Ivan Moy

Ivan Moy

Norwich, United Kingdom


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Alongside being a talented actor, I've found Ivan such a positive force on set with a fantastic outlook to the project at hand. He is enthusiastic and full energy all day through until the job is done, and never afraid to try something new. With his hard working attitude to film it would be impossible not to recommend Ivan for any projects coming up.

Recommended for Acting Jul 8, 2019

Worked with Ivon on three occasions , he is very professional and passionate about the movie business, great guy and good actor.

Recommended for Acting Apr 5, 2018

Great profile well driven...

Recommended for Acting Dec 10, 2017

Ivan acted as a bodyguard on our webseries and was perfect. He was friendly, kind and helped craft the fight-scene he took part in. He is very skilled and we would definitely work with him again in a bigger role.

Recommended for Acting Feb 21, 2017

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