Jenny Bustin


St. Albans, United Kingdom
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White / Caucasian
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  • Various Prom Makeups : Makeup Artist
  • Statement Jewelry : Makeup Artist
  • Editorial Shoot : Makeup Artist
  • Nike Jemiyo Music Video : Head Makeup Artist and Designer
  • Wind in the Willows Theatre Production : Head Makeup Artist and Designer
  • Asian Bridal Makeup : Makeup Artist
  • Wedding Magazine Shoot : Makeup Artist
  • River Beauty : Makeup Artist
  • Mythical Creatures : Makeup Artist with use of Prosthetics
  • High Fashion Giants : Makeup Artist
  • Gothic Beauty : Makeup Artist
  • Beauty Shoot : Makeup Artist
  • Nature's Goddess : Makeup Artist
  • Flawless Beauty 2 : Makeup Artist
  • 60s Shoot : Makeup Artist
  • Flawless Beauty : Makeup Artist
  • Paint : Makeup Artist
  • Futuristic Theme : Makeup Artist
  • Student Music Video : Makeup Artist
  • Night of the Living Dead Zombies : Makeup Artist with use of Prosthetics
  • Lord of the Rings Orcs Production : Makeup Artist with use of Prosthetics
  • Circus Theme : Makeup Artist
  • Masculine Meets Feminine : Makeup Artist
  • Male Models : Makeup Artist
  • Alice in Wonderland : Makeup Artist
  • Ballroom Couples : Makeup Artist
  • Masks : Makeup Artist
  • Full Body Tattoo : Makeup Artist using black and white body paint
  • Lingerie Shoot : Makeup Artist
  • "The Angel" Film : Replacement Head Makeup Artist
  • Fiddler on the Roof Theatre Production : Head Makeup Artist
  • Charles Fox : Work Experience Makeup Artist
  • Goodwood Film Revival Festival : Makeup Artist in GAG/Part time Runner
  • P-Clothing Fashion Show : Makeup Artist
  • LoveLuton Festival : Makeup Artist
  • Strictly Come Dancing : Makeup Artist
  • University of Bedfordshire : Foundation Degree passed with Distinction in 2013


I have graduated with a distinction after taking a foundation degree in Specialist Makeup Design and have participated in many different projects, having worked in on a music video, in theatre, fashion and bridal. I have obtained an advanced training certificate in body art with the airbrush brand MistAir and use airbrushing in all my work. I have worked hard to obtain my portfolio. I have worked many projects for free and am always eager to learn more, always looking for a challenge and I always have a smile on my face.
I have travelled all around the country to obtain work experience and have always been invited back to work again with a client. My achievement of which I am most proud for is working on the vocal artist Nike Jemiyo's music video, where I designed the makeup and was personally chosen by her to do her makeup.

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