Ericka Lockett

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Nevada, United States
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7 years ago

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Physical Details

154 cm / 5ft 1in
88 cm / 35 in
45 kg / 99 lbs
Dress size:
UK 6 / AUS 6 / US 2
White / Caucasian
Eye color:
88 cm / 35 in
Hair color:
Skin color:
Hair length:
66 cm / 26 in
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • mma : 3 silver in three division grappling
  • marathons : runner
  • University Of Las Vegas NV : art, dance classes on the side
  • Delware studio : semiars
  • us army : private first class e 4
  • channel 4 dieting show documentary
  • do you think you have talent bbc2 : do you have talent/ dancier
  • Pineapple
  • Pineapple
  • army : boot camp
  • Pierce community college : preforming arts
  • unlv : modern
  • pierce community college : dance art
  • ccsn
  • radio work
  • Davenport University : management


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • USA California

Forever Las Vegas (Chinese Netflix )March 2017
bar Commercial back ground artist 2016
Alian Music Video November 2016 Dancer
SOmia Bollywood film November 2016 back ground artist
Cage fight Real MMA July 2016(real fighter)
Penn and Teller "Fool Us" In audience April 7 2017
Bourne film matt demon back ground Jan 2016
King OF The cage April 2016( real fighter)
BBC comedy show, back ground dance July 2012
World of Champion June 2012 back ground a runner and athlete
advert Killer B***s (Zombie April 28 2012
MET Police communication Equipment March3 2012
panic attach classmate dec 19 2011 trailer
reme comedy dec 9 played a porn star
JVS Show radio BBC 3 Nov 18 live interview debate on porn
thumbs up productions ( american) nov 8 2011 boxing day commercial oct
catwalk tv show nicker bocker production oct 25 2011 Clown Ducumentary Film Sept 25 2011 acting upset clown
The Only way is Essex Extra Epsode 3 , 3 appearance thus far
ITO Much Bolly wood film September 19 2011
nterview filmed for Celina Dane Production. Augest2, 2011
London Paris New York, Bollywood film (extra) August1 2011
Jack Pot commercial July 21,2011
Cocktail Bollywood film played a yoga June 15,2011
sky commercial
office sketch
research tv commendy sketch
Mel and Wendy Show (on going 2011)
The Doc in May 12 2011- patent- athelete feet channel 4
Keeping It Real, Talk show. played Katie Price April 23
Manidtory Love - played human kind April 19
Essex Model Profile ,one on one interview April 12 2011
Do That Thing March 16 2011 played a boob job
The Only Way Is Essex March 12, 2011 - extra
Hit The Road Jack(Essex tour) March1 2011 - tourist
UKE Not Dead Music Vidoe Feb 27 2011- girl friend
The Making of" the only way IS Essex Music Vidoe"- extra
music vidoe for fillipo feb17,2011- protester
Fitness Vidoe for Junk Box gym promo Febuary 2011
zero (6 weeks on the set)nov jan 2011- Lena 2011)
Morgana show channel4 2 appearances- extra
Turn out Sept 2010- extra
iler for Dobry- hostes
BritishGangster film
Lotus Eater- extra , pool scene girl
Trailer for Lotus Eater -Pool girl
music vidoe Augest 8, artist name Ricky-extra
Sex education (interview) 2010channel4
pine apple tv show .Documentary in general public of studio
Lewi That Show Business-extra
Essex Profile vidoe Catch up Interview
moni show- talk show debate gay rights (pro)
'Eye Candy Heaven' Director - Bernard Periatambee. worked out fitness vidoe( appeared in 2 segments)
MArk anothony Ma-A TV eposide 5 and 6 appeared in 2 segments
Lee evan wellsness show my self porn star
Model Profile for Essex TV
American Apple pie 1- limo girl; daily
Micheal Jackson so you think you can move like Micheal.
Howard Stern Show
Jenny Jones Show
California state compitetion fitness
Extra extra
Evil Angel HBO
Hot summer Nights series HBO
MTV appearance while working at Olympic gardens
97 appeared in adult films
Entertainmen tonight


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Full-time model - paid commercial work

drag races November 2016
Free the nipple campaign June 2015
Cannabis advert June 2015
Gun-weapons shoot June 4 2015
Top Gunn Music magazine May 2016
Electronichemey election special may 2015
Mass body paint every body equal may 2015
Young guns music magazine may 2015
Pin up may 2015
Amazing Curves .net April 2015
promo commercial machine 2015
GRP Dec 2014
rock em roll marathon NOV17 2013 runner ti,e of completion 3.42
Deja Vu show girl's flyer advert Augest 15 2013
Flash Geo Project Feb 2013
TrendStops feb 21 2013
Glamour shout Feb 17 2013
Foot shoot worship shoot Jan 2013
shoot foot fetish Nov 9 2012
shoot Jim Photo's NOV 3 2012
Shoot Colby Oct 23 2012
shoot in the wood July 21 2012
super hero July 2012
Derek June 10 2012
Paddy may 27 2012 black and white artist nudes 2012
awesome magazine 3 rd addition April 2012 catwalk for nickerbocker prodtion oct 25 2011
New Magazine Sept 27, 2011 release nov 2011
T shirt shoot, Augest 26, 2011
Holly Wood Skin Company featured article July 18 2011
LGBT July18 My Journey So Far
Celina Dane Production, July12 2011
Define Yourself BI.SEX.U.AL.I.TY advert
Adam and Olly pop culture magzine June 19 2011
It can be viewed at or
huq music pop culture magazine
hugo March 4 2011
Cover Shoot Sythic Sensation issue 7
and issue 5 interview artcle that I have written
Cyber puber publishing my publisher for my book
Star New paper
Cover Hustler Big Bust
book shoot ( my book that I wrote)
The list goes on
Take 5 from Sun
writter for modern republic
and synthic sensation


Vocal ability

Classically trained

Vocal range


clarinet and key board, private voice lession,

TV & Reality

Channel e hair show auditionAugust 10 2016
Real MMA July 292016
King of the cage mma fightApril 302016
Monopoly play Oct. 25 2015
Four Kings Oct 2015
Monopoly play millionaire club September 2015
Monopoly play millionaire club august 2015
Skin war may 2015
Chief fights June 2015
Ufc promo commericial April 2015
Tv Las Vegas April 12 2014
Wright Stuff audience member June 2012 on going
Secret Eaters, may15 2012 we tasted drinks,was educated about calories of achole
Bit on The Side Celebirty Big Brother Sept 2011 4 appeance audance a member who talks alot
Bit On The Side Big Brother ( On going til November 2011)
Tyra Bank Show 3 Premier ShowShow Sept 10
promo vidoe for junk box gymn leaster squarefeb112011
cat fight vidoe
Channel 4 Dieting documentary airs Jan 19 2011
Biophobia documentary
GEm show BEN TV
micheal jackson show,
howard stern show
jenny jones
MAx hardcore documentary
Pineapple Documetary
ksex radio show


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Bellydance
  • Contemporary
  • Country
  • Disco
  • Jazz
  • Latin American
  • Rock & Roll
  • Salsa

LIve show for the Olympics Central London July23 2012
Army Universe Music Vidoe April 2012
music for the only way is essex
Do you think you have talent
so you think you can dance
music vidoe with Pinko
Misfit dance vidoeaugest 16 2010
MUsic Vidoe July 5 2010 Quway and Dougie Doesis
micheal jackson show January 2010
tooshort vidoe 1999
digtal under ground vidoe2000
a dancier in Las vegas 1999-2005
dance in Detroit 95-97
Danced preforance for AIM charity event
Danced preformance for Paw
At Another 40th Birthday for Sharon Mitchel Birthday.
At Aid event for Joe Cavelo

Film & Stage Crew

none but pa I can do which in America just the person who helps with talent. I've been talent since 1995. It would be nice work behind the cameria once in a while.


none but pa I can do which in America just the person who helps with talent. I've been talent since 1995. It would be nice work behind the cameria once in a while.


  • English

  • USA California

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