Jennifer Martin

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London, United Kingdom
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Very responsive
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Physical Attributes

162 cm / 5ft 4in
68 kg / 149 lbs
White / Caucasian
Skin color:
Dress size:
UK 10 / AUS 10 / US 6
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Hair model : Hair model for Pimp and pinups
  • Kerfuffle tv : Rang a celebrity and asked questions about interview tips
  • Hair model at Daniel Hersheshon : Wash and half and half blow dry
  • Creative media cms at pinewood studio : Hair model for period hair workshop
  • Well field international : Extra acting as an nanny
  • Empowerment video : Speaking on loss and racial matters
  • Wellfield International : Extra in film and still shots. Being a tourist in London
  • Interview with Lena about Immigration : Was interviewed about my views on immigration
  • Contributor on the hot seat : Give opinion on different subjects
  • Selfie with no makeup
  • 3rd impact film : Playing part of fake camera crew
  • Film : Dance extra in day room at an institution
  • Still awaken film extra : Pretend I am frozen in time getting into a car
  • Take 5 Promotion with Envisage : extra in flash mob at waterloo station
  • Bloom film extra : An extra was a pedestrian walking by and acting scared when saw incident
  • E4 tv episode extra : an extra in the audience watching a concert
  • Working as an extra on short film : A party attender. Halloween and dancing as a glam witch
  • Jim club : Extra in a dance class
  • Hair modelling for Estee Lauder companies : Hair modelling for layering
  • Video global message : Taped myself speaking s message to people about unity
  • Music video extra : Talkative shopper
  • Video campaign anti bullying : Taped myself speaking against bullying
  • Short feature film : An extra who was a spectator of a running race
  • TV Audience for pilot show : Sit and give opinion
  • Hair modelling for John D : Have hair cut and styled and photos taken
  • Documentary channel 5 : Shared my view on dating relationships and sex before marriage
  • Tfp shoot with David boldinger : Had a few different outfits and hair styles
  • Know your skin - viral video : had to look into a two way mirror and describe myself. Then listen to an audio of someone else describing me and responding
  • Ditch the label shoot : Required to look at pictures of bodies and answer questions
  • unpaid modelling for art project : had to hold flowers and be happy but confused at receiving them. Shot outside in urban setting for art project
  • Television documentary : Shared my story about weight loss
  • extra on tv entertainment show : sat in a restaurant as a diner and ate a meal and responded to a prank on a fellow diner
  • Head shots shoot : Had head shot taken at Orange Studios link
  • Global selfie project : Uploaded selfie to Facebook with United Kingdom 4 peace on it.
  • documentary interesting stories : Walk round southbank and told a thirty second story about weight loss and charity walking
  • Made tv online interview : Asked to provide my opinion on different topic areas around diversity
  • Earth 2.0 short film : An extra who was grieving at the news of a loved one being killed.
  • Charity video contribution : Had to self record some script.
  • Duck quacks don't echo : A contributor I ate a three course Italian meal
  • pr stunt at Gabriels' Wharf : watched balloons being released, needed to be excited and take photos on phone
  • PR stunt for a charity : Being a commuter and reacting to cholesterol coming at us
  • Bluffing and lying : For a game show test I had to tell the truth and then make up a story for four rounds
  • Discussion group : Part of a discussion group for sweet face cosmetics
  • Hot seat : Asked to share my thoughts on different topics
  • A panel guest on a different kind of woman : A panel member on a talk show discussing communication.
  • A panel guest on a different kind of woman : A panel member on a talk show discussing communication.
  • documentary interesting stories : I shared my story about going after what you want and then doing what you can to help others do the same
  • free photo shoot exchange for models : photos taken outside with natural light
  • online Web series episode : being an extra who was the member of the congregation. praying for a young girl who needed to be delivered.Link is
  • who cares project : asked to share my thoughts on the importance of loving yourself and being you
  • reading phrases for job : reading phrases clearly and being recorded in studio
  • On line advert for : bouncing on a space hopper
  • office workers for online film
  • film : an extra in the audience watching a concert
  • The Christians : play at the gate theatre. I am in the choir
  • brand ambassador/staffer : pr stunt in london
  • lip sync for music song everywhere is a special place : lip sync to the song
  • fan and photographer for music video : extra
  • short film extra : an extra in short film
  • Seeking The Sandman : extra - sales department office worker
  • Margaret Fahy School of Modelling : Diploma in Modelling


Acting experience

No previous acting experience

  • English

  • New Zealand

I have no acting experience but am hard working, have an excellent memory and am willing to learn and am very keen to get into the entertainment industry.
I was involved in this pr stunt


Extras experience

No previous extras experience


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

I have done a couple of free shoots for photos and the most recent was january 2016
I have completed a modelling diploma. I am a quick learner and would be grateful of the opportunity

TV & Reality

I have been involved in Songs of Praise and an online advert for Just Eat and an extra on a TV show in the UK.


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Ballet
  • Jazz


  • English

  • New Zealand

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