Ella Fickling

Influencer, Other Film & Stage Crew, Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist

Leeds, United Kingdom
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Very responsive
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Credits & experience

  • York St. John university : Degree in Hair and Makeup for film

Film & Stage Crew

Camera Crew ability


Hair, Makeup & Styling

Makeup Artist ability


I have level 2 & 3 in hair dressing.
Level 2 & 3 in beauty therapy.
Level 2 & 3 in media makeup.
Now I am studying a degree in makeup.
I have worked with exclusive salon brands such as MII and HD, which unlike many other makeup artists don't have access to these sorts of brands, I use these brands in my kit.
I work at chocolate beauty spa 3 days a week, meaning I am very professional and I am able to keep to tight time frames.
At chocolate I mainly work with HD, Morphe and MAC brands, I do makeup at chocolate mostly for events, weddings, proms and i do Children's makeup also.
The work I am looking for on starnow I would be using for my makeup portfolio and workplacemt for my uni work, so I don't mind if it is unpaid. The experience is more important to me.
I have basic hair dressing skills, I have done hair up styles for proms and events such as weddings in the past. I am also able to work with wigs, styling and fitting them into models.
I can also make postishe pieces from scratch, and Taylor them to the models measurements.
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