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Bristol, United Kingdom
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Louis Klein 1

Dubbed voice of Louis Klein in 'The Greenhouse' for Nickelodeon/Little Entertainment Group

01Louis Klein 1
02Jersey in Jail - letter
03Once Upon a Time...
04Dr Lombardi 2

Physical Details

180 cm / 5ft 11in
88 cm / 35 in
77 kg / 169 lbs
Eye color:
White / Caucasian
Hair color:
109 cm / 43 in
Hair length:
Skin color:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Alf, Ruby Vandal, Short Film, UoD, d: Jack Barrie/Cal Brown
  • Dying Medieval Soldier, Red Alert, Music Video, KSI, d: Konstantin, Ikon Films Ltd
  • Josiah [Cult leader], The Insiders, Short Film, USW, d: Phillip Crossely/Mathew Portal
  • Timon [of Athens], Misanthropos, Feature Film, d:Maximianno Cobra, United World/Quintessence Studios
  • God, 7 Day Wisdom, UWE, d: Charlie Hinde
  • Father Christmas, Prop Me Up Events Grotto, Almondsbury, d: Patrick Fagan
  • Father Christmas, Santa's Storytime, Whitehall GC, Lacock, d: Edmund Harcourt, Hogarth Productions
  • Father Christmas, Santa's Grotto, Great Grottos, d: Jacquie Tighe
  • Albert (Robot Inventor), Chessboy, Short Film, d: Francis Townsend, UWE.
  • Tom, Carnival, Radio, d: Neal Mason, Soundwork
  • Tom, Tucked Up, Radio, d: Neal Mason, Soundwork
  • Hobo Hitman, Kill Time, Short Film, d: Joe Doyle, LPE Films/Silverscreen
  • Carl, Gortos Genev Vy [Stay With Me], Short Film, d: Oliver Thom, Bookshelf Productions LTD
  • Legal Role Play, BPP, Edmund Harcourt, Hogarth Productions [Ongoing]
  • Vassitchka, Trip of the Tongue, Radio Play, d: Ginevra Gould, Audiojam
  • Clerk, Settling the Score, Radio Play, d: Ginevra Gould, Audiojam
  • Nikolay Petrovitch Kolpakov, The Chorus Girl, Radio Play, d: Ginevra Gould, Audiojam
  • The Man, Stockholm Road, Short Film, d: Jasminie Brookes, Cashmere Goat Entertainment
  • Henry Lawrence, Saint John, short film, d: Reece Cobb / Maria Hanrahan, Saint John Films
  • Jack of Hearts [Best Actor, Independent Shorts Awards], Red Rose, short film, d: Matt Linge, UoB
  • Grand Master, New Age, V/O, d: Keith Littler, The Little Music Group
  • Father Christmas, Santa's Storytime, Whitehall GC Grotto, d: Edmund Harcourt, Hogarth Productions
  • Father Christmas, Santa's Grotto, Great Grottos, d: Jacquie Tighe
  • Professor Vergo, You're a Wizard, short film, d: Nick Davis, UGL
  • Cuthbert Burbage, To Build a Wooden O, d: Jon Legg, RSC's The Other Place, Stratford [Malvernbard]
  • Museum Afficionado, The Time Tree, d: Celine Cotran, C24 Films/Trademark Films
  • Nigel, Teddy, Short film, d: Graeme Willetts, Hindsight Films
  • Cat in the Box, Dr Lombardi (V/O), short film, d: Asa Gartland, UWE
  • Andy (open mic host), Christmas Number One, Proof of concept film, d:David Buchanan, Succulent Films
  • Drug pusher, Inside Strangeways, recon docu, d: Stuart Strickson, Channel 5
  • James Accardo (matinee idol) Katie, short film, d: Edd Roberts, UWE
  • Simon (lead) Captive, 1/2 hour TV film, d: Mathew Ashwell, Captive Productions
  • *2015 - present: Medical Role-Player, Fluellen Theatre Company, d: Claire Richards
  • *2016 - present: Medical Role-Player, Becky Wilkinson, UWE
  • *Above RP includes: OSCE, CASC, GP, Psychiatric - Exams/mocks/training [also freelance role-player]
  • Father Christmas, Santa's Grotto, Great Grottos, d: Jacquie Tighe
  • Tony [hitman], Nicotine, short film, d: Joshy Lee, Amarok Films
  • Mr Brownsword, Call of the Void, online, d: Oliver Zimmermann, Integrate Bristol
  • Benedick/Macbeth/Oberon, TIE, d: John Cooper, Traffic of the Stage
  • Father Christmas, Santa's Grotto, Great Grottos, d: Jacquie Tighe
  • Magwitch/Jaggers, Great Expectations, theatre, Rain or Shine Theatre Company
  • Cuthbert Burbage, To Build a Wooden O, Forum Theatre, Malvern, d: Jon Legg, Malvernbard
  • Prospero, The Tempest, Rain or Shine Theatre Company
  • Jersey in Jail, Letter, V/O, online, Malcolm Reynard, Jersey Arts Trust/Midi Canal TV
  • Mark, The Not So Support Group, student film, d: Amy Saunders, University of Gloucester
  • Reza's Father, Passing Through the Fall, V/O, Fubuloo, Mike Cross/Niki Felsted
  • Adapter, The Snow Queen, theatre, d: James Reynard
  • Louis Klein, The Greenhouse, V/O, Niki Felsted, Nickelodeon/Little Entertainment Group
  • John, The Wendy House, short film, d: Ollie Hancock
  • Long John Silver, Treasure Island, theatre, Rain or Shine
  • Shylock, The Merchant of Venice, theatre, Rain or Shine
  • Ratty, Adapter, Wind in the Willows, theatre, Rain or Shine
  • Gordon Wallace, Man Who Saved the World, short film, d: Justas Ramanauskas, University of Gloucester
  • Victorian Villager, The Christmas Candle, Feature Film, d: John Stephenson, Impact Productions
  • Director, The Comedy of Errors, theatre, Rain or Shine
  • Lenny, Of Mice and Men, theatre, d: Yvonne Peacock, Arty Fact
  • The Inspector, An Inspector Calls, theatre d: Yvonne Peacock, Arty Fact TC
  • Yu Longwei [wizard], Arjun, V/O, Keith Littler, Little Entertainment Group
  • Prospero, The Tempest, theatre, d: Paul Milton, Cheltenham Everyman/Dreamshed Productions
  • Middlesex Polytechnic : Drama & English degree


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

Amanda Beckman at Urban Associates

  • English

  • UK English

Union memberships
  • Equity

Over 150 theatre productions as an actor and director.
Experienced role player.
Experience in film/TV - feature/short/student.
Experience in voice over/dubbing.



Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

The Christmas Candle
The Time Tree


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

Modeling agent

Urban Associates

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