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Oxford, United Kingdom
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My family, bubble or household

My bubble is my husband and I, very young looking and acting 63 and 68 years old! We travel for the right jobs..... no problem!

Our Bubble: Colin Sharman and Francisca Rigaud (husband and wife)
Our Bubble: Colin Sharman and Francisca Rigaud (husband and wife)
Our Bubble: Colin Sharman and Francisca Rigaud (husband and wife)
Our Bubble: Colin Sharman and Francisca Rigaud (husband and wife)

Intro to Camera

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Francisca Rigaud French Audition

Audition tape in French

01Francisca Rigaud French Audition

Physical Attributes

165 cm / 5ft 5in
58 kg / 127 lbs
Skin color:
Dress size:
UK 10 / AUS 10 / US 6
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • IBM Advert : Bus passenger
  • Magic Radio : Valentine's Day Interview Interracial Couples
  • Heol Don Care Home, Whitchurch, Cardiff : Recital
  • Pontcanna Care Home : Recital
  • Bankhouse Care Home : Recital
  • BBC : First & Last Contestant
  • Ocean Arts Cardiff : Singing there several times through the year
  • Margam Country Park - Port Talbot- Wales : 2 hour singing recital
  • Penarth Pavilion : Singing in the Penarth Pavilion
  • Jeremy Vine Show : Audience with active participation
  • Channel 4 Landlords & Lodgers : Landlady
  • Bargain Hunt (BBC) : Contestant in Bargain Hunt
  • Anse Residential Hotel, Maia - Portugal : Recital
  • Lakeside Carehome, Cardiff : Recital
  • Rookwood Sound Radio : Interview about my singing career
  • Cantref Care Home - Abergavenny, Wales : Recital
  • Eve's Demons : Voice over for song in the film
  • Casualty - BBC : Patient
  • Ocean Arts Centre - Cardiff : Singing several times
  • Rumney Folk Club : Singing several times through the year
  • Holland's Got Talent : HGT 2018 judges auditions in Theatre De Spiegel, Zwolle, Holland
  • Welsh language soap "Pobol y Cwm" : French Nurse, speaking in French
  • Modelling assignment (Glamour) : Posed for several photographers in a photo shoot entitled "In Bed with Marilyn) Xperience Group Mark Cleghorn
  • Jolly Good Day : Mrs. Cleeves
  • Orphic : Miss James, a drunken mother and witch
  • Lost and Found : Joyce Harper - dementia patient
  • Milkman's Gift : Sensual lady who seduces the milkman with her cat
  • Opera La Traviatta (Ellen Kent International) : Posh lady at a party
  • Last Moments : Agnes Mcnamara, a dying Mother
  • Casualty : Patient
  • Romeo & Juliet: the beginning : Audience
  • Hello Au Revoir (Jay Croot) : Maria
  • The X Factor : Audition in Manchester for the senior producers and for the judges: Simon Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger, Sharon Osborn, Louis Walsh. Through to Bootcamp in London
  • Stella : Pool player in a club
  • SvenD Bowie : Adoring Fan
  • Romeo and Juliet Vs Suicide : David Bowie groupie
  • Casualty : Patient
  • 4 Concerts "Francesca & Friends" : Organizer, Singer, Compère and Host
  • The Sun newspaper : Interview on how to age well or better, stay young for longer
  • Stella / Tidy Productions Ltd : Bidder in an auction and rich lady in another auction
  • Opera Aida : Egyptian Slave
  • Interview by the Sun : As part of the Channel 4 documentary "The Super Orgasm" I was interviewed by The Sun Newspaper
  • Auditioned for the X Factor : After submitting a video of me singing Hallelujah was invited to audition
  • Channel 4 Documentary "The Super Orgasm" : I was one of the women who took part in the documentary
  • Concert The Gate, Cardiff : Singer
  • Bargain Hunt, BBC : Telephone audition and audition in person, waiting to hear the result
  • The Chrissy B Show : I was interviewed by Chrissy B on mental health
  • Casualy : Patient
  • Equine Productions : Couple going to the races in Chepstow Racecourse
  • The State (Crossing the Border), Channel 4 : IS Woman and Dead IS woman
  • The Question Jury, Channel 4 : Contestant. Travelled to Manchester but ended up not being needed
  • Verdi's Opera Nabucco St. David's Hall, Cardiff : Extra, Slave
  • I am presently taking part in a documentary that is being filmed by Channel 4 : I am part of a group of ladies who are taking part in the documentary
  • Britain Has Got Talent : Singing audition September, with quite a bit of success. Invited for a second audition on the 29th of October
  • ROBERTO (Jay Croot) : Maria
  • Lourdes (French production) : Villager in the Church
  • Cuidado com as Aparências (Portuguese version of Keeping Up Appearances) : A posh friend of Mrs. Bouquet, with dialogue
  • Camarate : around 0.45s the actor who plaid my husband calls my real name, Francisca. I played the lady on which house the plane of the former Portuguese Prime Minister Sá Carneiro fell
  • A Bomba : Working class mother from the North of Portugal
  • Jardins Proibidos : Portuguese TV series. Role as supporting Artist, in a shop
  • Capitão Roby : One of the Conman's lovers, some scenes in the prison
  • Over the couse of a few years I took part in a TV program O Juíz Decide : Courtroom show. Actor improvise on real cases. I played roles in several cases over the years!
  • From 2000 to 2006 countless adverts (photography, TV) : Many different roles, sometimes with dialogues
  • Aniversário : Dialogues, guest at the party. Also part of the guests who danced the waltz
  • Vengo (directed by Tony Gatlif), French production : Dialogues in French, got a big compliment from Toni Gatlif who considered that I am very talented. One of the dialogues was with the Spanish Flamenco danser Antonio Canales
  • Make over program in Portugal : Participant, did some modeling of the clothes and hair do. This program started my career as a supporting astist
  • Inferno - a film with Joaquim d'Almeida : As a person in a fun fair I was chosen because I am a lot of fun and played a role directly with Joaquim d'Almeida
  • Conservatório Regional de Braga, Portugal : Ballet, as a child
  • Conservatório Regional de Braga - Portugal : I was educated in a Conservatory for Music and Arts where I also did the normal schooling


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Dutch

  • Dutch

I had a lot of paid roles in TV, Commercials and films in my country, Portugal, from 1999 to 2006. Many times I had dialogues and even improvisation for TV programs a bit like Judge Rinder, also real cases but played by actors. I built quite a name for myself and was considered to be very reliable and talented. I was sometimes casted due to previous work the producers had seen and liked. The film director Tony Gatlif told me that he thought that I was very talented (I played a role in his film Vengo with dialogues in French, which he would give on the spot). Recently I had a dialogue in French on Pobol y Cwm


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

I took part in a makeover program in Portugal, on TV and had to model my new look. By the way, all the photos on this website are very recent, taken in the past few months. I have also posed for photographers a number of times and I am told that I transform myself in front of the camera. Recently I modelled for several photographers in a photo shoot entitled: In Bed with Marilyn! This was a glamour shoot.


I love interacting with my fans on Facebook and YouTube and creating new contents for them. It makes me very happy to be able to inspire people in a world which badly needs it! - My Facebook page - My professional FB page - My cookery FB page - My YouTube Channel


Drumming ability


Vocal ability

Lead singer

Vocal range


Singing styles
  • Pop
  • Classical

Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Indie
  • Hip-hop
  • Jazz
  • Classical
  • Country

Influences: Freddy Mercury, Welsh Male Choirs, Rebecca Fergusson, Dulce Pontes, Mariza, Sarah Maclachlan, Lara Fabian, Sara Tavares, Etc.

I did all my normal education in a Conservatory for Music and Arts in the North of Portugal, Braga (Conservatório Regional de Braga) and at the time I played several instruments (which I don't anymore) and I have sang in several choirs over the years. Right now I sing in three choirs in Cardiff and am starting to sing solo, mainly Ballads and Musicals, with a bit of Classical Music. I would love to sing in a band and I have just audutioned for Britain Has Got Talent with quite a bit of success and I am now wait to hear the results. It was a truly great experience!

TV & Reality

I played in a number of TV Series in my country, Portugal, including the Portuguese version of Keeping up Appearances and have been featured in quite a few programmes, also here in the UK, most recently in the Chrissy B Show and a Channel 4 documentary "The Super Orgasm". I was praised by film director Tony Gatlif as being very talented and had built quite a career in Portugal, then I didn't work in this field for quite a few years until I came to the UK, where I started to work again, where I have been featured in several newspapers and appeared in several productions. I am aiming to be an actress again and not only a supporting artist!


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Ballroom
  • Contemporary
  • Latin American
  • Salsa
  • Swing
  • Tango

I danced Latin American dances and Ballroom for a number of years in Holland but that was a number of years ago. Last year I danced Salsa for a while and I have been dancing Ceroc (a fusion of Jive and Salsa) for 18 months.

Film & Stage Crew

Camera Crew ability


Post Production & Editing ability



TV presenter experience

No previous TV presenter experience

Radio presenter experience

No previous Radio presenter experience

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Dutch

  • Dutch

I have never presented a TV or Radio programme but have presented concerts and would love to get more into presenting!!!!
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