Jack Tyson

Jack Tyson Pro

Preston, United Kingdom


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I've worked with Jack on several occasions and he is extremely professional, with great appearance and presence both behind the scenes and in performance. He is a joy to work with.

Recommended for Acting Mar 1, 2016

Ive worked with jack and i find him a fantastic actor and great guy to meet. I wish you all the best my friend

Recommended for Acting Jan 27, 2016

Worked with Jack on PALS and immediately took to the guy.Comedic,professional and a terrific actor.Hope to work with him again soon.Top man!!

Recommended for Acting Jan 3, 2016

Jack was really good on set today, took direction really well, highly recommend! :)

Recommended for Acting Jan 18, 2015

jack I found to be very professional and capable of anything he is asked off very friendly and reliable works great on his own or in a team

Recommended for Acting Nov 7, 2014

a talented guy that can rise to the challenge and give you what you need for you're production

Recommended for Acting Oct 13, 2014

Jack participated in the Pals for Life WW1 film project. He was an extra for Rowbot Street CIC on 2 days of the shoot. He was very dedicated and happy to act in a variety of roles throughout the day. Thank you Jack.

Recommended for Acting Aug 9, 2014

StarNow Verified

what a guy to work with! Dedicated, reliable and talented. He played the role with brilliant mixed emotions and it would be a pleasure to work with him again.

Recommended for Acting Jul 23, 2014

Jack is a very talented, versatile and hard working actor who brings life and fun to every set he works on. It is a pleasure working with Jack and I look forward to our next project together.

Recommended for Acting Jun 10, 2014

Jack is an excellent actor, very reliable and professional on and off set, I enjoyed meeting and working with him. I look forward to the next time we work together.

Recommended for Acting Jun 6, 2014

Great personality

Recommended for Acting Jun 4, 2014

Jack is an incredibly talented and reliable actor who is an asset to any production he works on. It's a pleasure working with him, his creative input is always well received and he makes every set a fun and productive one.

Recommended for Acting Jun 2, 2014

Jack's a great guy to work with and performs excellently in front of the camera, we can recommend him highly!

Recommended for Acting May 14, 2014

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Jack is great to work with, he'd learnt the script very quickly as he stepped into the main role at the last minute and did a brilliant job, very friendly and has a great attitude on set

Recommended for Acting May 1, 2014

StarNow Verified

Jack was great to work with, he was very professional, punctual and knew his lines well. I would definitely recommend Jack to anyone considering casting him for a role, he is passionate about acting and also easy to contact and maintain contact with.

Recommended for Acting May 1, 2014

StarNow Verified

Brilliant guy to work with. Such a reliable actor and worked an unreal amount on the date of shooting. It was a pleasure and will be a pleasure to work with in the future.

Recommended for Acting May 1, 2014

StarNow Verified

Very professional, always ready for a take and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.

Recommended for Acting Apr 4, 2014

A fantastic pleasure to work with and a great professional actor

Recommended for Acting Apr 4, 2014

Jack is a very hard working reliable & punchual professenal, very good fun,and a pleasure to work with, I would employ this fine young actor.

Recommended for Acting Mar 29, 2014

jack was professional on set and a great guy to work with. i look forward to working with him again .

Recommended for Acting Feb 18, 2014