Graham Cawte

Graham Cawte Pro

Southampton, United Kingdom


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Graham was just the perfect Smee! A fabulous Actor who truly gave his all to the role. He's very experienced, and was always ready to share his acting wisdom with the rest of the cast. A true professional who was happy to help out with extra bits of work, and he helped keep me on track as this was my first time being in charge of a production! I really hope to work with Graham again! Xx

Recommended for Acting Aug 1, 2015

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Graham is a very experienced, and professional actor. A pleasure to work with, and fun to have on set. Hope to work with him again. Highly recommended actor.

Recommended for Acting May 29, 2015

A BRILLIANT actor! This guy is going places!

Recommended for Acting Feb 14, 2015

A brilliant professional actor and an absolute pleasure to work with!

Recommended for Acting Jul 16, 2014

Enjoyed working with Graham, easy to get on with, good sense of humour and hardworking, and to top it all off a great actor

Recommended for Acting Jun 10, 2014

An excellent actor. Played his part extremely well which I felt he understood and engaged with his character. Would be more than happy to employ Graham again.

Recommended for Acting Mar 25, 2014

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Graham was very professional and easy to work with. Would highly recommend.

Recommended for Acting Mar 18, 2014

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Graham is a strong and confident Actor who is professional at all times, a real pleasure to work with.

Recommended for Acting Feb 15, 2014

Graham is highly recommended. His performance was exactly what we needed. Not only did he take our direction very accurately but he also had his own suggestions and creative input in the role which was very welcomed. Professional and reliable.

Recommended for Acting Dec 9, 2013

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I have just worked with Graham for the first time and found him to be: a really nice man, a superb actor, very accommodating, versatile and enthusiastic. I look forward to working with him again. Highly recommended.

Recommended for Acting Oct 21, 2013

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Graham was a great on set. He knew the character inside and out throughout he was behind the project and recommended ideas to the crew.

Recommended for Acting Jul 22, 2013

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He is a very good actor, and can help in many ways, like extra script ideas, camera angles, etc.!

Recommended for Acting Jun 9, 2013

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A great actor: reliable, consistent and dedicated to what he does. Would highly recommend!

Recommended for Acting Jun 5, 2013

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Graham was enthusiastic, punctual, professional and a pleasure to work with. A really talented actor.

Recommended for Acting May 9, 2013

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Graham was an absolute pleasure to work with on the set of our feature film 'Little Pieces.' His professionalism and abilities as an actor alleviated many of the tiny stresses and strains that can often come up on set. I would fully recommend Graham and look forward to working with him in the future on other projects.

Recommended for Acting May 6, 2013

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Confident and great to work with.

Recommended for Acting May 4, 2013

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Graham is a very good actor, however we wanted him to perform he did so exactly and better with a great attitude. He is very easy to work with, to direct, is very professional on-set and off and very reasonable (costs wise). I was very happy working with him and would love to work with him again.

Recommended for Acting Apr 27, 2013

Excellent actor - can't rate him highly enough!

Recommended for Acting Apr 25, 2013

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Took direction well, and contributed to ideas to the shoot, including wardrobe and dialogue. Very easy to work with and got a clear idea of what I wanted from his character.

Recommended for Acting Apr 19, 2013

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Graham was easy to direct and really added to the production not just through his performance, but with his ideas and suggestions to help produce a better film.

Recommended for Acting Apr 18, 2013

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