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New South Wales, Australia
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08Reporting a Motorcycle Accident

Physical Attributes

184 cm / 6ft 0in
68 kg / 149 lbs
White / Caucasian
99 cm / 39 in
Skin color:
86 cm / 34 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Anthony Brandon Wong : Workshop on the Chubbuck Technique
  • The Sydney Stage Combat School : Completed Basic Stage Combat Certification
  • Australia Film Base : An immersive film making course, run by film maker Colm O'Murchu
  • Cinematography & Lighting Workshop, by Pieter de Vries ACS : A comprehensive workshop covering the creative aspects of all things camera and lighting.
  • Instyle Performing Arts : Adult Tap


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

Gina Stoj Management

  • English

  • Australian
  • USA California

• Actor as Detective Burke Payne for Deadly Women Series 14, 8.3 Dayna Jennings Part 2, Director Katie Ryerson 2020

• Actor as Andrew for Halal Gurls Ep. 3 - ABC TV & iview, director Vonne Patiag 2019

• Actor as Cyclist for APIA TVC, director Ant McPhail 2019

• Actor as Arvid Reuterdahl for "Relativity", director Jerry Retford 2019

• Actor as Documentary Interviewee for CBM TV South Korea 2019

• Actor Patron1 for "Deadly Women" Series 12, 4.1 Ada Hulmes, director Tylah Pratt 2018

• Actor as Mr Wonderly for "Maltese Falcon", producer Carolina De Martino 2018

• Actor as Keller for "Of Our Fathers", writer/director Matthew Hill 2018

• Actor as Mr Henderson for "The Intruder", writer/director Luke Stanley 2018

• Actor as Office Worker for "On Halloween", writer/director Tim Boyle 2018

• Lead in "Reflection of a Man", writer/director Sam Barnes 2017

• Actor as Sandy in "Good Cop", director John Mavety 2017

• Actor (cast role) as Dolly Dunn in the Seven miniseries “Blue Murder: Killer Cop”, director Michael Jenkins 2017

• Actor for an 'A Current Affair', domestic violence re-enactment for (Ch 9 Australia) 2016

• Basic Stage Combat certification with the Sydney Stage Combat School, conducted by Kyle Rolling 2015

• Actor as a lawyer for 'Rake'; Season 4 Ep. 7, director Peter Duncan 2015

• Actor as Texan attorney for 'Deadly Women' DW9 8.3 Rowena Ledbetter, director John Mavety 2015

• Actor as Balustrade for ‘Equinox’s First Kill’, writer/director Jon Blum 2014

• Actor as a High Court Judge for ‘The Lawyer’ writer Gigi Edgley, director Bebi Zekirovski 2013

• Actor as the Boss for ‘Deadly Women’ DW7 16.2 Denise Frei, director Katie Hides 2013

• Actor as the ghost of Ern Mitchell (1800’s bullock driver) for Haunting Australia, director Matt Bird 2013

• Actor as Commander Jake O’Rourke for ‘Other World’, writer/director Stuart White 2013

• Voice Actor for the series ‘Private Eyes’, director Charlie Barnett 2013

• Actor as a Photographer for Carlotta, ABC tele-movie, director Samanther Lang 2013

• Voice Actor for ‘Realtor's - TV Sitcom’ - directed by Peter Nguyen 2012

• Actor for a ‘Queen’ Promo - SBS TV 2012

• Actor in Tropfest entry ‘My Key, My Destiny’ Directed by Omer Zekirovski 2010

• Character voice for a futuristic animated feature (in production) written and directed by Daniel Forest 2010


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

Extras agent

Gina Stoj Management

• London resident in "Friday on My Mind", director Matthew Saville 2017

• Featured extra for ‘The Half Dead’, writer/director Tim Boyle 2017

• Extra for the TV series Hide & Seek; Season 1 Ep. 8, director Peter Andrikidis 2016

• Extra for the TV series The Secret Daughter; Season 1 Ep. 4, director Geoff Bennett 2016

• Extra as The Wretched / Treadmill Rat for Mad Max: Fury Road, director George Miller 2015

• Basic Stage Combat certification with the Sydney Stage Combat School, conducted by Kyle Rolling 2015

• Extra as a Police office for 'Dumb Criminals', director Paul Fenech 2015

• Extra as Police officer for an 'A Current Affair' re-enactment for (Ch 9 Australia) 2015

• Extra for "World Champion" Music Video, director Alexander Kalyk & Joseph Harper 2015

• Extra for 'Peter Allen: Not the boy next door' 2015

• Extra as student Salsa Dancer for 'Rake', ABC TV 2013

• Model for Good Fortune Accessories Catalogue 2013

• Featured extra (with lines) for Carlotta as a Photographer, ABC tele-movie
director Samanther Lang 2013

• Featured extra for Behind Mansion Walls BMW3 12.2 Kent Kiegwin, director James Knox 2013

• Featured extra for Behind Mansion Walls BMW3 9.2 Stephen Nunn, director James Knox 2013

• Featured extra for a Four Corners re-enactment - ABC TV 2012

• Extra (POW) for ‘The Wolverine’ - Marvel & Twentieth Century Fox 2012

• Extra on ‘Wild Boys’ for Southern Star Productions (several episodes) 2011

• Featured Extra (1940’s Prison Guard) in feature ‘Australian Enemy’ written & directed by Josh Finch 2011

• Featured Extra (Police Officer) in ‘Pizza’ directed by Ben Ryan 2010

• Character voice for a futuristic animated feature (in production) written and directed by Daniel Forest 2010

• Featured Extra (workman) in the feature film ‘Dealing with Destiny’ directed by Colm O’Murchu (www.dealingwithdestiny.com) this film débuted at Cannes in 2010.


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Photo shoot for 'NEW IDEA' Magazine for their 'it starts with a new idea' campaign - produced by Freeway Reps.

Good Fortune Accessories Catalogue Shoot.

Most of my experience has been in front of the camera for film and TV as an actor or extra.


Dancing ability


Dancing agent

Gina Stoj Management

Dance styles
  • Tap

Film & Stage Crew

Camera Crew ability


My preference is cinematographer/director, but happy to provide services in most areas of production… and if needed I can also organise a full crew; producer, director, camera, second unit etc.:
• Director
• Cinematographer (DOP)
• 1st A/D
• Audio
• Production Stills

Camera Experience:
Blackmagic URSA Mini 4.6K; Production 4K
Canon 5DMkIII; 5DMkII; 7D; 60D; 600D; Canon XH A1;
RED Scarlet 5K
Panasonic AG-HVX200A

Recent Productions:

DOP for "Other World 2 - Don't Forget Me", writer/director Stuart White (pre-production)

Executive Producer, Location Sound for "On Halloween", writer/director Timothy Boyle 2020

Director for ‘Last Resort’, concept Jack Kelly, writer Christopher William Price (Pre-Production)

Cinematographer on the feature 'Tabernacle 101', writer/director Colm O'Murchu 2016

DOP for teaser of the feature 'Soil', writer/director Kapil Gadhvi 2016

DOP for ‘True Face’, writer/director Lauren Batschowanow – Winner 'Best International Feature Film' at 'Illinois International Film Festival' 2015

DOP for 'Love Socks', director Shailla Quadra – Winner 'Best Comedy' at Florida Film Festival 2016

Location sound for 'The System', director Eddie Arya 2015

DOP for Equinox's First Kill, directed by Jon Blum 2014

DOP for 'Renovation, writer Director Paul Caesar 2014

DOP for ‘Other World’, director Stuart White 2014

DOP for ‘Red Sky’, director Josh Finch 2013

DOP for ‘Private Eyes’, director Charlie Barnett 2013

DOP for ‘Haunted Australia', director Charlie Barnett 2013

BTS video for ‘The Last Rites’, director Jad Haber 2013

DOP/editor/producer cast interviews for the play ‘Fango Negro’, director Paul Ellis – 2013

DOP for Emma Tunnicliff's music video, director Charlie Barnett 2013

DOP for 'Tequila', writer & director Jack Douglas 2013

DOP for ‘LARP: The Crow Blade Chronicles’ season one, writer & director Christopher William Price (post-production) release mid 2013

DOP for ‘Realtors TV Series’ Comedy PoC, directed by Peter Nguyen – 2012

DOP for ‘Model Madness’ Reality TV promo, directed by Charlie Barnett – 2012

DOP for ‘Erotica’ music video for Giorgio Ciccone, director Lisa Eismen – 2012

DOP for 'Turbines' (multi camera shoot) director Shane Borza 2012

DOP for 'An Afternoon Tea' (multi camera shoot) director Lisa Eismen 2012

Director/DOP for ‘The Critic’ (multi camera shoot) written & Co-directed by Mark Rasmussen 2012

DOP for the feature film ‘Australian Enemy’ written and directed by Josh Finch (In Post) 2012

Camera for ‘Swear to God’ directed by David Di Muro

Camera for ‘A Dirty Business’ directed by Dan Balcaban

DOP for 'House Mates' directed by Christina Farmer

Camera for 'deadside' directed by David Di Muro (In Post)

DOP for 12 part Info DVD series directed by Lisa Eismen

DOP for ‘Brad Fitt Will Be Mine’ directed by Shailla Quadra, May 2011 (Screened twice at the 2011 New York City International Film Festival plus a select screening in Times Square)

DOP for bts video for ‘Flood Light Benefit Concert’ produced by Catherine Alcorn. Live fund raiser for the Qld floods - Jan 2011

Camera for ‘Are you Serious cuz’ by Dan Balcaban & David Di Muro - 2010

DOP for ‘The Chicken and The Egg’ directed by Lisa Eismen – 2010


Photography experience

Amateur photographer

My experience is primarily as a cinematographer, however I also provide BTS (behind the scenes) video and on-set stills during shoots... I've also done several green-screen photo shoots.

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