James Rudd

Photographer, Lighting Crew Member, Runner / Assistant, Camera Operator, Other Film & Stage Crew

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
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Very responsive
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Credits & experience

  • Christmas Memories - Commercial : Gaffer
  • One More Lie - Crowdfunding Livestream : Livestream and Gaffer
  • Damon Runyon - Drama : Gaffer
  • Christopher Street Commercial : Gaffer
  • Baba - Short : Gaffer
  • Respawn - The Raid - Commercial : Gaffer
  • Deconovo - Commercial : Gaffer
  • 5g Realised : Live streaming
  • One More Lie - Promo : Gaffer, 1st AC
  • The Knight - Documentary : Lighting Cameraman
  • Commercial - Leicester Virtual Carnival : Camera operator - live stream
  • Commercial - Halford Films : Gaffer
  • Commercial - Jabra : Gaffer
  • State of Being - Short Film : Gaffer
  • Commercial - How to operate Samba II : Gaffer and Grip
  • Commercial - The Science behind the difference : Gaffer and Grip
  • Screens - RNTV : Lighting Cameraman
  • Using the Samba II - Covid 19 testing kit : Gaffer
  • Medical Live Streams - FBB : Lighting Cameraman
  • OMG Rich Energy Superbike Launch Promo : DoP, Gaffer - Lighting Cameraman
  • 482 Days - Short : Gaffer
  • Echoes from January - short : Gaffer
  • Commercial - Ian Williams- Made in London : Gaffer
  • Commercial Kathryn Thomson for Made in London : Gaffer
  • Commercial - David Warrington - Made in London : Gaffer

Film & Stage Crew

Camera Crew ability


Lighting ability


Runner or Assistant ability


Very well equipped using latest kit including Dedolight Lightstream/CRLS reflective light systems. Also experienced in Livestreaming.

My Equipment:


2 Dedolight 1x1 LED Felloni Bi Colour panel lights (Mains or battery)
1 Lite Panels Lykos Bi Colour (Mains or battery) can be remotely controlled
3 Dedolight DLED4 Bi Colour spot and flood lights (Mains or battery)
1 Dedolight DLED 7 Bi Colour - mains and battery
1 Dedolight DLH400 with Parallel Beam adapter - 575w to 4000w
Dedolight Imager DP1.1 - 85mm lens and 60 mm lens
Dedolight Imager DP2.1 framing Shutters 85mm and 60mm lens
Dedolight Gobos - various
Dedolight DPEYE filter kit
Dedolight clamp
Dedolight softbox DLED4 with grid
Dedolight Felloni softbox with grid
Dedolight Iris
Dedolight Circular Polarisers x2

Dedolight and CRLS Light Stream reflector system

7x10 reflectors 1-4
15x15 reflectors 1-4
25x25 reflectors 1x2, 2, 3 and 4
50x50 1-4
20x20 Eflect Kit - Silver, Gold and Blue
50x50 Eflect Kit
3 Parallel Beam Adaptors 230% increase and 300% increase in light and for HMI 500% increase in light
3 Honeycomb grids
Mounts and adaptors

Kinoflo RGBW LED

Kino Flo Diva 21 Lite with grid - Bi Colour - full RGB 2x1 (Mains or battery) soft light 60 degree and 90 degree louvre
Kino Flo Diva 31 Lite with grid - Bi Colour - full RGB 3x1 (Mains or battery) soft light 60 degree and 90 degree louvre

Small RGBW Fixtures

3 Aputure MC - 9x6cm - magnetic
2x Nanlite Pavotube 6C 25x4cm - magnetic tubes
2x Aputure 7c - screw in or bayonet bulb replacements

I also use a Hollyland Mars wireless system to help see what the camera is seeing to speed up lighting - SDI/HDMI - 400ft range - plus iPhone/Android access

21 inch mains viewing monitor/director/client monitor

Batteries 6x V Mount 4x Canon Video batteries 5x Canon DSLR batteries 4x Atomos batteries 2x Kinoflo batteries

Grip and support
Manfrotto video monopod
Heavy duty Manfrotto Video Tripod
Gitzo tripod (the very tall one)
Gitzo 75mm ball receiver levelling system
Manfrotto repro arm
Manfrotto tripod with panhandle, centre support
Rhino Slider 24 inch and 42 inch rails with motor and arc
Ronin S gimbal
Manfrotto magic arm x2
Manfrotto feet for magic arm
Superclamps Mafer clamps
Cardellinis x4
Arri C stands x5
Arri menace arm
4 Manfrotto 1004 BAC stands
3 Dedolight mini stands
3 Bowens light stands
1 adjustable background cross bar
2 wheeled heavy duty floor stands - for lights or slider
Five flags 60x90cm, nets, diffusion and black flag
2 Lolliops flats, 2 fingers
6x6 diffusion panel Scrimjim
6x6 Ultrabounce
6x6 Net 1 strop
6x6 Magic cloth
6x6 blackout
6x6 frame
Lastolite Skylite rapid panel 1.1mx1.1m .25 diffusion, .75 diffusion, plus sunblounce
Lastolite Panoramic Background, black or chroma green 4mx2.3m
Lastolite Highlight 8x7ft
Lastolite Hightlight 5x7ft
Lastolite pop up 1.8x2.15m black or white
Lastolite pop up 6x7ft grey and white
Chromakey dropdown 3mx7m
Magnetic support for pop up backgrounds
Profoto reflector black and white
Footsteps x10
Applebox kit - full, half, quarter, eighth, pancake
Tripod dolly
Posing stools
Autocue - runs off iPad - follows speed of voice
4 Motorola walkie talkies
Clapper board
Assorted clamps, tape, safety wires
Tether tools Aero table for laptop or monitor on stand
Think Tank Sunscreen laptop shade
Walkstool 15in stool
24 inch turntable mains power takes 125kg
3x Matthews sound blankets
Table top Mic stand
3m and 5m XLR cable
Car Mounts x2 80kg loading
Manfrotto suction cup
Scissor clips for suspended ceilings
Pocket Wizard radio triggers - 2x X, 2x 3, 1x 4 and Multimax II including foot pedal and detonator style activators

4k Elgarto
Black Magic ATEM Mini Pro
5g EE router/wifi, mains power or battery


Photography experience

Full-time professional (paid work)

Photography website


Experienced well equipped Photographer - headshots, portraits, sports, action, commercial, vehicles, studio or location.

Kit Canon 1dx Mkiii, Canon 1dxii, Canon 1dx, Hasselblad H5d, Profoto Lighting, Kinoflo and Dedolight Lighting, Lightstream CRLS, Can print on site, wifi, ftp, remote cameras, video up to 5.6k RAW.

Good supply of backgrounds and grip galore.

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