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London, United Kingdom
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Physical Attributes

170 cm / 5ft 7in
48 kg / 105 lbs
White / Caucasian
Skin color:
60 cm / 24 in
86 cm / 34 in
Dress size:
UK 6 / AUS 6 / US 2
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Nam Yang (Thailand) : Intensive Kung Fu training
  • Haiku (Shirt film) : Extra
  • TK Maxx Photoshoot : Beauty/Gold Label/Denim 3 shoots
  • Much Ado About Nothing - Roses Theatre : Hero
  • Playing Shakespeare Course : City Academy (Sadie Spencer)
  • Method Acting - Improvers : City Academy (Karina Fernandez & Tom Colley)
  • Method Acting - Begginers : City Academy (Karina Fernandez)
  • Acting - Improvers : City Academy (Jack McMahon)
  • Acting - Begginers : City Academy (Elizabeth Cadwallder)
  • Fine Art - Grade A : Education - A2 level
  • Further Mathematics - A : Education - A2 level
  • Mathematics A* : Education - A2 level
  • Maths Ambassador scheme - year 7 tutor : JKHS Academy
  • Student Nurse Simulation - Young Abused Mother (Paid Role) : UWE University
  • Extract; Midsummer Nights Dream - Helena : Laskett Gardens (plain-air performance)
  • Theatre Studies - Performance Grade A : Education - A2 level
  • Theatre Studies - C : Education - A2 level
  • Student Nurse Simulation - Young Mother with sick baby (Paid Role) : UWE University
  • Inquisition of the adept (adaptation of silence of the lambs) - Clarice : Education - A2 level
  • Business Studies - Distinction* : Education - GCSE
  • Performing Arts - Distinction * : Education - GCSE
  • Drama - B : Education - GCSE
  • Student Nurse Simulation - Young Mother with sick baby (Paid Role) : UWE University
  • Ran/co-ran year 7 drama group with friends : JKHS Academy
  • Christmas show - Carols and Choir : X-ENTRICITY (Larupez Centre)
  • Fine Art - Study of movement/drama/emotion/relationships : Education - A2 level
  • Improvisation for Alice in Wonderland - Mad Hatter : X-ENTRICITY (Wedding)
  • Les Miserables - Cosette : X-ENTRICITY (Courtyard Theatre)
  • West Side Story - Maria : JKHS Production
  • The Duchess of Malfi' (In the style of Berkoff) - The Duchess : Education - AS level
  • Certificate of Filmmaking : The Rural Media Company
  • Les Miserables - Cosette : X-ENTRICITY (Larupez Centre)
  • The Importance of being Ernest - Gwendolyn : Education - GCSE
  • Devised piece - fair trade awareness : Education - GCSE
  • Lady Windermere's Fan - Mrs Erlyn : Education - GCSE
  • Zurich Global Corporate : Work experience
  • Method Acting Boot Camp : Brian Timoney Course
  • Romeo and Juliet - Juliet : Shakespeare's school festival
  • Hard to Swallow - Catherine (Lead) : Education - GCSE
  • Stage Combat Course : Courtyard Theatre
  • We Will Rock You - GaGa Kid and Chorus : (JKHS Production)


Acting experience

Previous unpaid speaking roles

  • English

  • UK English

I have an excitement for learning and challenge; yet performance has always come naturally for me even so it's still something I love. This for me is because performance is a communication an art, its boundaries and challenges are endless. I've always seemed to have a control over my emotions, especially my fears which enables me to expand my comfort zone at a rapid rate. I have found passion in acting since it is a development of this control over ones own emotions, challenging and expanding what I already know. Developing, exploring and temporarily living the lives of characters through the emotions I have experienced myself. I've learnt that with acting your training is never complete, there's always more to learn and experience.

Acting is a process that ticks all the boxes for me; it requires you to be intuitive, ingenuitive and creative. These are all talents I stongly believe I have.

I have a passion for words and the characters for which they describe. There is so much depth to characters and it is a joy of mine to be able to explore and portray these traits and experiences as honestly as possible. Really do the character justice; regardless of their role in the performance. An inquisitive nature towards the human psyche is initially what has drawn me to acting; the exploration of these characters and the people who have written them is what continues to keep me there.

Like most I have a vast library of emotional experiences that I use as a catalyst in a scene or moment to generate a response that may be required. Everyone's life experiences are different; yet we have all felt similar feelings. A friend of mine was hurting emotionally and he thought his pain was unimportant, as he thought the experienced that had caused it was lesser to one that I'd experienced. I told him "What matters is HOW you are feeling not the scale of the issue that has caused it, pain should be treated equally regardless of the cause otherwise you'll still be sat suffering.". Some experiences aren't relatable but the emotions they cause can be.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Full-time model - paid commercial work

Modelling website


Worked with TK Maxx for a 3 part shoot for beauty, Gold Rush and Denim.


  • English

  • UK English

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