StarNow memberships

StarNow Pro

StarNow Pro status is given to our most active members, who are industry professionals. You cannot pay for StarNow Pro status – it has to be earned, and is available to subscribers only.

We make it easier for our casting professionals to find great talent by putting applications from Starnow Pros at the top of their list.

We regularly check our members' profiles to decide whether they qualify for StarNow Pro status.

When we checkout YOUR profile, we'll look at your industry credits and training, the quality of your photos and media, and the number of times you've been cast through StarNow.

If you're selected for StarNow Pro, you'll receive an email with the good news! In the meantime, check out these tips to increase your chances of qualifying for StarNow Pro status:

  1. Complete your profile with all of your relevant credits.
  2. Update your Business Status.
  3. Upgrade to one of our Full Memberships, if you haven't already.
  4. Include high-quality photos, audio, and videos on your profile.
  5. Actively apply to auditions and jobs.

For more information on StarNow Pro status, visit our StarNow Pro page.

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