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Swindon, United Kingdom
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Erin Leighton Voicereel

Voicereel - some of what i can do with my voice. Please feel free to request other styles

01Erin Leighton Voicereel
03Emotional Voice Call
04Dreamtime App Sample

Physical Attributes

165 cm / 5ft 5in
56 kg / 123 lbs
White / Caucasian
75 cm / 30 in
Skin color:
65 cm / 26 in
88 cm / 35 in
Dress size:
UK 6 / AUS 6 / US 2
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Mff commercial : Lead role
  • Richard James/'Run' commercial ' : Hero role. Runner. 'Inspire Create' studios
  • 'Deadly Perfect' feature film : 'Tia' Female lead. Confident, energetic funny and strong. Part of the 'perfect couple'
  • Beefeater Gin : Voiceover. Shan Phearon
  • Britains Got Talent Intro : Voiceover character, West Country
  • OneDash Instructional video : Voiceover Fiendish Ltd, James Dolan
  • The Reytons Music video 'Headache' Oliver Brian : Angry girlfriend. Lead
  • Tusko Films : Civil Servant in altercation (Corporate)
  • Sofar Sounds & Don't Skip media : Voiceover
  • Official Fawlty Towers: Phil Mcintyre Ents, Ian Talbot, Felix Taylor, John Cleese, Connie Booth : Polly (1 year contract)
  • Bovis Family Christmas commercial. FireBird Films : Mother
  • OneDash Commercial/Explainer video. Fiendish LTD. James Dolan : Presenter
  • 'A little Gym Etiquette' short film. Nick Blair : Lead (Sara) feisty, competitive gym girl
  • Official Fawlty Towers: John Cleese/Phil Mcintyre Ents/Freckle Productions : 'Polly'
  • 'Onus' Feature Film : Isobel (Upper class, well spoken, complexed character with a sinister side.
  • AMAZON : Voiceover 'Amazon Pets' Bunny rabbit character
  • Sony Music Entertainment : Voice actress for band promo (US accent)
  • Origin. Comedy short film : Lead role. Superwomanesque character. Comedy, action.
  • Sony music video (Ryan Blyth) : Actress
  • Odeon Cinema/LAD bible : Lead actress on cinema date with Incredible Hulk
  • Acorn Social Media Commercial : Lead actress in comedy performance. Girlfriend.
  • Percy Stride Footwear Commercial : Voiceover
  • Bitcoin by credit online instructional video : Voiceover
  • 'Nemesis' short film : Lead role. Good woman - turned - super villain character
  • Alpha Beta Charlie (short film) : 'Beta' girlfriend (bubbly, fun and friendly character)
  • WW1 Exhibition : Nurse (RP accent)Voice Over
  • Film, ' Thynes' Own Self ' : Lead role (emotional role as well as active and strong at times) Goat Major Films
  • 'The Experiment' short film : Lead female (very manipulative and provocative 'honeytrap')
  • Medical Video Voiceover : Voice over. English RP factual
  • Theatre 'Accidental Death of an Anarchist' : Lead 'The Maniac' Commedia Dell'arte style theatre production
  • Film 'Agent Walker' : Lead Villain (evil, sarcastic and dangerous character)
  • Film 'Kill Face' : The female (hard faced, unnerving, dodgy dealer)
  • Music Video 'Reaper in Sicily' : Lead female - emotional scene, saving man from suicide
  • Film 'Phantasms' : Lead Villain (Evil, feisty and mean character)
  • Radio 'Passion' : Radio presenter (Radio Throwback)
  • Film 'The institution' : Lead female 'Barbara' (Very disturbed, damaged and unpredictable character. Emotional role)
  • Live Theatre 'Happiness Repeats Itself' : 'Lula' Lead female (very emotional)
  • Sean Tuan John's 'Happiness Repeats Itself' : Lead female - depressed psychotic psychiatric nurse.
  • The Clarks' 'My Prosthetic Soul' : Show opening female interacting with audience. Backing singer and dancer.
  • Swansea Metropolitan University : Acting Performance and Theatre studies
  • New College of Drama : Drama and Acting
  • Mcinerney school of Irish Dance : 15 yrs of dance training World championship 'Riverdance' qualified level.


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • Irish
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • USA Boston
  • USA California
  • USA New York
  • African
  • French
  • Indian
  • Italian
  • Latin American
  • Russian

Union memberships
  • Equity

5 years full time study and practice of acting, drama and performance. 2:1 degree in performance and A alevel in drama.

Appeared and featured in numerous shows, short films and site specific performances. Many lead roles and supporting roles. Experienced in numerous accents including all US and Irish.

Versatile actress. Highly experienced and devoted to naturalist acting and realism. Passionate about becoming another person and living their life, experiencing their experiences and giving their story to an audience emotionally, whether the role has been light and comedic, deeply emotional or psychotic and unnerving.

Very natural and experienced with comedy and always just as eager to play comic roles as well as those that are far deeper.
I am able to change my appearance and tone dramatically depending on the role I am cast and have therefore been able to play a massive range of ages.
I am also skilled and experienced in 'epic' styles of acting including clown-like performance such as the physical Commedia Dell'arte. Extremely physically able and experienced with physical theatre and dance.

Experienced with lead roles in films and live theatre such as well known Welsh director Sean Tuan John's 'Happiness Repeats Itself' - a site specific theatre/live camera show and film.

Developed and featured in the first trial production of directors The Clarks' 'My Prosthetic Soul. A Medical Musical'

Achieved full marks from independent judges for performances such as Oedipus - Role of tragic mother whom kills son in a state of possession. As well as comical, physical 'Bouffon' piece.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Over 10 years professional modelling experience with multiple publishings.
Mostly experience in fitness, beauty, lifestyle, lingerie and fashion.


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Bellydance

Irish dance trained for 15 years.
Qualified 'Riverdance level' Qualified for The World Championships 5 times.
Ranked 8th in the world at Great British Championships

Hair, Makeup & Styling

Makeup Artist ability



TV presenter experience

Previous paid TV presenter roles

Radio presenter experience

Previous paid Radio presenter roles

  • English

  • Irish
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • USA Boston
  • USA California
  • USA New York
  • African
  • French
  • Indian
  • Italian
  • Latin American
  • Russian

2019 - 'Onedash' Presenting 'Onedash' video technology for Onedash and 'Fiendish'
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