James Reynard

James Reynard Pro

Bristol, United Kingdom


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Amazing self tape. Very accommodating. Would definitely work with again.

Recommended for Acting Apr 17, 2021

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James is completely professional, he delivered all his work on time and provided options. I rate him very highly and would defiantly use him again.

Recommended for Acting Mar 11, 2021

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James was an absolute pleasure to have on set and fully embraced the role. Fantastic actor.

Recommended for Acting Feb 8, 2021

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Fantastic actor. Always punctual, easy to work with and professional. Recommend for both professional and student films.

Recommended for Acting Nov 23, 2020

Great actor, very helpful and professional all round.

Recommended for Acting Oct 27, 2020

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James is extremely professional and a lovely personality to have on set. He took direction well, and his screen presence is excellent. I would definitely cast James again.

Recommended for Extras Aug 13, 2020

Got the job of VO

Recommended for Acting Jul 30, 2020

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James is a complete professional and he has a wonderful voice!

Recommended for Acting Jul 28, 2020

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James can adapt to many characters and is clearly passionate about acting. A pleasure to work with!

Recommended for Acting Apr 6, 2019

Recommended for Acting Oct 20, 2017

Recommended for Acting Jun 23, 2017

Recommended for Acting Apr 15, 2017