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London, United Kingdom
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Physical Attributes

140 cm / 4ft 7in
Less than 40 kg / 88 lbs
White / Caucasian
Less than 73 cm / 29 in
Skin color:
62 cm / 24 in
Less than 73 cm / 29 in
Dress size:
11 years
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • My Fairy Garden TVCs : Lead actress
  • The British Red Cross : First Aid Champion, Georgia (x4 films & stills) (Lead actress)
  • TIMESTEP ACADEMY of DANCE & PERFORMING ARTS : Ballet, Tap, Modern & Jazz Pupil
  • Musical Theatre Singing Exam : Pupil - Distinction 96%
  • Portsmouth Dance festival : Dancer (Ballet & Modern Soloist)
  • Book & Demonstration Videos (Elsie O’Neill) : Actress & Stills Model (Lead actress & Lead model)
  • BBC The One Show : Myself
  • CBBC/BBC Blue Peter (60th Birthday) : Myself
  • Peace In Our Time (Feature Film Trailer) : Felicity Grange (Lead Actress)
  • This Time Next Year (ITV1 Reality TV Show) : Myself
  • Harry Potter : Hermione Granger (Lead Actress)
  • PEACE IN OUR TIME (WW2 Feature Film) : Felicity Grange (Actress)
  • The Heiress (Feature Film - NETFLIX) : Abigail (Lead Actress)
  • SPORT RELIEF FILM: Acting Kids Active Wear : Director, Editor & Actress
  • SPORT RELIEF FILM: Whatever Moves You : Director, Editor & Actress
  • Guildford School of Acting : LAMDA, Musical Theatre, Singing, Drama, Ballet, Jazz Pupil
  • Big Fish Little Fish : Annie (Lead Actress)
  • Getty Images : Stills Photography Model
  • National Television Awards 2018 : Red Carpet Experience
  • Anamnesis (Short Film) : Daughter (Lead Actress)
  • The Wicked Stepmother (Short Film) : Daughter (Lead Actress)
  • Nice Smile Photography : Stills Photography Model
  • Sylvia Young Theatre School : Singing, Drama, Audition Technique, Jazz, Hip Hop, Advanced Tap Pupil
  • Star Wars Eternal : Vaylin (Lead Actress)
  • This Time Next Year (ITV1 Reality TV Show) : Myself
  • Case Files (Feature film) : Civilian and Kreepa (Zombie)
  • It's All About The Manners (Feature Film) : Jessie (Supporting)
  • Moving back in all Directions (Feature Film) : Voiceover
  • My Baby (Short Film) : Kai (Lead Actress)
  • Jane Squires Photography : Princess Party Guest (Stills Photography Model)
  • Strictly Musicals : Dancer & Singer
  • Sacrifice (Short Film) : Jess (Lead Actress)
  • Layers (Short Film) : Maddie Wellsummer (Lead Actress)
  • Ever After (Short Film) : Ruby (Lead Actress)
  • Family Portrait (Short Film) : Amelia (Lead Actress)
  • The Movement Initiative CELEBRATE Show : Dancer & Singer
  • Sabrina Winter Dolls Collection - Walk the Walk Fashion Show : Runway Model
  • Walk the Walk Fashion Show 2017 : Runway, Red Carpet & Stills Photography Model
  • Groupon : Modelling (Glow time Snuggle Wrap)
  • Music Video : Dancer & Actress (Lead Actress & Dancer)
  • Kurt Geiger Christmas Campaign : Fashion Model
  • America's Next Top/Tot Model of the Year : Runway & Fashion Model
  • America's Next Top/Tot Model of the Year : Red Carpet Model
  • Fab Five Stills Photography, Orlando : Fashion Model
  • Planet Mermaid : Presenter & Model (Website & You Tube)
  • Groupon : Model
  • Little Bunnies HQ Demonstration Video for website : Actress & Model
  • Sprinkle Kids Magazine (Vol 3) : Model
  • Disney Workshop with Wendy Faraone : Pupil & Actress
  • Shrek the Musical - GSA (Summer School) : Pupil, Actress, Singer, Dancer & Narrator
  • Sylvia Young Theatre School - Theatre & Circus Skills (Summer School) : Pupil
  • West End show in a week - The Kings Theatre (Summer School) : Pupil, Actress, Singer & Dancer
  • SIA UK DELUSION : Model, Dancer & Actress
  • Black Butterfly (Short Film) : Actress: Lucy, the best friend to lead girl
  • 1950s School (Short Film) : Actress/Extra
  • Sun Blind (Short Film) : Actress (Dark side)
  • Little Bunnies HQ COMMERCIAL : Actress & Model
  • Sprinkles Kids Magazine (Vol 2) : Model
  • Model Minds Magazine : Model (themes: spring flowers, denim, catalogue, drinks)
  • Starbound Magazine : Top 10 Talent Model
  • Bullying Film : Actress who can really convey emotion well
  • The Book of Angels : Featured model (appears three times)
  • Brighton Pier & Fun Fair : The Face of Brighton Pier & Fun Fair
  • Model Minds Magazine : Featured model (appears several times)
  • Christopher's Story Animated Film : Voiceover
  • Jessica Ann's Baby Boutique : Model
  • Rubies Fancy Dress : Model (Anna, Sofia the First & Libby)
  • Kurt Geiger : Fittings Model
  • Wizard of Oz : Munchkin
  • Model Minds : Model Pupil
  • Celebrate! By the Movement of Initiative - The Kings Theatre : LKSA Dance Show Team Pupil
  • BBC Radio Solent : Interviewee
  • Modelling Workshop with Jodelle Ferland - 1 day : Model Pupil
  • Modelling on location - London (May 2016) : Model
  • Annie the musical - Ashley Johnson Workshop : Orphan - singer, dancer & actress
  • Musical Theatre - Ashley Johnson workshop : Pupil
  • Portsmouth Schools Music Festival - Speech & Drama Section : Solo & group actress, dancer, singer, recited poems & Bible reading (trophy winner)
  • Portsmouth Schools Music Festival Gala : Singer, dancer & actress
  • BBC Children in Need : Performer with LKSA
  • Victorian Festival of Christmas : Dancer with LKSA
  • Drama School Summer Show : Soloist, duet & group performer (singing, dancing & acting)
  • British Arts Awards : Chorus in Revolting Children from Matilda the Musical (semi finalist)
  • LKSA Summer Show : Dancer
  • School Nativity : Lead
  • Channel 5's WANDA THE ALIEN theme tune : Singer - theme tune vocals
  • LKSA Dance School : Pupil (show team, ballet, tap, modern, jazz, street, acro)
  • PHS : Model - Marketing
  • Carlotta School of Dance : Tap Pupil
  • PHS : Ballet Pupil


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

Daisy & Dukes

  • English

  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh



*Guildford School of Acting Pupil
*Short Film: Piggy Piggy
*Short Film: Signs (British Sign Language film)
*Short Film: Photobox/Moonpig Promo videos
*Ben Cogan workshop
*Feature Film: Peace in our time
*TV Series: Morarity

*Guildford School of Acting Pupil
*Feature Film: The Heiress - Abigail (Lead Actress)
*Feature Film Trailer: Peace in our time (Lead Actress)
*Short Film: The Wicked Stepmother - Jess (Lead Actress)
*Short Film: Anamnesis - Alice (Lead Actress)

*Feature Film: Star Wars Eternal - Vaylin (Lead Actress)
*Feature Film: Moving Back in all Directions - Voiceover
*Feature Film: The Manners (Supporting Actress)
*Feature Film: Case Files - Civilian and Kreepa (Zombie)
*Short Film: My Baby - Kai (Lead Actress)
*Short Film: Laying - Maddie Wellsummer (Lead Actress)
*Short Film: Ever After - Ruby (Lead Actress)
*Short Film: Sacrifice - Jess (Lead Actress)
*Short Film: Family Portrait - Amelia (Lead Actress)
*Music Video: VIRGIN RECORDS - Hussain Manawer “Playground”
*Music Video - Lead actress & dancer
*GSA Pupil (LAMDA, Drama, Musical Theatre)
*Sylvia Young Pupil (Drama)
*Ashley Johnson Workshops (various, including Strictly Musicals)

*Planet Mermaid Presenter/Actress/ Model
*Countryfile Junior Presenter
*DISNEY training from Wendy Faraone (Dynamic US director of Liv & Maddie)
*The Wizard of Oz - Munchkin
*Cast for Sun Blind (short 'dark side' film)
*Cast as an extra for 1950s school themed, based on the values of life (short film)
*Cast as lead's best friend, Lucy, in Black Butterfly (short film)
*Happy Birthday Toy Show Superstar (regular slot playing and reviewing toys)
*Commercial - Little Bunnies HQ
*Video demonstrating use of hair products for frizzy/uncontrollable hair - Little Bunnies HQ
*Actress for the FACE of BRIGHTON PIER & FUN FAIR
*Animated FILM voiceover - Christophe's Story (short film, followed by full length film in future)
*SIA UK Delusion - mini Sia (acting, dancing & modelling)
*Bullying film
*SYLVIA YOUNG Theatre School pupil & also attends regular holiday courses at the school
*LAMDA pupil at Guildford School of Acting
*Lead part in school Nativity
*Musical theatre workshops (several including 'Annie'), lead by industry professionals including Ashley Johnson, Justine Mead & co.

*Local drama school pupil: (various solo, duet and group performances in British Arts Awards (semi finalist), PSMF Speech & Drama section (trophy winner), PSMF Gala, termly Concerts & annual summer show.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Modelling website

Modelling agent

Daisy & Dukes


*Getty Images - Stills Photography
*Nice Smile Photography - Stills Photography Model (Website)

*Jane Squires Photography - Princess Party Stills Photography Model
*Walk The Walk Charity Fashion Show 2017 - Runway, red carpet and stills photography model
*Sabrina with love Dolls Collection Runway Model - Walk the Walk Charity Fashion Show 2017
*Groupon - paid
*Valentine's shoot - Stills photography Model
*Team UK individual Fab Five extra shoot - Stills Photography Model

*America's Next Top/Tot Runway, Fashion & Red Carpet Model
*Planet Mermaid - paid
*Groupon - paid
*Kurt Geiger Christmas Campaign - paid
*Featured in THE SUNDAY TIMES STYLE MAGAZINE (advertorial for Next Clothing) - paid
*Featured in "Top 10 Talent" section of STARBOUND MAGAZINE (Summer 2016)
*Featured in SPRINKLES KIDS MAGAZINE Vol 2 & 3 (Sept 2016)
*Featured in LOVE MAGAZINE (Sept 2016)
*Model for the FACE of Brighton Pier & Fun Fair - paid
*Model for Rubies Fancy dress - paid
*Model for Kurt Geiger (fittings) - paid
*Model for Sia UK Delusion - mini Sia
*Model pupil at Model Minds


I have influenced and inspired others to learn to ride a unicycle.


Guitar ability


Bass Guitar ability


Drumming ability


Keyboard ability


Vocal ability

Lead singer

Vocal range


Composer ability


Producer ability


Singing styles
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Classical

Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Indie
  • Metal
  • Electronic
  • Hip-hop
  • Jazz
  • Classical
  • Country

Influences: Little Mix, One Direction, The Beetles, Abba, Rihanna, Rita Ora, Sia, Ed Sheeran, Pink, Jessie J.

*Sang vocals for Channel 5's WANDA the Alien theme tune (52x11 min episodes initially)

*1:1 Singing lessons at Guildford School of Acting (from Sept 2016)
*Singing lessons at SYLVIA YOUNG THEATRE SCHOOL with Bobby Pearce
*Singer in school and drama school plays
*School choir
*Folk Club
*Plays the ukulele, recorder, violin and digerydoo
*played several solos, duets and small group violin recitals

*Music Video - lead singer/dancer/actress
*Music Video - VIRGIN RECORDS - Hussain Manawer’s “The Playground”

*Music Video - Cover

TV & Reality

*ITV’s THIS TIME NEXT YEAR - featured unicyclist (current series which went out on 22.04.2018)
*Wandsworth Radio Station

*Cast for BBC Les Missrables adaptation
*Cast for The Nativity Rocks (4) Feature Film

*Animated film voiceover - Christophe's Story
*BBC Radio Solent interview
*The News (local paper): several interviews and appearances in paper and Facebook page
*Cast for Sun Blind (short 'dark side' film)
*Cast as an extra for 1950s school themed, based on the values of life (short film)
*Cast as lead's best friend, Lucy, in Black Butterfly (short film)
*Happy Birthday Toy Show Superstar (regular slot playing and reviewing toys)

*BBC Children in Need

*Sang vocals for the theme tune to Channel 5's WANDA THE ALIEN.


Dancing ability


Dancing agent

Brown and Mills Entertainment Ltd

Dance styles
  • Ballet
  • Ballroom
  • Breakdancing
  • Contemporary
  • Country
  • Disco
  • Folk
  • Jazz
  • Latin American
  • Rock & Roll
  • Tap
  • Hip Hop

*Guildford School of Acting Pupil (Musical Theatre, Jazz & Ballet)
*Dance School Pupil (Jazz, Ballet, Modern & Tap)
*Street Dance Pupil

*Sylvia Young Pupil
*GSA Pupil
*LKSA Pupil
*Ballroom taster
*Music video - lead actress/dancer
*Music Video - VIRGIN RECORDS Hussain Manawer’s “The Playground”
*Ashley Johnson (various including Strictly Musicals)

*Sia UK Delusion (dancer, actress & model)
*SYLVIA YOUNG Theatre School current pupil (dance classes and performances in: hip hop, advanced tap, jazz)
*LKSA Dance School current pupil (regular lessons in: ballet, tap, modern, jazz & street plus 1:1 lesson for an hr each week)
*Robin Windsor Ballroom dancing masterclass
*The Movement Initiative Celebrate - The Kings Theatre
*Musical Theatre workshops with industry professionals, including Ashley Johnson & Justine Mead
*School Nativity
*LKSA Summer Show - 1x solo and 7 X group performances

*LKSA Summer show
*BBC Children in Need Variety Show - Kings Theatre, Southsea, LKSA
*Victorian Festival of Christmas - Portsmouth Dockyard performances, LKSA
*Drama School shows
*Performance of 'Revolting Children' from 'Matilda the Musical' at The British Arts Awards (semi finalist)

2012 - 2014:
*Carlotta Schoolof dance - Tap lessons
*PHS - Ballet lessons


  • English

  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh

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