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The Seance Pt1

I play Carlotta.

01The Seance Pt1
02The Seance Pt 2

Physical Attributes

157 cm / 5ft 2in
51 kg / 112 lbs
White / Caucasian
81 cm / 32 in
Skin color:
71 cm / 28 in
91 cm / 36 in
Dress size:
UK 10 / AUS 10 / US 6
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Lenny Mullan - Glasgow Acting Academy
  • SAFA
  • UK Screen Acting Academy
  • PACE


Acting experience

Previous unpaid speaking roles

  • English

  • UK English


2021, Web, Detachment Series 2, Katherine Moore MP, Anythink Films, Written and Directed by Kris Scott (Pre - Production)
2021, Film, MORTEM, Glass Routes Production, Captain, Directed by Conor Taylor (Post - Production)
2020, Web-Series, Detachment - Episode 2, Katherine Moore MP (Home Secretary) AnyThink Films, Written and Directed by Kris Scott
2020, SHORT, The Last Wooden Shop, PitkinBot, Written by Andrew Sage, Directed by William Samson
2020, Feature Film, CALEDONIA: BURNS NIGHT, Jean Armour, Cult Classic Pictures, Directed by Amy Hoff
2019, Film, WILD ROSE, Catering Assistant, Directed by Tom Harper, Written by Nicole Taylor
11/12/2018, TV Series, RIVER CITY, Passer by (street)
2018, Short Film, TROUBLE, Vivid Affect Productions, Distressed Mother, Written and Directed by Sean Hall
2018, Film, THE WIFE, Passer-by (open credits) Directed by Björn Runge
2018, Short, TAXED, Police Officer, Filming Scotland, Directed by Lewis Wardrop
2018, Short, TELL YOU ABOUT IT SOMEDAY, Odd Socks Films, SA, Directed by Sedona May
2018, Film, LOVE, MY WAY IN A NORTHERN TOWN, Extra, Anythink Films, Directed by Kris Scott
2018, Short, THE BIG SPREAD, Dancer, a film by ANTONIS KASSIOTIS
2018, Short, DIVORCEE, Kim, Directed by Chris Court
2017, Short, SPLITTING THE BILL, Extra: BBC Scotland on Twitter - Short Stuff
2017, Short Film, NONE OF THE ABOVE: Extra, Directed by Siri Rodnes, ARPEGGIO PICTURES.
2017, Short film, THE LAST SOUL, Creature, Written, Directed and Produced by Graeme Edmiston
2017, Music Video, THE MAWB - FAREWELL - Extra, Directed by Jack McPhillips and Aaron Bayne.
2017, Short, THE PERFECT COMEBACK, Extra, Directed by Tom Moriarty, Produced by Myke Hall
2017, TV Series, TRUST ME, Restaurant/ bar punter, Episode #1.2, Written and Created by Dan Sefton, Directed by John Alexander
2017, TV Series, THE LOCH, Lab Technician, Episode # 1.1, Episode #1.3, Episode #1.6, Directed by Brian Kelly & Cilla Ware
Written by Steven Brady
2017, Short film/ Musical, A PRIMERA VISTA: Extra/ Dancer, A DEAR FRIEND FILMS PRODUCTION, Written and Directed by Patrick Rooney
2017, TV Series, CLIQUE, Extra (pub) Episode # 1.4, Episode # 1.5, Directed by Andrea Harkin
2017, Short Film, STRANGERS, Sarah, Directed by Estelle Baronelllo
2016, TV Series, IN PLAIN SIGHT, Episode #1.3 ... Extra, Directed by John Strickland, Written by Nick Stevens
2016, TV Series, LOVESICK, Extra, Episode #2.7, Directed by Gordon Anderson, Written by Tom Edge
2016, TV Series, RIVER CITY, Extra (pub) - Episode #17.5, - Episode #17.6
2016, Short Film, ALL MEN MUST DIE, Post production stage, Various Extras
2016, Short film, DELUSION, Neighbour, Directed and Written by Calum Duff


2019, Pantomime, JACK AND THE BEANSTALK, Princess Demelza, Neilston Players
2018, Pantomime, SLEEPING BEAUTY, Fairy Beautiful, Neilston Players
2017, PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE, Vampira/ Operator/ Woman adapted by Alex Perry, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Off World Productions
2017, Pantomime, ALADDIN, Sergeant Ping, Neliston Players
2016, Pantomime, CINDERELLA, Stacey, Neilston Players

TV & Reality

2019, TV Series - BBC3, EATING WITH MY EX, Episode 9: Jordan and Sarah, Extra
2018, Tv Series - Channel 4, SUPERSHOPPERS SALES SPECIAL, Extra (SA), Produced and Directed by Tim Dowse
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