Common questions

Are you an agency?

No, StarNow is not an agency, and will not act as an agent on your behalf.

StarNow is a marketplace that allows talent to connect directly to casting opportunities, and deal directly with casting professionals.

We don't take a commission or charge a booking fee for any work that is booked via our site.

Members submit themselves for opportunities, and are responsible for discussing and agreeing on any payment or processing of payment with the individual Casting Professional who is arranging the job. StarNow does not set payment rates, invoice for members or process payment related to bookings.

Is work guaranteed?

No. In the entertainment industry, no one can guarantee you work, and you should be wary of anyone who does make these kinds of promises.

StarNow is not responsible for choosing the talent booked for roles – the Casting Professional who places the listing selects who they would like to audition/book.

What we can do is help to give you the best possible chance to land a role. We do this by providing great resources – start with our 5 steps to success!

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