StarNow memberships

'Very Responsive' Status

What is 'Very Responsive Status'?

This is a badge awarded to members who respond to messages from Casting Professionals in 24 hours or less.

How is it earned?

It's easy! Members who respond to messages in 24 hours or less will automatically earn a ‘very responsive' badge, which will appear on their talent profile.

Casting Professionals can also see this badge next to talent headshots, when using the Application Management System.

The messages that impact your badge status are your first replies to messages received (not subsequent replies that are part of an ongoing conversation).

We'll also look at messages sent to you where the Casting Professional has marked the message as needing a reply – these are clearly marked to make them easy to find and respond to.

Can I lose this badge?

Yes. The system will be updated on a weekly basis to reflect who is checking messages and responding promptly. You need to respond to at least 90% of messages in 24 hours or less to keep your badge.

If you do lose your badge, we'll send you an email to let you know. You can earn it back again by responding to messages promptly.

What are the benefits of this badge?

Casting Professionals can see which talent will be quick to reply to them.

You'll be more likely to be contacted for urgent castings.

You'll appear in a higher position in the Talent Directory, making you easier to find.