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Physical Details

165 cm / 5ft 5in
78 cm / 31 in
60 kg / 132 lbs
Eye color:
Hair color:
104 cm / 41 in
Hair length:
Skin color:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Eora College of Aboriginal Studies and Performing Arts : Theatre and Screen Performance Course (one year F/T)


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent


  • English

  • Australian

2014: Completed a one year, full time Theatre and Screen Performance certificate course at Eora College of Performing Arts
I have performed on stage in productions, including monologues and lead characters.

Theatre /Stage Experience

Oct 2015 The Cunning Little Vixen – Pacific Opera – Supernumerary – Michael Campbell
November 2014 - Ensemble - 8 Emotive States, including John Proctor (monologue) – Crucible by Arthur Miller, Eora College of Performing Arts.
September 2014- Monsiour Beauperthuis - The Italian Straw Hat - Eugène Labiche, Eora College.
June 2014- The Bride’s Father - Blood Wedding (Bodas de Sangre) by Federico García Lorca, Eora College
April 2014 - Monologue (adapted) - Henry Gow Fumed Oak by Noël Coward, Eora College
February 2014 - Monologue – William Chidley No Room for Dreamers by George Hutchinson, Eora College

Experience on TVCs, TV series, music videos, short films and feature movies:
Love Addicts - Carter - Cassandra Peryma (Sydney Film School)
Seeds of Memory (SF)- Dave Truscott (support) Anthony Lim
The Auction (SF) – Korean Husband (featured extra) – Stephen James King
The Studio (SF) – Ponce the Cat / Brendan (Support) – James Barry
Caramel 'A Flavour Fable' - Chocolate & Maple (featured Extra) - Jason Perini
Shit Creek (WebSeries) - Boxing Fan (Extra) - Sundown Picturehouse, Gary Brun
One Sunny Day (SF) - Circus Performer (Featured Extra) - Vagrant Films, Adrian Masiello
Torn (SF) - Party Guest (Extra) , Katie Ryerson
Sheraton TVC - Hotel Guest (Extra) - David Edwards
SFv1 (F/Film) - Prisoner (Extra) - Storm Vision Entertainment, Shane Abbess
Lets Play (SF) - Grant - Poker Player (Lead) - Tiffany Han & Enrico Becker
‘Earphones’ by Eddy Khan Music Video – Rapper Fan (Extra) - Casey Hope
Commonwealth Bank TVC – Game Show Audience Member (Extra) – Miki Magasiva
Sushi-Go-Wrong (SF) – Sushi Chef (Support) - Holly Wood Thompson
Video Statistics:Perspective Media Sydney (Promo SF) Jeff - Spy (Lead) – James Lopes
Foster's TVC - Rugby Crowd Fan (Extra) - Foster's U.K.
Spotlight The WebSeries - Featured Extra - Bar Patron - India Rose Madderom
Sweet Revenge (SF) - Jimmy (Lead) -Christopher Lao
The Dark Within (SF) - Featured Extra - 'Ghoul' - Ariana Kenny
Fragments of Friday (Web Series) – Featured Extra - ‘Father at family lunch’ – Kacie Anning
Falling (SF) – Father of Protagonist (support) – Director Cynthia Lam
Kit Kat TVC - Featured Extra - Business Man & Cafe Patron - Dave Wood
Memorandum (SF) – Priest (Support) – Elaine Toum
Perfect Word - Allen Stone Music Video- Featured Extra - 'Weatherman' - Stefan Hunt
IGA Easter TVC – Extra Business Man Shopper – Adam Blaiklock
Patient Educational Video - Patient # 2 (Support) - Effishency Pharma
Peter Allen: Not The Boy Next Door - Extra Wedding Guest – Shawn Seet
2.22 (F/film) – Featured Extra ‘Business Man Airline Passenger’ – Paul Currie
Sprite : Cut Through the Heat - Date Mistake TVC – Extra ‘waiter’ - John O'Hagan
Box Studios Trailer for ‘Strata Wars’ – Extra committee member - Juan Jaramillo
Creative Member – SHH Domestic Tourist - Underbelly Arts Festival 2015 – Mischa Baka & Michal Imielski

2014 (commenced September)

The Principal (SBS) - Extra ‘parent’ role - Kriv Stenders
Truth (F/Film)– Extra ‘NBC executive’ Fox Studios – James Vanderbilt
Hyundai A-League 2014/15 season: What is Beautiful? TVC– extra ‘pub viewer’ and ‘paparazzi’ - Ash Bolland
Winter (TV Series) – extra ‘China town passer by’ – Ian Watson
Don Small Goods: ‘Don’t Settle for Less’ TVC – ‘shopper’ -Benjamin Weinstein
Hiding (ABC) – Extra ‘plain clothes detective’ – Shawn Seet & Tori Garrett
YOUI: Why is Youi growing so fast? TVC – featured extra ‘city worker’ - YOUI. Insurance
Home and Away – extra ‘city folk’ – business man - Seven Network


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

I'm a beginner model, but have experience in a number of TVCs, TV & feature films. I'm well presented, energetic, adaptable, & photograph very well.

TV & Reality

Experience as an extra on TVCs, TV series

2015 - 2018:
Infomercial - Paint Roller - Product Testing and Testimonial - Daryl Waters
Woolworths "Red Spot Specials" TVC - Shopper (Extra) - Darryl Ward, Curious Films
ALDI 'Now this is Christmas' 2015 TVC - Office Worker (Extra) - Justin Reardon
Helgas TVC – Passenger at Station (extra) - Jesse James McElroy
Newscorp TVC – 1st Class Airport Lounge Member (Extra) – Michael Gracie
Sheraton TVC - Hotel Guest (Extra) - David Edwards
Newscorp TVC – 1st Class Airport Lounge Member (Extra) – Michael Gracie
Commonwealth Bank TVC – Game Show Audience Member (Extra) – Director – Miki Magasiva
Foster's TVC - Rugby Crowd Fan
Kit Kat TVC - Featured Extra Cafe Patron - Sydney NSW - Director Dave Wood
IGA Easter TVC – Extra Business Man Shopper – IGA Breakfast Point, Sydney NSW – Director Adam Blaiklock
Peter Allen: Not The Boy Next Door - Featured Extra Wedding Guest – Sydney, NSW –Director Shawn Seet
Sprite : Cut Through the Heat - Date Mistake TVC – Featured Extra ‘waiter’ role - Strathfield, Sydney NSW - Director: John O'Hagan
Box Studios TV Trailer for ‘Strata Wars’ – Extra committee member - Director Juan Jaramillo


The Principal (SBS TV Series) - Extra ‘parent’ role Cronulla, Sydney, NSW- Director Kriv Stenders
Truth (Feature movie)– Featured Extra ‘NBC executive’ Fox Studios Australia, Moore Park, Sydney –Director James Vanderbilt
Hyundai A-League 2014/15 season: What is Beautiful? TVC – extra ‘pub viewer’ and ‘paparazzi’ Alexandria Hotel, Alexandria NSW - Director. Ash Bollard
Winter (TV Series - Network Seven) – extra ‘China town passer by’ Darlinghurst, NSW – Director Ian Watson
Don Small Goods TVC –extra ‘shopper’ Pyrmont, Sydney - Directo.r Benjamin Weinstein
Hiding (ABC TV Series) – Extra ‘plain clothes detective’ North Heads (Manly), Sydney – Directors Shawn Seet & Tori Garrett
YOUI TVC – non speaking Featured extra ‘city worker’ - Angel Place Sydney CBD
Home and Away (TV Series - Network Seven) – extra ‘city folk’ – business man - Parramatta Park, NSW

No reality TV experience but will embrace the opportunity!
I am comfortable being filmed and keen to face any challenges.

Film & Stage Crew

Competent in:
• staging skills, OH&S
• assisting with production operations for live performances and film

Have on Set experience as a
Make-up artist
Hair Stylist
Wardrobe / Stylist
Continuity /Logistics
Occupational & Safety Officer
Assistant to Director / DOP

Good communicator and negotiator!


  • English

  • Australian

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