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Blackpool, United Kingdom
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My family, bubble or household

My Bubble consists of myself and my partner David Charles Cully .

Myself and my partner David Charles-Cully and friend Shelby Hannigan Cross
Myself and my partner David Charles-Cully with best friends Shelby and her daughter Lucy
Myself and my partner David Charles-Cully with best friends Shelby and her daughter Lucy

Intro to Camera

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Voice 001

Remembering having to shave

01Voice 001

Physical Attributes

180 cm / 5ft 11in
74 kg / 162 lbs
White / Caucasian
101 cm / 40 in
Skin color:
82 cm / 32 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Silver Screen. Comedy Film. Asgard Productions. : Drag queen /Gorilla/Blind man
  • GLADOS. Infinite potential Films : Role. Dr Ian Trent-Leebis
  • Detected Movie. Thriller. Short. RH Productions : Role. Martin Harris
  • Wrong Side. Horror Film. Momentary Revolution Entertainments : Role. Ewan Baxter Asylum Warden
  • The Sarah Weatherby Chronicles (series) 3 episodes. Pendle Media Productions : Role. Xavior Octavious
  • Shout Out To Sea (Short) by Sara Leadbetter. Ellerby studios : Role. Drag Queen Bossy Flossy
  • Intollerance (film) by Adam Somers LGBT : Role. Police Officer
  • Lockdown Lifeline (series1 episodes 2&4) By Fanni Compton : Role. Party Guest /Caller1
  • Relic Of The Jedi A Star Wars Story : Role. Count Veron
  • Andy And The Band. (Series1 Episode12) Ninja Pig Productions. CBBC : Role. Manuel
  • What Did The baby Hear (film) Prod by Sofia-Chezene Theophilou. Luxury Family TV : Role. Mark Gilspin
  • The Amelia Gething Complex (series 1 Episode 1) BBC TV : Role. Bo-Peep
  • The fridge Whisperer (short) Dir by Roger Hayhurst. MadHouse Films : Role. Simeon Arthur Hardwick
  • Batman Terror of Arkham : Role. Auctioneer/Asylum Inmate
  • Carlisle Remembers 1918. (Live performance) Reenactment WW1 Carlisle Castle : Role. Border regiment soldier.
  • Murky Waters (short) UCLAN : Role. Dad
  • House Bound (short) Dir by Joseph Hagan (UCLAN) : Role. Man In black
  • Boatsquad The Legend Of Martha King (film) By Matt Greenhalgh. Audax Film : Role. Magic Mervin / Zombie
  • Redcon-1 : Role. Zombie/Soldier
  • Eaten By Lions : Role. Tooty Frooty (Drag Queen)
  • Boys In The Band (series 2) Momentary Reveloution Entertainments : Role. Rodger Fritsell
  • The Wrong Side Of Town (film) Dir by Craig Quinn Momentary Reveloutions Entertainments : Role. Asylum Officer
  • Back2Forward (film) Dir by Adnan Amir. Colossal Films : Role. Policeman
  • A Gangster Story (film) By Towerside Productions : Role. Jimmy Lansky
  • Retribution (short) Lee Rielly Films : Role. David Park
  • Write In The Past (Short) Dir by Lucas Pinder : Role. Photographer
  • I Am (short) By Jeancy Mayamona (UCLAN) : Role. Frank Bright
  • Journal Of Life (short) Lee Rielly Films : Role. Mark
  • 6:50 (short) by Craig Quinn. Momentary Reveloution Entertainments : Role. Dr Eddie Hyne
  • Earth (Sci-Fi Movie) Dir/Prod by Richard Reade : Role. Dad/Resistance Soldier
  • The Collaborators (film) Dir by Dan Ollerhead .Breech Films : Role. Police Officer
  • An Inconvenient Tooth. (short) Dir by Rachael Beardmore (UCLAN) : Role. Easter Bunny
  • The Hostage (Short) Lee Rielly Films : Role. Kidnapper
  • The Case (short) Lee Rielly Films : Role. Theif
  • The Walking Dead UK (5pt Series) By Bilford Films : Role. Vince The Mince
  • Olivers Tale (short) Lee Rielly Films : Role. Mugger
  • Tom - 3 The Final Hurdle. (short) Lee Rielly Films : Role. Fred Pierson
  • 27 Memory Lane (film) Dir by Luke Hupton. Lupton Films : Role. Burglar
  • A Town And Country Murder Series 2 Episode 5 : Role. Ian Simms
  • Tom 2 - Chasing My Dreams (short) Lee Rielly Films : Role. Fred Pierson
  • A Shedload Of Trouble (short) Prod by Michael Caine : Role. Mark


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • UK English

--------------ACTING------------- (dialogue & featured)


C4. shorts.David & Jason.Shooting Gallery


C5. A Town & Country Murder.S2(Ian Simms)Sky/Cable.C5/Ci channel


Paranormal Intent(TV Series)5ep myself.Adeys TV.Presenter


Eaten By Lions .Film. Featured Tutti Fruitty .Dir Jason Wingard..
Boat Squad The Legend of Martha King. Horror/zombie film. Soldier Lead
Murky Waters .Short .UCLan.Dad.SA
Carlisle Remembers.Live performance reenactment WW1 Border regiment soldier.Carlisle Castle
House Bound. Short.Man In black.UCLan Dir Joseph Hagan


Batman;Terror of Arkham Auctioneer/Asylum patien.Dir J Glickman.
Paranormal Investigation Live.Presenter 3 Ep Prod RH Paranormal investigation
What Did The Baby hear.Thriller.Mark Gillspin.Lead Dir Stefano Pratesi
The Amelia Gething Complex BBC2 Comedy.Ep1.Bo Peep
CBBC Andy & the Band"Manuel"Ep12
The Fridge Whisperer.Short.Simeon Arthur Hardwick 3rd.Mockumentary


TV Sitcom(Pilot)Nowhere Close.Gimp/Milkman By F Compton
Relic of the Jedi:A Star Wars Story.Count Veron.Prod J Glickman
Lockdown Lifeline TV Series.Ep2 Nude Caller.Ep4 Party Guest.Prod/Fanni compton


Cinderella"Rebel Dreamer"SA Dancer/NobleGent.Sony
Short Film.Intolerance.Police Officer Daniels.By Adam Somers(LGBTQ)
The Sarah Weatherby Chronicles(Xavior Octavious)TV Series 3 Ep Lead
Shout Out To The Sea.Short film.Bossy flossy by S Leadbetter
Wrong Side.Film.Asylum Warden Ewan Baxter. By Craig Quinn

--------------MUSIC VIDEOS------------- (featured & background)


Music Vid. G.R.I.M. Answers. KTMtv official .(background)
Music Vid. Illerstate. Real Quick. (background)
Music Vid. Illerstate. Even With The Odds Against Us. (background)
Music Vid. Jaz freddy Royal. Samba Samba. 3 edits (Featured)
Music Vid. Ant Barnes. If I had All The Shame. (featured)
Music Vid. Seth lakeman. Feather In A Storm. (jamaica Inn) Clip taken from series (background)


Music Vid. Raw Calibre. Do The Dance. (featured)
Music Vid. Virus Syndicate & Dope Dod. Battle Royal. (background)
Music Vid. Bad Grammar. Who's Yer Mate. (featured)
Music Vid. G.R.I.M. Put Em Up. (background)
Music Vid. June Miller & Mefjus. Saus. (featured)


Music Vid. Headless The Edd Shales Story. (background)
Music Vid. Royce Wood Junior. Midnight. (background)
Music Vid. Raw Calibre. Surrender To the Outcome. Compilation (featured)
Music Vid. Parlament. Blood. (featured)


Music Vid. Rae Morris. Gay Gent and Drag Queen. (featured)
Music Vid. Tormenta. Crimson. Waste-lander in a post apocalyptic setting (background)
Music Vid. ZBlack. Kata. Dancer in a club. (background)
Music Vid. Sonny Palmer. Underneath. Anti Bullying video for charity. (featured)
Music Vid. Pathion. Anywhere. (featured)


Music Vid. Mark Anthony. We love this city (featured)


Music Vid. Johnny Dysfunctional. Wash your Hands Kill the Virus. (featured)
Music Vid. C.G.R.C .Change the Script. (featured)
Music Vid. Emily Severn. Where do we belong. (featured)
Music Vid. Steve Hulse. A United World Against the Pandemics. We Are The World. (featured)
Music Vid. Thiago. Samba Dynamite. Policeman/Chef/Toreadore (featured)
Music Vid. Amanda Noar. Alone Together-Raising Money For The Arts. (featured)
Music Vid. Andy And The Band. Songs About Having A go (background)
Music Vid. Andy And The Band. I'm An Artist (background)


Music Vid. Cinderella .Camila Cabello. Perfect (background)
Music Vid. Cinderella .Whatta Man/Seven Nation Army (mash-up)–Nicholas Galitzine (background)


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

Extras agent

impact casting

Many years onset experience .
Own a collection of over 3000 costumes and warehouse full of props to use at my disposal.
Drag Queen
Zombie/Scare actor


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work


Drag Queen
Zombie /scare actor


Vocal ability


Singing styles
  • Pop

TV & Reality

TV COMMERCIALS -------------

2013 Don't Text & Drive Campaign (featured) Online Campaign

2013 Foxy Bingo Adverts(Foxy Bus)Passenger.SA.TV

2014 Don't Text & Drive 2(Vicar/Policeman)Online Campaign

2016 Strongbow Cider.Passerby.TV

2018 GoodFellas Pizza(Mums New Fella)TV

2018 LFC/Vodaphone.Football Supporter(Mo Salah) SA(TV Egypt. Online UK)

2018 Visa World Cup Adverts Mexico Supporter/Press(Zlatan Ibrahimovic)SA.TV

2018 Barratt Sweets.Eating Product.Featured.Large Campaign.TV

2020 Yabbo Sports brand(Steven Gerrard)SA.TV

2021 JD Sports Xmas Advert.SA.TV

2021 BETFRED Commercial.SA.TV


1992 Gods Gift(dating show)3 Ep(Granada TV)Audience Participation

1995 The Time The Place(Debate show)1 Ep.Piercings/Tattoos.Audience Participation

2002 C4 Shorts.David & Jason.Shooting Gallery(Docu Style)As Myself

2011 C4. Dont Tell The Bride(Shop Keeper)As Myself

2013 MTV.Beauty School Cop outs.(Reality Show)Salon Customer

2014 C4.Shopaholics(Fact/Docu)Buyer

2014 C4.Beauty Queen or Bust(Fact/Docu)As Myself S1Ep2

2014 ITV.Testing Britain's Worst Drivers Crash Course.(North One TV).Main participant.(Factual)

2014 Paranormal Intent(Paranormal TV Series)5ep As myself(Adeys TV)Presenter

2014 ,BYU TV,USA TV.Handel's Messiah,Groberg Prod(Docu)Period Gent.SA

2014 Look North,News/Factual(News Report)Handel's Messiah

2015 DAVE.Storage Hunters UK.S3 1Ep.Bidder.As Myself

2015 BBC2.Strictly Come Dancing(It Takes 2)Blackpool.As Myself

2016 C4.My Weird Hobby.Popkorn TV. Zombie Preppers.As Myself

2016 DAVE.Storage Hunters UK S5,1Ep.Bidder.As Myself

2016 C4.Hoarders SOS,(Reality Style).S1Ep6.As Myself

2016 Audible.Mark dolan's VIP Lounge.As Myself

2016 C7.Thats Lancashire TV Interview.for Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them

2017 ITV.The Health Show."Save Money-Good Health"Contributor Teeth whitening.As Myself

2017 C5.Bargain Loving Brits in Blackpool Ep3&6.As Myself

2018 Redcon-1 DVD.Featured Interview

2018 ITVBe.The real Housewives of Cheshire.Guest at a Ball.Ep4 S7.As Myself

2018 Carlisle Remembers.Live reenactment WW1 Border regiment soldier.Carlisle Castle (Docu)

2019 Paranormal Investigation(Live)Presenter 3 Ep Prod RH Paranormal investigation

2019 Endemol UK.(Pilot program).Participant Spiritual reading.Not aired

2019 C4.It's Grime Up North.1Ep(Factual/Docu)Local grime artists(Blackpool)As Myself

2019 ITVBe.The Real Housewives Of Cheshire.S9 Ep5(Briefly in Ep1/11th/100th Special)As Myself

2019 DAVE.Judge Romesh.Comedy Courtroom program S2 Ep4.As Myself

2020 MTV.TeenMumUK.Shopkeeper(Reality)S8 1Ep.As Myself

2020 Social Distancing(Short)Dir Dave Thorp

2020 Online Poem(In the time of quiet)Dir Dave Thorp


2021 Photo Shoot for GLAAD in Assc with Getty images (LGBTQ)

2022 Bargain Loving Brits by the sea . Ep ?As Myself

TV SERIES---------

1993 ITV. Coasting. 2Ep SA

1993 ITV. September Song 1Ep SA

2013 BBC. Drama. Jamaica Inn.1Ep.SA

2013 C5. Killer In My Village S2 (Ian Simms)

2015 Sky. Houdini & Doyle,(Brothel Customer)1Ep

2015 C4. Hollyoaks. 20yr anniversary special.Mermaid.1Ep

2015 BBC1. Peaky Blinders.S3 3Ep.SA

2016 CBBC. Class Dismissed.Supply Teacher.SA

2017 C4. Hollyoaks. Mourner(8/12/16).Mourner(9/12/16).Passerby(16/12/16).Prison Visitor(2/3/17)

2017 Crackle. Snatch TV series.1 Ep.Armed Policeman.

2017 BBC. Gunpowder.Yeoman Guard.3Ep.SA

2017 ITV. Coronation Street 2Eps.SA

2018 ITV. Coronation street.1Ep.Hospital patient.SA

2018 ITV. Bancroft.Series.Wedding Guest.SA

2018 Sky. Bulletproof.Prison Guard.3Ep

2019 BBC. Drama. Gentleman Jack.Danish Officer.SA

2019 BBC1. S20 Ep135. Doctors(Patient in reception)SA

2019 C4. Hollyoaks TV Soap"Salsa dancer"SA 1ep

2019 C4. Hollyoaks Festival goer 3Ep (Hollyfest)SA

2019 BBC. Doctors S21 Ep8/Ep92.Patient.SA

2019 BBC2. The Amelia Gething Complex. Comedy.Ep1.Bo Peep

2019 CBBC. Andy & the Band."Manuel" S1 Ep12

2019 BBC. Get Even.(Teacher)1Ep SA

2019 ITV.Coronation Street"Llandudno"Cafe.SA

2020 Sky1. Brassic S2 Ep8 Drag Queen.SA

2020 TV Sitcom (Pilot) Nowhere Close.Gimp/Milkman

2020 Online Lockdown Lifeline TV Series.Ep2 Nude Caller.Ep4 Party Guest

2021 BBC1. Doctors.Patient.Ep18/19/75. S22.SA

2021 BBC. King Gary.S2 SA Wedding Guest Ep 5/6

2021 Hollyoaks. 3 Ep SA Customer 27/9&1/10&22/10

2022 Funny Girl. TV Series.(in Production)Drag Queen


1993 Bhaji on the beach.Passerby.SA

1995 Funny bones.Circus Crowd.SA

1998 Like It is.Club Dancer.SA

2013 The Wedding.Traffic Cop

2015 AKA Nadia.Palestinian Soldier.SA

2016 Film-Stars Don't Die In Liverpool.Theatre member.SA

2016 The More You Ignore Me.Passerby.SA

2016 Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them.High class Gent.SA

2017 Phantom Thread.Strongman.SA

2018 Eaten By Lions.Comedy.(Drag Queen)Tooty Frooty

2018 .1921. Bollywood Horror.Passerby.SA

2018 GOLD. Bollywood Movie.German officer.SA

2018 Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of Grindelwald.Chef. SA

2018 Boat Squad The Legend of Martha King.Horror/zombie film.Soldier/Magic Mervin

2018 Redcon-1.DVD/Bluray.Featured Interview

2019 Batman;Terror of Arkham Auctioneer/Asylum patient

2019 Candy Floss.(Short)Torenbeek Productions.SA

2019 Pavement.(Short)Background Paramedic.JPG Media.SA

2020 Relic of the Jedi A Star Wars Story.Count Veron

2021 Cinderella.Dancer/Noble Gent.SA

2021 In My Mothers Arms.(short)Ellerby Studios.Wardrobe/props

2021 Enter Nirvana.(short) Yogi. Prod L Bennett-Thompson

2021 Wrong Side.Horror.Ewan Baxter.Prod Craig Quinn

(2021) Womble Movie.Policeman.SA

2021 Detected Movie.Thriller.Short.Martin Harris

2022 Midas Man(in production)Party Guest.SA

2022 Silver Screen.Comedy Film.Asgard Productions.Drag queen/Gorilla/Blind man


Dancing ability


Dancing agent

impact casting

Dance styles
  • Ballroom
  • Latin American

Hair, Makeup & Styling

Makeup Artist ability



TV presenter experience

Previous unpaid TV presenter roles

Presenting agent

impact casting

  • English

  • UK English

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