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Bournemouth, United Kingdom
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Intro to Camera

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Commercial Voice Reel

Samples for Commercial Projects

01Commercial Voice Reel
02"Heirloom", Produced by Becca Taylor
03Extract - Body Surfing by Anita Shreve
04K J Larsen's Sticks and Stones
05The Boy Soldier Excerpt. Co-Narrator.
06Excerpt & credits from The Boy Soldier
07Cleo the Talking Cat reading
08Conversations - An Original Audio Drama
09Voice Clip For One Night Only
010Audio singing Every time we say Goodbye
11Extract from Walking on Air
12Barbie Mariposa Wing Set advert
13Extract from The Little Village School
14Che Sera
15Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
16New York City Blues
17Close to You
18Adele's To Make you feel my Love Excerpt
19Eggs in the Morning
21Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny
23Killing me Softly
24Les Mis Short version
25Michelle ma Belle
26Mr Postman
27Youve got a Friend
28A History of Moulding Planes
29ASMR recording Sample
30Mindfulness Breathing Techniques
31Learn to Crochet
32Wildlife Commentary
33The Good Wife of Bath
347 Dec, 20.20

Physical Attributes

167 cm / 5ft 6in
66 kg / 145 lbs
White / Caucasian
91 cm / 36 in
Skin color:
71 cm / 28 in
96 cm / 38 in
Dress size:
UK 10 / AUS 10 / US 6
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Warner Bros Studios, Hertfordshire : Extra, Dock Worker - Wonka (pick-ups)
  • MISPER - Park Location, Dorset. Producer Lew Bradley : Voice Actor - Denise
  • Emerald TV series, Hatfield, Hertfordshire. : Passer-by - 4 scenes
  • "Sweet Girl's Slaughter" Scriptwriter's Table Read - Writer/Producer, Megan Moist Bournemouth Uni : Table Read - Part of Elaine
  • An Evening With....Bournemouth University 3rd Yr Grad Project, Producer - Madison Howarth : TV Presenter for a Music Show -LIVE TV production
  • Publicity Video for Sevenoaks Dental Practice : Extra - Scan Clinician
  • "It Happens to All of Us", Kodak sponsored commercial, Bournemouth Arts Uni, Director, Elison. : Underwear Model
  • A High Price for Ginger Beer (Film), Producer/Director Livi Maiden, Dream Hive Films. : Extra - Inquest Observer
  • Sanditon, on Location Wiltshire, : Extra - Poor Townswoman
  • Music Video, Foor, Southampton. : Extra - Therapist
  • The Chelsea Cowboy, Life Begins Films, Director - Ben Cookson : Extra - Costume assistant
  • The Nevers : Asylum inmate
  • Misper : Voice Actress - Director, Lew B.
  • Wonka : Extra. Dockworker/Passer-by and Town Passer-by (two locations)
  • Classic Miss British Isles Finals, Chester. : Finalist. Catwalk.
  • His Dark Materials, Season 3. HBO : Extra.
  • Work for an Inventor, Peter Spurgeon with a language tool : Voice Actress
  • DATING for the Over 60's Project for London College of Communication, Producer Jinghru Hou. : Self. Blind Dater.
  • PERSUASION Film. Director, Carrie Cracknell : Extra, Passer-by.
  • FULL ENGLISH - Bournemouth Arts College 2nd Yrs short film. Director, Finlan O'Connor. : Actress - Police officer
  • Fashion Photoshoot for Photographer - Hiyafoto in London, Docklands : Photographic Model
  • Classic Miss British Isles Photoshoot, Merseyside : Photographic Model - Finalist
  • Fisherman's Friends 2 : Extra - Social Club Attendee
  • Facial Expressions Project for Photographer, Oleg Tolstoy : Fitness Model
  • Somewhere, Nowhere. - Farnham Film School. Director: Smilte Ceckauskaite Producer: Yanitsa Mihailova : Actress - Patti
  • Street Fashion Shoot - Photographer - @katarzynapotega_artist : Model - Street Photography
  • The Sandman - Netflix/DC Comics : Extra - Sweet Stall-holder
  • Street Fashion Shoot - Photographer - Lukas J Smith : Model - Street Photography
  • Photoshoot - Photographer, Frame by Nat : Model - Street Photography
  • Photoshoot TFP for Neil Alexander Smith aka @the_tall_artist_6ft7 : Photographer.
  • Photoshoot TFP for Waritsara "Yui" Karlberg. : Photographer.
  • Follow, Don't Run. Short film. Director - Simon Dear, University of Surrey. : Actor - Senior Detective.
  • Gazebo with a View, Short film. Producer - James Short, Bournemouth University. : Actor - Midred, a novelist.
  • Photoshoot with Richard Cunningham, Photographer, Hylands Park, Essex : Photographic Model
  • Photoshoot with Richard Hucket Photographer at Hylands Park, Essex : Photographic Model for Autumnal Project TFP
  • The Fantastic Flitcrofts, Director Craig Roberts. : Extra
  • Countdown to Murder, Docu Recon, Crackit Productions for Ch.5. : Actress - Victim
  • The Masses, Sonia Levesque, Canvas London International Art Fair Sept 2020 to Jan 2021 : Voice Artiste, Co-narrator of The Masses, background to installation.
  • Stowe Parkland, Buckinghamshire. : Modelling Photo shoot for Photographer John Walsh
  • Portfolio update for Portrait Photographer, Shahana Krishnan at Dulwich Park, London. : Portrait Model.
  • Portfolio update for Portrait Photographer, David @my_photography_dorset : Portraiture Model
  • You Tube Video "A United World Against the Pandemics", Lip Sync Challenge for Producer Steve Hulse. : Lip Sync Video Contributor
  • Producers, O & J Scriptwriters - Conversations - An Original Video Cast Production : Voice Actress - Doris
  • Buy Me - Audio Play, Producer, Ella Widraschko : Voice Actress - Mother
  • Nikki Crawford Producer - High Time Hotel Audio play : Voice Actress - Mother
  • Katarzyna Potega Art - Photographer : Photographic Model - Business woman Project
  • Music Video for Rapper, Maya Miko : Actress
  • O & J Scriptwriters - "Conversations", Podcast. : Voice Actor - Doris. Elderly widowed lady recounting life experiences.
  • BU - The Boy Soldier. Radio Podcast. : Co-Narrator
  • BUA "Adrift", Produced by Tania Garcia Alaya. : Ana - Wife in a bereft family.
  • BUA The Yellow Wallpaper. Producer Rebekah Cubbin, Director Catriona Davidson. : The Maid
  • Photoshoot for Models, Rosie and Gail Reynolds in Dorset : Photographer
  • Photoshoot for Models, Anne Faraday & Svetlana Postolachi : Photographer
  • Lifestyle Photoshoot with Thomas Faull Photography, Dorset : Model, self
  • Dystopian Music Video : Character Actress
  • Photoshoot for Actor, Neil Alexander Smith, Essex. : Photographer
  • Roadkill. TV Series. BBC. : Extra. Kitchen staff.
  • Our Mothers Before Us. Bournemouth Uni. Produced by Oli Holmes : Actress. 1800's Ancestor
  • The One, Netflix TV Series by Urban Myth Films. (2020) : Extra, Passer-by in couple.
  • TJMaxx Advertisement : Extra.
  • Cruella, Disney Productions : Extra, Seamstress.
  • Rebecca (2019) TV Series, Netflix : Extra, Cook at Manderley
  • The Third Day, TV Series : Extra, Villager.
  • Casualty TV Series 34. Ep.11. : Extra, Patient.
  • Private Studio in Southbourne, Dorset : Voice-over for E - Book and Business Plan for Inventor, Peter Sturgeon.
  • "King Gary" Series 1. - Bournemouth. Director James de Frond for BBC1. : Extra, female in breakfast couple.
  • Commission by owner of "Gold Hill" Tisbury for National Garden Scheme 2019. : Photographer
  • A Christmas Carol 2019 for the BBC. : Early 1800's poor woman.
  • Sports shoot by Photographer Ben Brookes in Brighton : Self, Tennis Player and fitness style.
  • Morbius..Director Daniel Espinosa : Evening Guest
  • Christchurch Tennis Facility Sports Photoshoot with Sports Journalist Harry Lund : Model/Tennis player
  • Bournemouth University 1st Yr. submission, Everything for You. : Extra/Voice-artiste..Daniel's murdered Mother.
  • Photoshoot ..Childhood Reminiscing, Cornwall. 2nd Year University Project for Emma Pendarves : Model
  • Ammonite (Film) : Extra. 1840s period village woman
  • Care AM Radio : Announcer
  • Chelsea School of Arts project for Jennie Foote : Interviewee/Voice Artiste for Exhibition project.
  • "Dear Eve".. Bournemouth University 3rd yr student Radio play. : Voice over of "Jane", mother of Eve.
  • Poldark (series 5) : Lady attending Theatre
  • Giri/Haji : Bus passenger
  • Poldark (series 5) : Lady customer at the Inn.
  • His Darket Materials : Extra, walk-on. 3 scenes in costume.
  • Spilt Coffee Productions : 3 x Radio Plays (in production): Voice actor
  • Blue Ocean Productions : Brutality: MI5 Officer
  • Eastenders : Extra. Passer by.
  • Bournemouth Uni Grad Student Submission for a Lipstick Ad : Featured Extra - Funky Grandma sneaking use of granddaughter's lipstick, caught out!
  • Nationwide B/S training video : Squash Player
  • "Connie" TV trailer : Bingo player
  • PURE : Coach Passenger
  • Bournemouth University 3rd year student film. : Extra. Restaurant diner.
  • Bodyguard. Producer Jed Mercurio : Extra. Uniformed Police Officer.
  • Exodus (not yet completed). Producer Kiran Dhoot. : Voice over. Elderly citizen.
  • Bournemouth Univerisity 1st year student film "Teddy" : Actress. Lady talking to bear as though its her lost son.
  • A Historic Houses series (intended for BBC) : Extra, historic house visitor.
  • Peterloo. Director Mike Leigh : Extra, costume, Poor folk woman. 13 days on set plus fitting.
  • Sky One, Trollied. : Extra, shopper. Christmas episode.
  • Requiem : Extra, theatre-goer, passer-by. (Two scenes). Also used to shield main actress.
  • BBC Casualty : Waiting room patient.
  • Dinner with Herve (U.S film) : Extra, cocktail party guest.
  • Kiss of Death U.S. TV series : Extra. Airport taxi passenger, woodland scene passer-by
  • Channel 4's The State : Extra, coach passenger, airport returning traveller.
  • ITV Broadchurch : Extra, chippy customer and women's rape supporter, two episodes
  • BBC The Coroner : Extra, customer in the Black Dog, two episodes


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish

  • UK English

* 2017. Small part in Bournemouth University 1st year student degree submission "Teddy". (Achieved 2:1)
Played a mother bereaved of her son.
* 2018. Mother in Bournemouth University 2nd year student degree submission "Coming of Age" short film.
*2018. Mi5 Supervisor Agent in Blue Ocean Film Productions "Exodus" (still in production).
*2019. "Our Mothers Before Us", University 2nd year student degree submission. Played a Ghostly 1820's woman.
*2020. Music Video by Furious Jason Productions for Ian Alexander, musician. Played Dystopian Queen, non-speaking role.
*2020. "Adrift", Grad year University Submission. Producer, Tania Alaya Garcia. Played "Ana" bereaved mother and wife. Speaking role.
*2020. "The Yellow Wallpaper", Masters University Submission. Producer, Rebekah Cubbin. Played "The Maid". Speaking role.
*2020. (Still in production) Documentary Reconstruction for Crackit Productions/Channel 5 - Featured Extra, Key role.
*2020 "Gazebo with a View", Masters University Submission. Producer, James Short.
*2020 "Follow, Don't Run", Grad University Submission. Director, Simon Dear. Producer, James Green.


Extras experience

Previous extras experience

The Fantastic Flitcrofts, Director Craig Roberts - Spectator
Roadkill, TV series for BBC - Prisoner, kitchen staff.
The One, TV series for Netflix, Urban Myth Films - Passer-by as couple.
Cruella (Film) (2021) Disney Productions - Seamstress
Rebecca (2020) Tv series, Netflix - Cook at Manderley.
The Third Day Tv series for HBO/Sky Atlantic - Villager.
Casualty, Series 34, Episode 11 - Patient.
King Gary, Series 1 for BBC, Director, James de Frond - Female at breakfast, couple.
A Christmas Carol, 3 part series for BBC - Early 1800's poor woman.
Morbius, Marvel Films, Director, Daniel Espinos - Gala Evening Guest.
Ammonite (Film) - 1840's period village woman.
Poldark Series 5 - Lady attending theatre
Giri Haji - Bus Passenger
His Dark Materials Tv Series - Two-costume role, several scenes, 3 different locations, 6 days.
BBC's EastEnders (Episode screened 17/12/18) Passer-by.
BBC's Poldark (Series 5) Lady customer at the Inn.
Peterloo (Mike Leigh, released November 2018) Costume, several scenes, Poor townfolk woman. Featured in publicity poster.
Bodyguard, Jed Mercurio Producer. Uniformed Police Officer.
BBC's Broadchurch, 1. fish and chip kiosk patron 2. one of a hundred or so women in the last episode.
BBC's The Coroner, 1. Black Dog customer (back of head only seen), 2. Black Dog customer seated in bar, side glimpse.
Channel 4, The State (screened Aug 2017)
Kiss of Death (US tv programme)
Melody, The Musical (as yet unfinished)
Dinner with Herve (released on Netflix 2018)
Casualty (one episode, waiting room patient)
Requiem (film in production) 3 scenes, 3 different costumes, theatre goer, 2 x passer-by.
Sky One, Trollied (Christmas special December 2017) - customer at provisions counter, interaction, 2 x other customer placements.
Bournemouth University 3rd Yr Student film, "Dinner for 3", featured diner.


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

Modelling agent

Ugly Models

2017 Worked with and on a project for professional photographer Julian Benjamin, TFP.
2018 Modelling assignment with Keith Lawson, TFP.
2019 Sport and femininity shoot with Ben Brooks, TFP.
2019 Auditions for Tena lady advert and "approach" from an Agent for Always advertisement Winter-time.
2019 Photoshoot modelling for Hiyafoto, Photographer Ed Braidwood, TFP.
2020 Lifestyle (Getty Images) Photoshoot modelling for Photographer Thomas Faull, TFP.
2020 Hair and Make-up Model for BAMM, Bath Academy of Media Make-up, Artiste - Alexandra Kangis, TFP.
2020 Photo shoot modelling for Katarzyna Potega, Photographer - Business woman style, TFP.
2020 Photo shoot modelling for Photographer, Shahana Krishna - Gratefulness. TFP.
2020 Make-up modelling for Beautician and Make-up Artist - Bibibeautylab, TFP..
2020 Photo shoot modelling for Photographer, John Walsh, Bedfordshire, TFP.
2020 Photo shoot modelling for Photographer Nick Price for Classic Miss British Isles semi-final.
2020 Photo shoot modelling for Photographer Richard Huckett, Chelmsford, Essex, TFP.
2020 Photo shoot modelling for Photographer Richard "Richie" Cunningham, Chelmsford, Essex, TFP.
2021 Photo shoot modelling for Photographer PhotobyNat
2021 Photo shoot modelling for Photographer ShahanaKrishnan
2021 Photo shoot modelling for Photographer Lukas J Smith
2021 Photo shoot modelling for Photographer Nick for Classic Miss British Isles 2020/2021
2021 Photo shoot modelling for Photographer Ed Bainbridge for Hiyafoto


Vocal ability

Lead singer

Vocal range


Singing styles
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Classical

Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Jazz
  • Classical
  • Country

Influences: Doris Day, Matt Munroe, Nat King Cole, Jamie Cullem, Etta James, Tom Jones, Shania Twain, Michael Ball, Alfie Boe, Barbara Streisand, Roberta Flack, Whitney Houston, Gregory Porter, Gilbert O'

Sang in school choir. Enjoy Karaoke when possible. Previous Amateur Dramatics musical presentations. New to self-recording. Now have my own recording system.

TV & Reality

As per Extras experience detailed.


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Ballroom
  • Contemporary


Photography experience

Amateur photographer


TV presenter experience

Previous unpaid TV presenter roles

Radio presenter experience

No previous Radio presenter experience

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish

  • UK English

I have successfully completed a training session of presenting using a teleprompter.
As a former career Police officer and Detective I was regularly involved in presenting to groups of fellow officers. Much of this was videod for use in ongoing courses for other trainees. The subject matter would generally be that in which I was particularly experienced such as Victim and Suspect interviewing, Scenes of Crime procedures for Serious Sexual offences. I am extremely comfortable and natural in front of camera and a natural talker.


This is not something I have ever done however I am fiercely independent, strong both physically and mentally and happily spend time alone so perhaps this is something I might be up for ;-)
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