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New South Wales, Australia
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I Miss You - DJ JAZZY

Original Pop, R&B written and produced by DJ JAZZY

01I Miss You - DJ JAZZY
02Feeling Like This - DJ JAZZY
03Independent Sugar - DJ JAZZY
04Girl Boss - DJ JAZZY

Physical Attributes

165 cm / 5ft 5in
65 kg / 143 lbs
White / Caucasian
Skin color:
77 cm / 30 in
78 cm / 31 in
Dress size:
UK 12 / AUS 12 / US 8
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • LA Talent, WAM Dance Studio, JWDA : Hip Hop, JAZZ, Contemporary Dance


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • Australian
  • USA California
  • USA Southern

Lead Roles in Television Commercials
Lead Roles In Musical Theatre Productions
Television Host
MC Live Events
Voice Over's
Very Experienced Studio Singer


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work


DJ Jazzy is the new generation of influencer’s and has a huge focus on providing family-oriented entertainment content specifically targeted towards young people. DJ Jazzy encompasses a style and range of music and content that appeals to her Tween target audience and Families. As an influencer she delivers positive messages relevant to each age-specific group whilst also enjoyed and appreciated below and above the target market.

DJ Jazzy creates and produces all of her own content and is motivated by inspiration. She is a DJ, Producer, Songwriter, Photographer, Filmmaker, Singer, Dancer, Choreographer, Designer, technology Wiz with a passion for young People. She is the new face and sound of music she is a pioneer, a new breed never seen before! This young entrepreneur is leading the way in creating platforms with incredible live show concepts creating super fans, she is a hybrid entertainer creating multiple streams of content through every medium possible and she is using the power of social media to deliver it.

The sky is the limit for this superstar DJ, playing to sold out concerts around Australia, creating content especially for young people with positive & self-empowering messages which are helping to shape self-image while teaching skills of thinking positive, and finding one’s own inspiration. DJ Jazzy is an ambassador for our youth, she strives to be a role model for our younger generation, promoting her ethics of team spirit and hard work. DJ Jazzy explained “I write music to inspire, with positive and self-empowering messages which are helping to shape our younger generation’s self-image, while teaching them skills of thinking positive and finding one’s own inspiration and most of all having fun. An important edge to DJ Jerzy's is that her content is clean, free from expletives and adult content but still very cool.

DJ Jazzy Create yourself, how to videos
DJ Jazzy is passionate about empowering young people to deal with feelings, stay positive and take care of themselves – physically and mentally – and encourages everyone to follow their dreams, using her creative skills to deliver the message. Her "WHY" factor is such an important reason she is so passionate about getting her message out, which is about dealing with feelings, staying positive, taking care of yourself mentally and physically. This is exactly the kind of messages our kids need to combat all of the negativity around them and let's face it kids have a lot of issues they have to deal with. So many kids are fraught with low self-esteem and low self-confidence, especially those with common challenges such as depression, abuse, anxiety and bullying. These children in particular need to be reminded of their unique skills, talents, and strengths, and to focus on all the positive and wonderful qualities they possess.

DJ Jazzy believes Mental health is more important than grades
DJ Jazzy has a strong focus on emotional health for children and believes ‘it is the key to future happiness’. DJ Jazzy Says “that as we become happier, we become better people. As we become happier we become more compassionate, more creative, more energetic, more emotionally and physically healthy.” So many kids are fraught with low self-esteem, low self-confidence, especially those with common challenges such as depression, abuse, anxiety and bullying. These children in particular need to be reminded of their unique skills, talents, and strengths, and to focus on all the positive and wonderful qualities they possess.

Music Videos
DJ Jazzy writes and Produces all of her music and is motivated by inspiration. The songs are uplifting and catchy and make you want to sing and dance, most importantly they make you feel good, finally something to empower young minds! DJ Jazzy attracts a unique age range audience: Basically, all ages who enjoy fun, positive music and entertainment

Kids Fashion Meets Music Live Runway Event
Being a photographer/Filmmaker and designer DJ Jazzy is all about showcasing the beauty in children. She is the brainchild behind Kids Fashion Meets music which has now turned into one of the largest Live Music Fashion runway Event for young people in the country. Being the creative Director she took on the mammoth task of pulling off an event of this size she has over 6,000 registrations from kids all around Australia wanting to be in the show she had over 900 Children of all shapes and sizes aged from Toddlers - Teens strutting their stuff down the runway. The mission was to celebrate cultural diversity through creative designers and promote young talent using this live music runway event to showcase young people from all walks of life.
KFMM had a huge can check out a couple of videos to see the kid's reactions when they actually get confirmed

A must to watch!!!

A must to watch!!!

From a young age, this dynamite entertainer has had a deep passion for music and entertaining children. DJ Jazzy spent many of her early years on the road with her Mothers Aria Nominated iconic children's entertainment act the ‘Star Girls’ as junior group member ‘Twinkle Star’. The hit children's pop act was the first Australian act to ever sign to Zomba Music Group the home of Britney, Back Street Boys, N Sync, Jessica Simpson, and Justin Timberlake. The Star Girls had a number 1 Video on Video Hits called ‘Girls Like Me’, they also had a television deal with MTV Networks US and Nickelodeon to create their own television show for kids. Dj Jazzy filmed her first music video at the very young age of 4 years old and went on to tour across Australia and The US in their sell-out concerts. Even Before DJ Jazzy traded her star outfit for headphones, football jerseys, and Dj decks she knew this would be a lifelong journey.


Vocal ability

Lead singer

Vocal range


Composer ability


Producer ability


D.J ability


Singing styles
  • Pop

Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Hip-hop

I write and produce all of my own music. I have my own recording studio. I am a top liner. I write all styles of music. I am very good at Lyrics and writing hooks. I use pro tools and Cubase. Being a DJ I am very experienced at doing re-mixes.


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Hip Hop

I am a very experienced Choreographer/Hip Hop Dance Teacher. I Tour around Australia with my Chase The Dream Dance Workshop which is an incredible dance program for Dance Schools. I am one of the Artist Development Mentors for Army Of Dreams The success of this program to date has been incredible, this year alone we have had 15 Artists shortlisted for the Voice and 13 artists shortlisted for Australia's Got Talent with many of these artists making it to various stages on the shows. 22 artists just recently made it through to X Factor Boot Camp with 2 of our Artists making into this year's top 12!

I choreographed two of the Super Groups 5th Element and ELEV8 For Season7 X Factor Australia's Live Auditions and Boot Camp .

I have Choreographed Various musical Theatre Shows - Alice in Wonderland - Seymour Centre, Annie - Seymour Centre, Grease - Tomm Mann Theatre Sydney, The Wizard of OZ - and Boogie Fever

I have managed and Choreographed Sydney based Hip Hop crews for Looze Control and HHI Australia

Film & Stage Crew

Camera Crew ability



TV presenter experience

Previous paid TV presenter roles

Radio presenter experience

No previous Radio presenter experience

Presenting agent

DSJ Music Group

  • English

  • Australian
  • USA California
  • USA Southern

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