Gillian Lesley  Scott

Gillian Lesley Scott Pro

Victoria, Australia


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Gillian was very generous with her time and advice, for our son Reef - who is an aspiring actor. Gillian, thank you. It is really appreciated.

Recommended for Acting Jun 2, 2021

I'd highly recommend Gillian for consideration in your next production. They were diligent in responding to the VO brief for my new documentary and provided both an in-depth and insightful voice performance. Recommended by: Louis Holder (Film Director / Editor)

Recommended for Acting May 26, 2021

Very comfortable in front of the camera, patient, took direction very well and easy to work with.

Recommended for Modelling Feb 9, 2021

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It is always a pleasure to work with Gillian. She has great range and can fit many parts which is why I invite her back time and time again. She does have a strong accent, but she is still very clear and it adds real flavour to the characters. An authentic gift of the gab. She is bubbly, punctual and reliable. She even helps you to network and get your film shown.

Recommended for Acting Jul 22, 2020

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I Just worked with Gillian on a project and she Was Amazing. Her Work ethic is brilliant. she Jumped right in and Gave It her all. She was enthusiastic and passionate through out the Project and she was a genuine asset!

Recommended for Acting Mar 3, 2020

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Paula was fantastic to work with. Came in with a great attitude and followed directions and cues really well.

Recommended for Modelling Aug 1, 2018

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A talented actor who can play drastically different roles. Takes directions well and is always a pleasure to work with. On this project she was also able to do ADR.

Recommended for Acting Jun 4, 2018

I found Gillian a extremely professional and open to new experiences. Fun to work with

Recommended for Acting Nov 21, 2017

Brilliant, beautiful and amazing talented Asset to the Industry with great personality!

Recommended for Acting Oct 10, 2017

really sweet, professional :-)

Recommended for Acting Oct 10, 2017

Gillian exhibits a professional, confident, friendly demeanour and is a pleasure to work with.

Recommended for Acting Jul 8, 2017

Gillian is a lovely actress to work with, passionate, reliable and committed to the craft!

Recommended for Acting May 24, 2017

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Gillian was great to work with. She took intstruction well, was reliable, and generous with her time. We would certainly work with her again.

Recommended for Acting Mar 7, 2017

Gillian was wonderful on the set of Locked in. She was really friendly and generous. I'd recommend Gillian as she is a skilled actress

Recommended for Acting Feb 10, 2017

Gillian is wonderful to collaborate and work with. She is driven, talented and generous with her time. She is an asset to any production due to her commitment and ability to connect with others and I look forward to working with her in the future.

Recommended for Acting Jan 30, 2017

Such a joy to work with!

Recommended for Acting Jan 30, 2017

Recommended for Acting Feb 2, 2018

Recommended for Acting Jan 21, 2018

Recommended for Acting Jan 9, 2018

Recommended for Acting Dec 10, 2017