Have you worked with someone really awesome and now you want to recommend them to others? You can!

On every member's profile page is a big 'Recommend' button to the right of their headshot, next to 'Contact'. Just click the button, choose the relevant type(s) of work (e.g. acting, modelling, etc.), add an optional comment, and you're done.

Why should I recommend someone?
  1. Your recommendation will appear on their profile for others to read, and their total number of recommendations will rise.
  2. Your positive feedback could really boost their career.
  3. They'll be stoked and will probably recommend you too!

If you're a casting professional, you can also recommend people while managing applicants under My Listings.

How will they know I've recommended them?

We'll send them an email with the good news. (If you don't want to receive recommendation alerts, you can update your email settings.)

Can I see who's recommended me?

Definitely. On your profile page, click the 'Recommendations' link

I don't have any recommendations yet. How can I get some?

Recommend people you have worked with, apply to more castings (or place a casting, if you're a casting professional), act professionally at all times, and ask for a recommendation once your role or job has finished.

You can also ask your friends for recommendations if you have signed in using Facebook. Simply go to the my friends section of your profile and use the buttons at the top of the page to post to Facebook, or send individual friends a private message to ask for recommendations.

Who can I recommend?

You can recommend anyone who has recommended you, or anyone who has sent you a message. You can recommend your Facebook friends who are also StarNow members, as long as you've signed in using Facebook.

If you're a casting professional, you can also recommend anyone who has applied to your castings. Once your casting has closed, we'll email you asking you to recommend any applicants you worked with.

To recommend other members from their profiles, you'll need to be a subscriber. This is to help prevent spam.

What if I have negative feedback?

If you're a casting professional and you've worked with someone who let you down, perhaps because they were unreliable or behaved unprofessionally, you can click the 'Report' link next to their profile in the area where you manage applicants (under My Listings).

The 'Report' link will take you to a page where you can leave negative feedback or report that member. The feedback will appear in your notes if the member applies to your future castings. It won't appear on their profile.

Reporting the member will alert our Customer Success team and we will review your report.

Can I delete recommendations?

Yes, you can. Go to your 'Settings' and select My Recommendations under the Edit My Details section. Click on the x on the right hand side of the recommendation to delete it. Once you delete a recommendation, it is gone for good. The overall number of recommendations you've received remains the same on your profile, whether you choose to display them all or not.

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