Gabriella Wheeler

Gabriella Wheeler Pro

Victoria, Australia


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Gabriella is a marvellous actor with rich craft in her work. Her dedication to her character is tremendous and she is always deeply committed to cooperating with others in the scenes. I absolutely loved working with her, her preparation for the production is unimaginable and she's ready for anything you throw at her. Would definitely recommend working with this gorgeous actor.

Recommended for Acting Feb 14, 2021

Gabriella was an amazing actor to work with on the University Blues set. She brought a lot of life and depth to her character, which I honestly wasn't expecting her portrayal to be how it turned out. But the unexpected are sometimes the best things. She waa able to respond moment to moment and give suggestions and throw other actors off to keep the scene alive. Off camera though she is a wonderous personality who is a ball of energy. Professional and kind. The two best qualities you can ask for.

Recommended for Acting Jan 26, 2021

Gabriella is an absolute pleasure to work with!! She is on time, very friendly, and professional in the way she conducts herself. She brings a flair and passion to her work and gets very involved in the shoot. Really looking forward to working with her again and can highly recommend her as a model

Recommended for Modelling Dec 26, 2020

Lovely to work with, super professional and extremely talented. would highly recommend casting Gabriella for the best shoot ever

Recommended for Acting Nov 23, 2020

It was great to work with Gabriella , she took directions very well and was professional. Would happily work with her in the future and recommend her to other creatives .

Recommended for Modelling Nov 23, 2020

Really easy to work with and took direction very well. Thanks for an awesome shoot!

Recommended for Extras Mar 27, 2020