Jake Mason

Jake Mason

Bristol, United Kingdom


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Jake is a young, very professional and multi-talented film maker. I see a very bright future for him. We had a great time working together on his project and everything was planned to the smallest detail. Looking forward to a pleasure working with him again.

Recommended for Writing or Directing Sep 28, 2021

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Jake is extremely talented. He produces great work, he has great communication, and is lovely to work with.

Recommended for Filmmaker Feb 5, 2021

What a pleasure to work with Hake. Excellent communication. Very professional and passionate his work. Top man.

Recommended for Filmmaker Feb 4, 2021

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Very very very very very very very very good director

Recommended for Writing or Directing Sep 16, 2018

he is a great director, have seen a movie he made and it was great

Recommended for Film & Stage Crew Mar 31, 2014