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Production Company, Actor, Model, TV Presenter, Radio Presenter

London, United Kingdom
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Physical Attributes

185 cm / 6ft 1in
95 kg / 209 lbs
White / Caucasian
104 cm / 41 in
Skin color:
81 cm / 32 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Dickensian Episodes : Played a role "Lucky" small role
  • "Wild Ones" : Playing a gang role.
  • "Target" shortfilm : Playing main role, Hitman ex army man.
  • Tango Passion : Fashion film ,I play girls choice.
  • Hyundai : "Hyundai" stills photo shoot by German production.
  • "300 Rise of an empire" promotion acting : Play one of Spartans by "Warner Bros" company.
  • UTI commercial shoot : Play an audience and passing people in commercial shoot.
  • Actor : Acting in Series - "Discovery Channel" documentary by "Arrow Media"
  • Stunt Performer : For Webseries. Playing as a villain. Fighting scenes.
  • Model : Catalogue model for online shop "flexifoil.com"
  • Model : Workshop model for photo-shoots. "Shooting Beauty"
  • Actor : For Feature film "Legend" -back ground artist. Film by "Universal Studios"
  • Model : Commercial photo-shoot for "Smirnoff" brand.
  • Model/Actor : Tribute for "Salvador Dali" during "Cannes Film Festival". By "Majestic Studios" "Jordi Casal" "Art In Fusion TV"
  • Actor : As main character in teaser film "Target" by "Raj Film Productions" My role - killer.
  • Actor/Model : Fashion Film "Fairy Tale" by "Art In Fusion TV". Entry on "La Jolla Film Festival"
  • Runway Model and Face : For "Jo Black Craze" label fashion show.
  • Actor/Model : Video commercial and photoshoot for Sport Cars. "Sutton Bespoke"
  • Runway Model : The grand finale show London Fashion week by "Art In Fusion TV"
  • Acting/Dancing : Filming in music video for International singer Raff
  • Magazine Article : An article and fashion photo-shoot for "GL" magazine.
  • Award Recognition : MR International UK WEB voting winner - People choice 2013/14
  • Award Recognition : Title of MR International UK Champion 2013/14
  • Cover Model : Shoot for designer website and portfolio. Designer - "AmaBonsu"
  • Runway Model : Fashion show - Ephemeral Show Of Portobello
  • Runway Model : Fashion show - "Venetian Theme"
  • Award Recognition : Winner of "Star Central Magazine" as sexiest men of the March.
  • Actor : Simulation acting.Role was to play rebel for "Safer Edge Training" company
  • Runway Model : "Animal Prints Collection" fashion show
  • Runway Model : "Cancer Research" official fashion show.
  • London a school of Modelling : Model


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English
  • Russian

  • Russian

Union memberships

Acting experience:

• Played an character Lucky in BBC drama episodes "Dickensian" (small speaking role)
• Played as supporting artist in short film "Run and Hide" Role - Russian gangster.( speaking role)
• Played Hitman as one of main characters in film “Target” that enters Canne Film Festival.(Speaking role)
• Played gang member in film “Wild Ones” (speaking role)
• Played a waiter in film “To Trend on Twitter” (speaking role)
• Played a statue in Fashion film “Fashion Fairy Tale” that entered LaJolla film festival.
• Played person fighting for girls hart in dancing film “Tango Passion”.
• Played a bad guy. Fighting scenes with woman squat for WEB Series.

Theatrical/simulation acting:

• I played one of Spartans on London streets for “Warner Bros” company as part of PR for new release of DVD “300:Rise Of An Empire” (Speaking role)
• Simulation acting for real life situations for “Safer Edge” company. My role as enemy soldier in army stunt/training. (Speaking role)
• Played as one of car owners in commercial video for “Sutton Bespoke” Sports Cars.
• Played an model representing “Jo black Craze” suits in fashion film commercial.

Music video:

• Played one of slaves belonging to women.

Other Experience:

• I have experience as background artists.
I have participated in many movie, music and commercial projects. Some of examples: Movie by “Universal Studios” “The Legend” with Tom Hardy as main actor. For “Discovery Channel” by “Arrow Media” in investigation series I played a bartender. And many others..
• Stage combat experience as extra and actor.
• I have participated in “Cannes Film Festival” and appeared in French TV,MTV and others.
• I am model that gives me constant appearances in front of camera, public and TV.


Modeling experience

Full-time model - paid commercial work

Modelling website


I am part of editorial and cat walk shows on regular basis.
Always working during LFW with many well known local and international designers.

Have experience in fashion,underwear,sport,life style,sport,catalogue and etc.. photo shoots..

Have worked for workshops and modelling schools.

Have done commercial photo shoots for "Sutton Bespoke","JoBlackCraze" "Smirnoff" "flexifoil.com" and etc...

Am experienced in editorial,fashion,commercial,catalogue,lifestyle,sports,underwear photoshoots.

I work constantly with "Art In Fusion TV" channel.

Have worked with photographers from "Vogue" "Wokshops" "GL magazine" "Lifestyle magazine" and many other personal photographers and designers.

In 2013 was nominated and voted as  "Sexiest Man"   Of March for "StarCentral" 

An article and pictures in "GL magazine" .

In 2013 became "MR International UK 2013-2014" 
Also obtained the highest people vote online and won the title WEB Champion 2013-2014 with 5400 more votes than second place.

I am proud to be an ambassador for:

designers  - " http://www.joblackcraze.co.uk/ "

And energy drink with real gold inside -   " http://goldenergy.fr/ "

TV & Reality

Appearances on
"Art In Fusion Tv"
"French TV"
"Fashion TV"

Have participated in "Cannes film festival" "La Jolla film festival" working with "Art In Fusion Tv" representing "Salavador Dali" , "Golden Energy" , "Jo Black Craze". Giving interviews ,opinions and had TV appearances.


  • English
  • Russian

  • Russian

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