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How to network on StarNow

Our 'Discover' section is an activity feed that's all about you and your network.

Be the first to see new photos and updates from people you follow and increase your chances of being discovered by reminding Casting Professionals you're out there. Every time you upload a new photo to your profile, people who follow you will see the photo in their feed, giving you more exposure.

Make the most of your personalised discover feed by following people in your area to get inspiration and ideas. Comment to encourage others and build your community. Like and follow to get noticed and grow your network.

Checking 'Discover' regularly will also mean you'll be the first to see when you have new matching jobs, and when a new blog posted.


To get started click the 'Discover' tab at the top of the page.

Like to see more on your discover feed? Find people to follow in our Talent Directory.

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