Snowy Laufeyson (Hurricane Snowy)

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Llandudno, United Kingdom
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Physical Attributes

167 cm / 5ft 6in
48 kg / 105 lbs
White / Caucasian
88 cm / 35 in
Skin color:
68 cm / 27 in
86 cm / 34 in
Dress size:
UK 14 / AUS 14 / US 10
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Various clients : Tarot Card Reader.
  • Private Client, Dec 2020 : A client commissioned me to make him one of the ashtray and incense holder sets I make.
  • Private client, Nov 2020 : A DJ commissioned me to design and make figurines for his album cover.
  • CISAC University (International Federation of Societies of Authors and Composers (Aug 2019) : Exploring Copyright: Connecting Films with Audiences, Concepts of copyright and author’s rights, Understanding how copyright became a powerful tool in the marketplace for artistic works, The legal framework for the protection of creative works, etc
  • Mythics Crafts / Makeup Artist August 2019 : Doing Face Painting and Glitter Tattoos on people to help raise money to save the castle.
  • People and Pets Photography and Tyler Turner/ SFX Makeup Artist July 2019 : I designed and made prosthetics and makeup that made the model look like a toxic/polluted mermaid. This was for a shoot to raise awareness of plastics in the oceans and to add a little something different to Miss Turner’s Professional Mermaid Portfolio.
  • Theatr Colwyn / Stage Runner and Set Assistant April 2019 : Building and Decorating the set as well as taking it down, providing backup camera footage of the show, along with general Stage Runner duties.
  • JLP (James Lehart Productions) / Production Crew Member and Runner March 2019 : Photography for the Welsh MMA Championship Live Event and Camera for Behind The Scenes Footage etc. Setting up and taking down equipment and general Runner duties.
  • Edgecut Media / Runner, Set Assistant, Wardrobe Assistant January 2019 : Helping out with a fashion photoshoot, choosing the clothing, health and safety at an on location fashion shoot. Promotions, General Assisting in a Limited Edition/Custom Design male clothing shop (Thatch Wears), Set Asst and Management for indoor shoot.
  • Film Distributors Association/ Film Distribution: Connecting Films with Audiences (June 2018) : Film consumption, Methods of Film Distribution, Identifying key decisions made in the distribution business process, gaining a greater understanding of how the UK film business operates etc
  • 2017 - Present, Various Sources and Tutorials / Extra curricula learning - all self taught. : SFX Makeup, Props, Costumes, Armour and Weapons, Figurines and Models, Masks, Jewellery, Miniatures, Bigatures, Prosthetics, Sculpting, Moulding, Crafting, Creature design and creation, Replicating popular designs, Adapting from 2D to 3D, Various progra
  • UEA (University of East Anglia)/ Screenwriting (July 2017) : All aspects of screenwriting and story structure etc.
  • The Open University / The Business of Film Certificate, CPD Certification. (July 2017) : All aspects of film making from concept to screen and distribution. How movies are made, funded and marketed, Exploration of key business decisions etc.
  • Canned Media / Production Team Crew Member February 2017 - February 2018 : Swingers 2: Boom Operator, Background Artist, Set Assistant. Swingers 3: Writing Team (character background and development) Vape Commercial: On set Runner, Clapperboard Operative, Set Assistant etc.
  • Mark Baravelli / Model Autumn and Winter 2017 : Model and Assistant for his photography portfolio.
  • Bangor University via Llandrillo College / FdA Broadcast Media Production (Merit) - 2016 - 2019 : September 2016 - July 2019 degree covering all aspects of Pre-Production, Production and Post-production including using a variety of different equipment. Interviews, Audio, Foley, audio Editing, Video Editing, Podcasts, Multi-Camera lighting, Effects
  • G2G Communities/ Creative Writing Course (March 2015) : All aspects of creative writing, story telling, character design and development.
  • David Froggatt Photography / Model June 2014 - January 2015 : Basic portrait and fashion modelling.
  • Neil Whitely Photography / Model March 2014 - June 2014 : Fetish Model, providing own costumes and doing own makeup.
  • Diztorshon and Escalate / Event Promotion and Dancer November 2011 - December 2015, : Various locations across the UK Promoting and hypeing events face to face and online as well as being a dancer that would get on the dance floor and start dancing to make.
  • PsychoCymatic / Event Host and Socialite, October 2010 - October 2014 : Various locations around Wales Arranging and speaking to venues and their owners face to face and online to book rave events. Speaking to and booking DJs face to face and online, Rav
  • Various International Clients / Choreographed and Improvised Belly Dance January 2005 - present day : I can perform various styles; Traditional, Modern Fusionand Tribal, including prop work such as Veils and Isis Wings etc. I also have some teaching experience as my tutor used to get me to take over the classes for her if she couldn’t make it.
  • Homespun (Alternative Music Band) / Runner and Assistant July 1998 - January 2009 : Various locations across the UK. General Runner and PA, Occasional Backing Vocals, Occasional Lyrics, Promotions, Roadie, Wardrobe Assistant, Advisor, PR.
  • The Forge Recording Studio : Runner and general asst for Mr Geraint Jones. Demo reviews, sound asst, PA. PR. Reception duties, meet and greet, whatever the studio or bands needed.


Acting experience


  • English

  • Australian
  • Irish
  • South African
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • UK Welsh
  • USA New York
  • African
  • Chinese
  • French
  • Indian
  • Italian
  • Mexican
  • Russian

Truthfully I have more experience on set doing things other than acting but as with anything, the more you do it the better you get. I'd be fine with smaller less demanding roles (I cannot cry on command etc, but if the script moves me enough I'll cry anyway) I think supporting roles or music videos etc too would be fine, I think I would be best suited to comedy acting or playing those kind of arrogant sinister roles, I've always said I've been more suited to playing a villain than a hero, I can do snarly much better than sweet, lol
I have also been known to memorise entire movie and musical scripts in the past, and if I can remember over an hours worth of all the info I used to have to relay at presentations and in sales pitches etc, I'm sure I can remember a script that I'm actually interested in, lol.

I've been on stage dancing which is a form of acting in many ways, as is being a singer in a band etc, I've been in plays when I was younger or in high school but not lead roles. I've been in music videos, I've also been a creative writing role-player for over a decade, so can put myself in many a mind set. As you see from my modelling shots I am not shy in front of a camera either, and I have no problem with having my hair cut or dyed for roles. I take direction well and I'm very confident, more so being somebody else to the camera than myself really. As I say I am not fame hungry by any means, I just love the production environment, and due to my other skills can sometimes work a double role, eg; actress that can do her own special effects makeup, or set manager when not in the scenes, or can film and edit from home etc as I have some of my own equipment and programs too.

I know all about the patience and exact repetition and continuity etc required for multiple takes, I know all about set etiquette, safety and expected behaviour etc. I know things such as to mime when being a supporting artist and how to dance to music that isn't there. I have worked alongside celebrities before and know how to behave in those circumstances also.

I shall work on playing out some scenes to camera or something to add here for a better visual reference, same with the intro to camera video, I shall update that when I have extra time, and add some audio tracks too.


Extras experience

Previous extras experience

Just the usual dancing to no music, miming when supposedly chatting in the background, walking past or in the background of stuff.

I'm not one of those people that's hungry for fame or even bothered if I make it into the final cut, I just really enjoy the set experience and being behind the scenes and being part of something creative, I'd love to have a proper go of creature acting, that would be cool.

Due to all my years of roleplaying online, I also find it easy to accommodate a fictional personality and step into the character, or rather the character steps into me, lol. I do exactly as actors do when I write, more some would say, as I have to also design and visualise the entire storyline, all the scenes, all the character designs and backstories and all the different speech and thought patterns and motivations and goals and obstacles as well as all sides of every conversation be they male, female, alien, whatever.

This may sound a little silly to some people but I believe it makes a difference; I have seen a lot of movies and tv series', more than most people I meet, and I have seen and absorbed a great deal of other amazing actors techniques etc on screen, as well as behind the scenes in interviews on dvd extras etc.

Experience and skill doesn't always come just from the physical action of the activities involved.


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

I have only done a couple of modelling shoots, wouldn't really say I'm starting out as a model career wise, I just enjoy doing a variety of different things and I adore great imagery and photography etc. The shoots I have done have been a variety of things from basic portrait to arty and risqué. I do work better under direction as a model due to the fact I can't see what the photographer is seeing through his viewfinder or the final imagery he may have in mind.

Yes I will do topless and naked modelling, but not for basic pictures on a plain background etc, I like something with a difference, that stands out. I've never been a fan of overly posey generic pictures and poses, as you can see from the professional photos I have on here, they are far from basic in the way they look and feel. I have also mostly provided my own costumes for the shoots and done my own makeup also. The main thing I have a problem with is that I don't like to be cold.

I would also like to add that not a single thing has been photoshopped on my body either. but I do not have a problem with it being done, but would prefer that it is known that the picture was edited and not looking that way naturally.

I won't do pornographic style shoots but I'll consider anything else. Same with filming productions.


I am not an "Influencer" but I can be very influential. I am also a pretty good networker.
I am not an influencer in the respects of having 25k followers on social medias, self promotion in that sense has never really appealed to me unless I'm promoting things or events etc I'm overly passionate about, in those respects I have networked many followers on sites regarding various things in the past. Marketing, promotions and sales of various things is where I have experience really, that along with the music side of things such as arranging rave events etc. Then again I've never really tried or had the time to spend every waking hour attempting to gain 25k followers so you never know what the future may hold, lol. I am also very good at writing and have a great understanding regarding timing, cymatics, semiotics, body language and vocal intonation, codes and conventions, psychology and the visual impact and relationships they have with one another.

The correct words used the correct way can make all the difference between a person being influenced or not, same goes for the accompanying sound and visuals and the way something is edited or presented to the audience, it all has to work in absolute harmony at the same time as targeting specific audiences and expanding further into others. Influence is similar to manipulation in many ways, it has to be designed and executed in specific ways to achieve the intended outcomes one desires. And being likeable doesn't hurt either lol.


Guitar ability


Bass Guitar ability


Vocal ability

Lead singer

Producer ability


Singing styles
  • Pop
  • Rock

Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Indie
  • Metal
  • Electronic

Influences: Muse, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Linkin Park, Hardcore And Hardstyle Rave, Too Many To State,

I have sang lead and backing vocals in the past, live and in the studio. Appeared in a music video years ago and also did the weird makeup for it, sorted last minute costumes on somebody else's music video. I've done band promos, worked as a runner in a studio and at some gigs, I've set up a couple of small rave events and done a mass of networking while doing so, I have basic skills with virtual DJ and I also have some other skills with audio too, including Foley. I've been to a ton of gigs too.

I'm not an absolute beginner where guitar is concerned, when I played all the time I was really good, but I stopped for years and with it I have forgotten tons of stuff I used to play and sing. I rarely knew what chords I was playing anyway, I just knew where my fingers went, I used to learn and play by ear a lot or watch others, I know basics chord wise, but I can play better than a beginner, I can also sing at the same time. I've also written tunes and lyrics before now, and I also used to be able to impersonate a lot of singers, truthfully I don't know if I still can, I haven't done it for years, and used to sing constantly at the time, but I'm going to have to satisfy my own curiosity too there, lol.

TV & Reality

Not much live reality tv experience really other than help filming the MMA Championship and a little multi camera. Oh and the thing we did at media City. But I have given many a presentation and/or pitch in reality. And I do understand all the onset etiquette etc required.


Dancing ability


Teaching or Choreography ability


Dance styles
  • Bellydance

I have had a great deal of dancing experience, I have worked as a bellydancer in a restaurant, been hired for birthdays, done many charity gigs, also danced for the female freemasons international gathering, the women's institute. Whilst in Australia I also did a spot at a show for an audience of three hundred Italians. I can work to the choreography of others, choreograph myself or improvise. My style of bellydance is Modern Fusion, but I also know traditional and tribal styles, and can dance with various props such as veils and isis wings etc.

My tutor used to get me to take over the class for her or her performances if she couldn't make them.

I have my own costumes and props too.

I'm also an awesome rave stomper. I used to work at some raves as the dance floor hyper/lure to get others up and bouncing about too.

Film & Stage Crew

Art & Costume Design ability


Camera Crew ability


Directing & Writing ability


Lighting ability


Post Production & Editing ability


Production & Management ability


Sound Crew ability


Runner or Assistant ability


This is just a basic rundown, for further details please request my CV, or whichever information you specifically require.

I have some experience in all areas of pre-production, production and post production

Background artist/Extra
Stage scenery, stage hand, runner
Camera and photography
Set manager
Boom and tascam
Video editing
Sound editing, mixing and Foley
SFX Makeup and Prosthetics
Screen Writing and Script Editing
Titles sequence
Mood boards and storyboards
Sculpting and Figurines
Prop making
Creature design
Multicamera production
Production folders
Writing Team, character background and development
Associated stands, clips, leads and chargers etc that goes along with the equipment etc being used.

I'm proficient in on set etiquette, ethics and have emotional intelligence. I am health and safety aware. I have no issues with the waiting times etc between shoots.

I would prefer to get to the filming location early, and preferably at least a day beforehand if outside of the local area, as it massively reduces the possibilities of being late due to something unforeseeably predictable happening.

Hair, Makeup & Styling

Makeup Artist ability


Special Effects Makeup and optical illusions
Prosthetics and fake body parts
Horns, teeth, ears and wings etc
Creature design
Face painting
Glitter tattoos
Henna tattooing
Face casting

I'm quite good at some costume designs too and altering clothing. I can also make jewellery.

I have my own SFX kit, materials and work space. You just tell/show me what you want, and chances are I know how to do it.

I am just starting to get into all the armour and weapon making etc.


Photography experience

Amateur photographer

Not a complete beginner, but I'm no expert either. However, I have a great eye when it comes to visual impact, and on the whole I'm pretty good. I have a good understanding about lighting, colour, timing, scene setting, finding out exactly what the client is after, as afore mentioned I can also do any FX make up and can edit and effect the photographs afterwards if the client so wished it. I've had to take a great deal of pictures over the years, particularly while doing my degree at university as we had to have behind the scenes evidence of our work and progress and such.

Obviously there would be some things that were out of my capability range as to currently stands, but as with everything else, just show/tell me what you want and if I can do it I will.


TV presenter experience

No previous TV presenter experience

Radio presenter experience

No previous Radio presenter experience

  • English

  • Australian
  • Irish
  • South African
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • UK Welsh
  • USA New York
  • African
  • Chinese
  • French
  • Indian
  • Italian
  • Mexican
  • Russian

I have done many presentations for university and sales jobs, as long as I know what I'm talking about, I don't have any problems at all really. I am a fluent and confident speaker, that alters tone of voice to remain engaging and reduce monotony. I am comfortable speaking to crowds. I have been known to absorb and relay impressive amounts of information, and the more I am interested in that information, the easier it is.
I find that pitching ideas is also similar to presenting.

On a level of presenting to camera on TV etc, I have had a little go whilst I was at Media City in Manchester on University trip, and was very comfortable doing it, read from the autocue with no problem at all, and the woman leading the tour said I was really professional and should consider it among my career options, so I must be okay at it. I've also done several intro videos about myself when requested by potential employers or clients where I have to present myself to the camera, as well as partaken in live interviews with others for the same.

I've conducted a couple of interviews for people in university. And have done various introductions on stage for various acts that were performing.

I can do other accents too that are not listed, such as the Birmingham accent for example, most accents I am also fluent in.


I'm a trained barista (Trained at Grinders in Australia)
I could probably help out with catering staff or any general setting up and tidying up and duties that might be required. Meet and greets, being hostess to clients/employers, or a temporary PA. depends what you need, I guess.
Office and secretarial assistance perhaps. I can type fluently, not sure how many words per minute but people say I'm like lightening on the keyboard. Personally I wouldn't go that far, but I can type pretty fast. I do not know shorthand however. Promotions and sales, I also have experience with.

I can probably assist anyone and everyone in some shape or form. Just ask, if I can help, I will.
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