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Actor, Model, Influencer, TV Presenter, Radio Presenter

Southampton, United Kingdom
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The Worker

Monologue read by Graham Cawte by Walter Wykes. Although this is me with my normal Southern Accent,

01The Worker
02Poor John

Physical Attributes

170 cm / 5ft 7in
75 kg / 165 lbs
White / Caucasian
104 cm / 41 in
Skin color:
86 cm / 34 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Worlds Most Evil Killers, Woodcut Media : Ambrose Griffin
  • Roboti, music video, artist What's Up, directed by Renato Solca : Sugar Daddy
  • Close Calls on Camera, BBC1, Topical Television : Father
  • World's most evil killers, Woodcut Media, The Green River Killer : The Inspector, and victims father.
  • S.S Mendi, Nuffield Theatre Promo : Captain Henry Arthur Yardley
  • Lost People, directed by James Paddock : The lost person.
  • World's most evil killers, Woodcut Media : Detective Wilson in The Sunderland Strangler
  • World's Most Evil Killers, Woodcut Media, Sky Pick : Michael Ryan's Father
  • Semazen ve Ballerinin Cinema Release Feature Film from Aron Film Productions : Bernard, Filming Denmark and Holland.
  • Drama Teacher, Starcast School of Performing Arts : Drama Teacher
  • Allegiance of Brothers, written by Michael Capelli : Feature Film, cast as Detective Cooke
  • Heartbreak House, Droll and Folly Theatre Company : 'Boss Mangan', Brighton Open Air Theatre
  • Matilda, Salisbury Playhouse : Miss Trunchbull
  • Interactive Theatre : Performance interactive Pursuits
  • Drama Teacher : Starcast School of Performing Arts
  • Drama Teacher : Diva Academy of Arts
  • Emotional Motor Unit : The Author, Directed by Adam Nelson
  • Fear, Directed by Tejas Mehendale : Play 'Weasel' a low life criminal
  • Things I don't tell my Parent's : Cast as The Director, Written and Directed by Marina Morales Moya
  • Bleachy Doomsday (Comedy Feature) : Mr. Clean.
  • Coca Cola Training Video : Shop Keeper
  • Dinner Theatre : RAC Club, Pall Mall, The Butler.
  • Troll Station : Sugar Daddy
  • Cat Skin (Feature Film) : Jim, April's father, Directed by Dan Grasskamp
  • Peter and the Ice Princess, Written and Directed by Grace Page : Pantomime, play Smee, Performed by the Princess Portal.
  • How to Win at Everything (National Geographic Channel) : Cast as The Client, T.V production for National Geographic Channel
  • An Unlikely Pairing : A Dark Comedy, cast as David, a prostitute using controlling M.P
  • The Errand, Directed by Ben Goodger : Short film, cast as David, a slightly eccentric older man
  • Murder Mystery, Performance Interactive Pursuits : Corporate Dining Experience, Plymouth
  • Solitude, Directed by Chloe Caldwell : Play 'Heath' alcoholic father
  • T.V Commercial : Lead in T.V and Online Commercial produced by Simin Vacher Films
  • The Sun Newspaper : Interview for the Women's section
  • Caine, Directed by Jack Clayton : Cast as Dectective Sherwood
  • Fresh Out, Written by Vusi V Kaola : Cast as The Father, Short Film.
  • The Friary Demonstration : Street Theatre
  • Vitalise, Waterside House : Charity Performance, live show
  • Borderline Night Club Comedy Show : Comedy Sketch show, impersonated Alan Carr.
  • Accredited Celebrant Training : Corporate Training video for Funeral Directors
  • Murder Mysteries, performance Interactive Pursuits. : Spring season at The Langstone Hotel Hayling Island
  • New Years Eve Murder Mystery : Performance Interactive Pursuits
  • Night at the Museum 3 : Online Promotional Video for the Major Feature film, by Fox Studios, cast as the Road Cleaner
  • Murder Mystery : Performing with Performance Interactive Pursuits
  • Host, Corporate Team Biulding Event : Team Building Event
  • The Black Prince 'Feature Film' : British Army Officer
  • Murder Mystery, Performance Interactive Pursuits : 2014/2015, 9 month Residency at The Langstone Hotel, Hayling Island
  • Performance Interactive Pursuits : Corporate Interactive Team Building
  • Goodwood Revival : Interactive and Improvisation theatre
  • NHS Training Video : Corporate Training video, play Patients Husband.
  • Spirits Asunder, Feature Film Directed by E.A Ahmad. : Play The U.K Defence Minister
  • Euromillions, Feature Film, written by Mark Tilbury, Production Team Jack in the Box Films. : Mike Roberts, Lead Antagonist
  • Degrees of Freedom, Directed by Trayan Velev : Play Arnie, an older gentleman content with his retirement
  • 12.00, Directed by Sagar Srivastava : Play Paul, lead male
  • Somerset and Avon Police : Corporate Training Video, Produced by Sightline Productions.
  • Gabriel Cushing at the Carnival of Sorrows (Feature Film) : Mr. Marwick
  • Friendship and Trust, Feature Film : Cast as Duggie, drug dealer, a main role, written and directed by Tom Dyer
  • 'Same World, Different Day' Feature Film : Psychological Triller Feature Film, play Henry, a career Policeman who gets caught up in a web of deceit, Joint Lead.
  • England, The Road to Modernity Episode 1 : Play a Bishop in 17th Century England, a five part t.v History series for world wide release.
  • The Road to Modernity, Battle of Waterloo, Episode 5 : Lt General Picton, 5 part t.v History series for worldwide release by Sceptred Isle Production Limited.
  • Interactive, Host to live Hen Parties in Central London : Hen Parties by Performance Interactive Pursuits, I am the Host for an afternoon of fun challenges.
  • Murder Mystery with Performance Interactive Pursuits : Spring Season of 10 performances at The Langstone Hotel Hayling Island
  • Envisage Promotions : Modelling for a new Business Centre Web Site and Promotional Material
  • Car t.v Commercial
  • Devotion, written and Directed by Tom Woods : Lead, Thomas, widowed Father
  • Product of Environment : Short film written by Jonathan Hardisty, play Trevor, a victim of two violent brothers
  • Waitrose Corporate video : Waitrose promotional film
  • Interactive Theatre, Performance Interactive Pursuits : Murder Mystery
  • Murder Mystery : Performance Interactive Pursuits
  • Interactive Theatre : Performance Interactive Pursuits
  • Fall Out, Written by Rachel Poulter : Play Tony, A sly, nasty character, father.
  • I Love You Ethan, produced and filmed by Reel Slice Productions : Cast as Etham
  • The Man who thought his Wife was a Hat, Directed by Francine Tan : Cast as Doctor Sacks
  • Murder Mystery, with Performance Interactive Pursuits : Winter season of 15 shows at Langstone Hotel Hayling Island
  • Face Yourself, short professional film from Triple P, directed by Amancey Tapia : Violent Father to the main character
  • Little Pieces, Written by Adam Nelson, 2016 National Film Academy nominated Best Drama : Independent Feature by Apple Park Films, cast as David, a violent Alcoholic Father
  • Westover, Feature Film Directed by Nash Sibanda : Cast as Richie, Mob Boss, this role is the link that binds the film together.
  • Flute, by Film Tank : Music video for New World Sound and Spinnin Records
  • Envisage Promotions : Playing a Santa all over Southern England, 25 dates
  • The Royals, U.S Television Series : Play a foreign Royal Dignitary at the funeral of the Crown Prince.
  • Humshakels : Asylum Patient in Bollywood feature film
  • Wedding Tackle : Short Independant Horror written and directed by Christina Ryan, play the male lead
  • Best Served Cold, Written and Directed by Callum Crawford : Comedy Drama, Co Lead, Cast as The Producer
  • Performance Interactive Pursuits : Murder Mysteries, Paid Professional Interactive Theatre
  • Detached, Directed my Janka Neustupová : T.V Pilot, Sitcom, cast a John, a Gay Estate Agent
  • Bittersweet, Directed by Daniel R Barker : Play The Farmer in a 30 minute horror drama
  • Harvey's Dream, written by Stephen King, Directed by Jonathan Berry : Lead, play Harvey who sees into the future and predicts terrible things
  • Back to Young, Directed by James Norton : Web Series, play the interviewer
  • Life, written by Elyas Ahmad : Serious Drama, cast as the father
  • Food Explorers, Japanese T.V Programme : Play the chef on HMS Victory
  • Bleakford, by Mark Singer : Internet series cast as Dr. Miserb
  • Show Case : Feature Film in Pre-Production, Supporting Lead
  • Double Take, Directed by Sam Bell : Feature Film in Pre-Production, cast as the Publisher
  • Affliction, Written by Luke Tedder and Callum Thorne : Play a doctor treating a woman with Schizophrenia
  • A Day with a Werewolf, directed my Carsten Schafer : Lead, cast as t.v interviewer, interviewing a born Werewolf
  • The Intruder, Directed by Augusta Quaynor : Lead, play a husband whose wife is murderd
  • Recognition : Lead, play Daytime Television Host
  • The Parcel, directed by Nick Buggey : Short University Workshop film
  • Something Blue by Charlotte Bradley : Cast as a hen pecked husband
  • Vicious Circle by Peter McLaughlin : Play a rouge scientific officer
  • Curiosity by Robert Bedford : Play a cheating husband who kills his lover
  • The Many Shades of Rouche : Lead, Vile, physically abusive father
  • Public Dis-Order, Directed by Daryl Blanche : Lead, John Reynolds, old fashioned Copper, Mockumentary
  • The Docks : Cast as a husband who's wife is having an affair
  • The Light in the Door, Independent Production Directed by Simon Bell : Cast as a Tramp, friend to main character
  • Puzzle, Directed by Steve Golley : Play a tramp in a short film
  • Guys and Dolls The Musical : Lt. brannigan, 3 week run in Portsmouth
  • Good Byes : Father of the Groom, short film Directed by Christina Ryan
  • Severed, by Dhwani Solanki : A short film about a dysfunctional family, play the father
  • The Drunk, Directed by Christina Ryan : Lead, Horror Poetry recital
  • End of the World : Lead, play a rogue British Government Scientist
  • Beautifully Damaged, Written and Directed by Rosie Barnes-Dennison : Male lead, Father of an Anorexic daughter
  • The Chapel, Directed by Charlotte Patrick : Victorian Jack the Ripper Short film, play a Victorian Policeman
  • Recognition by Kareem Wilson : Short film, Lead, play a serial killing Policeman
  • Voice Over for STD Clinic : Tristar Television Ltd
  • What would John do : Studio Sitcom, play Parish Vicar
  • Music Video : Playing dull board member in major production
  • Death by Scrabble : Lead Male, henpecked husband, desparate to kill his wife, major twist
  • Heaven's Little Child : Lead Male, short film about the true story of an Internet suicide pack.
  • T.V Commercial for Tristar Television : Lead in major Hair product T.V Commercial
  • Leo Lindys : Play Sal, Gangster who has no issues with killing
  • Keepsake, written and directed by Rachel White : Lead male, Kenneth who kidnaps a 14 year old girl and holds her captive.
  • The journey, BATV Assignment : Father of an Agrophobic son
  • Fratton by Chris James Davey and Jack Searle : Independant feature film, play former football thug Terry Patrick
  • 'Having You' British Feature Film Directed by Sam Hoare : Fairground Customer
  • Miracle Grow, feature film by Emma Kinni : Ice cream van employee (speaking role) IMDb project
  • Hero, written and directed by Glen Kirby : Cast as a Priest, feature film for film Festivals
  • T.V Commercial, Flybe : Commercial for Flybe Airline.
  • Burning Kingdom, Written by Terry Buss and Petter Vilberg : A t.v pilot, cast as Captain Illiam, a lead role in a revolutionary fantasy drama set in a fictious land, this is an IMDb project
  • 'Bug Splat' IMDb Supported by 'Reprieve', the Human Rights Charity : Male lead, played the Scientist who invented the Predator Drone. scenes of extreme intimacy and semi nudity, played opposite Valeria Guarini This film is being used to promote the International enquiry into Drone attacks
  • I.D Unknown by Stephanie Rose Grant : 1950's short Police Drama, play Inspector Borland
  • Santa Claus : Santa Claus at Eastleigh Swan Centre.
  • The Clown, directed by Chloe Galloy : Lead in a short film for Masters Degree project
  • Fetish, Written and Directed by Larisa Rull : Lead in Short film about Adult Baby Syndrome
  • Major Artist Music Video : Music video to be released World Wide on major music channels, by Sektion Red Productions, lead, playing a Transexual
  • Salmon Pink Raincoat by The Bisonics : Music video
  • The Talents, by Chris Richards and Ted Wilkes : Trailer for Feature Film, play Tom Tatham 'Good Morning Breakfast Show Presenter'
  • Charley Murrell Photoshoot, Royal Photographic Society Gold Medal Winner 2012. : Gender Identity Photoshoot, played both male and female roles
  • 'Spooky' Written and Directed by Mikey McAllen : Short Comedy Horror, Play crafty neighbour who gets his way
  • Ringwood Brewery, Old Thumper Commercial : Lead role, mock Olympic race, played an aging race starter who after firing the gun spies a bottle of Ringwoods at the end of the track and beats the athletes to the other end
  • Sour Grapes by Steve Golley and Isaac Evans Amoah : Supporting role playing an actor having a romantic meal with a beautiful woman
  • Thank You for Waiting by Vincenzo Monaco : Played a ghost attending Therapy
  • Suburbia written by Fabian Decius : Played Attractive Love Rat Neighbour
  • Inheritance Written by Aleks Partulov : Played Vile Abusive Father
  • Clanfield Coast written by Robert Turnbull : Male lead, played nasty step father who killed his step daughter.
  • Voyage : Poker Player, written by Jennifer Thomas
  • The Vanishing Act : Male Lead, played controlling husband who faked his own death to swindle Insurance, written by Kristiina Meister
  • Empire : Lead Role, played Racist shop owner, Written and Directed by Ben Sutton
  • 2008 -2011 : I have only included work from 2012 onwards to make viewing easier.
  • Peggy Ashcroft Drama School : Performing Arts
  • St. Mary's College : HND Performing Arts and Stage Management
  • Prices College : A Level Drama and Theatre Studies


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

David Stinson Agency

  • English

  • Australian
  • Canadian
  • Irish
  • South African
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • UK Welsh
  • French
  • German
  • Russian

Union memberships
  • Equity

Graham is a full time, professionally trained actor, a member of Equity and Spotlight, Graham is dual based in London and Portsmouth Hampshire, Graham has featured in over 100 film's, both short and feature, including his critically acclaimed ed performance in the award winning Feature Film, 'Little Pieces', Graham works in a theatre environment, stage and interactive, he has appeared on the big screen and television, both in this Country, America, Turkey and Japan, and have worked alongside many well known actors, Graham has also appeared in several T.V Commercials and recorded Voice Overs for Radio.
Graham attended St. Mary's College where He gained an HND in Performing Arts, and trained at the Ashcroft Drama School in the late 70s, early 80s.
Graham teaches Drama to children aged 3 to 16 year olds at the Diva Academy in Southampton, and Starcast Performing Arts School in Salisbury, Graham has been employed by several Universities to work with students in Direction Workshops, advising them on various techniques on getting the best out of an actor, Graham has also worked on the Production side of projects, film, stage and music.
Graham is a very good character actor, playing gritty dark roles with a passion, but also has great comedic timing.
Graham is extremely fit, which is a huge advantage if an experienced mature actor is required to play very physical roles, also very comfortable with intimate scenes, and has played fully nude roles in the past.
Spotlight address is


Modeling experience

Full-time model - paid commercial work

Modelling website

Graham has modelled for Men's wear in catalogues, magazines, as well as poster shoots, swimwear and underwear, He worked with Charley Murrell on her Cross Gender project, Playing both male and female roles for her Website.


  • English

  • Australian
  • Canadian
  • Irish
  • South African
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • UK Welsh
  • French
  • German
  • Russian

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