Elijah Reid

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London, United Kingdom


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Very helpful and laid back with the session. Would strongly recommend.

Recommended for Modelling Sep 21, 2021

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I recently cast Elijah as a security guard for a feature film. He was professional, polite and a pleasure to work from the casting process to shooting on set. I highly recommend him!

Recommended for Acting Nov 29, 2018

Stunning profile.! We do the best job in the world, It's hard but we keep that far dream close to our heart. Please Keep believing in your dreams and never give up! I wish you all the best with your artistic career. David Galea

Recommended for Acting Mar 1, 2018

Elijah is very professional, extremely friendly and easy to work with.

Recommended for Acting Jun 2, 2017

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Fantastic, unique look. Good work! Highly recommended

Recommended for Acting May 2, 2016

Elijah is a fantastic Actor and I recommend highly. In the role he was required to transform the characters personality and he did it brilliantly, I got chills watching it during the editing process. Off camera he was a joy to have on set and very much looking forward to working with him again.

Recommended for Acting May 2, 2015

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It was an absolutely pleasure to have Elijah on-set. He was punctual, professional, and overall a very welcome, confident and energetic presence that we hope to have again in the future. He meshed well with the crew and he followed the instructions of the director flawlessly and played the part to great, comedic effect, exactly how it was envisioned at conception. Cannot recommend him highly enough...

Recommended for Acting Aug 9, 2014

Elijah is a fantastic model to work with - incredibly natural in front of the camera and very good at taking direction. He is comfortable offering his own suggestions when shooting and has a great range of facial expressions! Very punctual, friendly, and easy to work with. Highly recommended to all!

Recommended for Modelling Feb 13, 2013

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Elijah was punctual and was a delight to have on set. He is comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. We would work with and recommend him.

Recommended for Acting Sep 4, 2012

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