demanding and tough market takes patience...and patience is a virtue. My acting experience is as follows:

>2008 (xiao hu dui)"Small Tiger Team" German/Chinese directors and production

>2009 (xiao zhan feng)"Small Wind And Clouds"

>2009 (da chao ru ge)"Big Floods Tide Is Like A Song"

>2010 (qian xue sen) "Money studies the woods"

>2010 (jian guo da yi) "Founding of a big nation"

>2011 (ni shou xi shi)"Pretty New Moon”

>2011 "MTV and fashion design company “Kaiser” Role: Egyptian advocate for Cleapatra. Filmed at Huairou movie studios, Beijing. China Film Group

>2011 (shi er sheng xiao) “ 12 signs of the Zodiac”….. Produced/Directed by : Jackie Chan

>2011 (ju he ru hai) “9 rivers lead to the sea”...... Directed by : Ma Zheng

>2011 (fu lu bing) “capturing the soldiers"....... Directed by : Ling Lie

>2011 (tai ji quan) " Shaoling Kungfu" ......Directed by : Hong Jin Bao

> 2012 (wu wen xi dong ) "Don't ask west or east"..... Directed by : Li Fang Fang

> 2012- 2013 "RongHong" Movie filmed in Zhuhai , South China

> 2013 "Lenovo" movie/TV commercial" Filmed at ChengYu winery..Beijing China

> 2013 (MaoZiDong) "Maozidong"... Filmed in Shanghai, Shannxi, Beijing China....... Directed by : Gao She She

> 2013 (Qing Wang) "Qing Wang"..... Filmed in Beijing China ..... Produced by : Wang Bing

> 2013 (Lao Nan Hai) " Old Boys"..Filmed in Beijing China...... Produced/Directed by : Xiao Yang

> 2013-14 (Fan Kong Te Zhan Dui) "Anti Terrorist Command" . Filmed in Ordos Inner Mongolia , Beijing...Directed by: XiaoGang You

> 2014 ( Zhongji Ying Han). "Ultimate Hero".. Filmed in Inner Mongolia... Directed by: Cui Lei

> 2015 ( Xue Bao Te Zhan Qian Wang)." Snow Leopard Commando". Fimed in Haiko, Hainan Island south China..Directed by: Zuo Pin

>2016 - 17 (jing hua yu jing quan) "Flower Police and Police Dogs" Filmed in Beijing China...Directed by: Hou Ming Jie

>2017- ( wéi hé bù bing yíng ) Peacekeeping Infantry Battalion. Filmed in Guilin / Hebei China.... Directed by : zhù hai qiáng / yì xiáng

TV & Reality

>2008 (xiong di che hang) "The Brother's Car Dealership" TV show

>2009 (xin dong fang ying yu) "New Eastern English" TV commercial

>2010 (jia wang you) "Automobile fuel additive" TV commercial

>2010 "Sentra" Corporate financial investments company Sentra" TV commercial

>2011 "Apple" Apple iphone 4 TV commercial

>2011 "Lenovo" Technology and history promotion TV commercial.

>2011 "Kaiser" Kaiser fashion design company TV commercial

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