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Physical Attributes

185 cm / 6ft 1in
90 kg / 198 lbs
White / Caucasian
116 cm / 46 in
Skin color:
96 cm / 38 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Bampton Secondary modern. : East Devon College. Textile Techknowledgy. Exeter Technical College, Business Management. MOD. Higher Executive Officer.


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • UK English

2020, Audio version Jungle Book, Akela leader of the Wolf Pack & Council Leader.
2020, Victorian Vicar, The Ballad of Lucy Sands.
2019, Mortem Ursa, (The Death Bear) film short, Scared Man, main role, horror2019,
2019, Doc Martin, Season 9, Local Fisherman
2019, A Well Kept Secret, film , Albert, Solicitor, lead role
2018, Dagon, Feature Film, Charon, The Ferryman from Hades.
2018, Long Ago Gauwn, Feature Film, Dunedain Productions. Basgon, Captain of the Kings Guard.
2018, Stormy Mornings, TV film, Quayside Fisherman.
2018, Hate, Hate, film short, Opinionated Coffee Shop Customer.
2018, Flower Island, TV film, Pub Landlord.
2018, Makeup, feature film, Man in the Window.
2018, Stay With Me, film short, Friend of the Hunter.
2017, Bus Heist, film short. Charlie, lead role.
2017, Bodmin & Wonford Steam Railway, Commercial film, role The Grandfather.
2017, The Kid who would be King, feature film, Old Villager.
2017, Delicious, sky 1, Customer @ Market.
2017, Radio Sea Breeze, TV Film. Card player in Pub.
2017, The Cuckoo, film short, Field Hand & Farmer,
2017, Marshall at Political Rally
2017, Smiling Fish, TV Film, Trawler Man at local fish auctions.
2017, Doc Martin, local fisherman. 2 episodes season 8
2016, Film Short, Disassemble, Marvin Booker, Artist.
2016, Film, Stanley Daze. role Harry Smith, pub Landlord. for Sunset Productions.
2016, Delicious Sky 1 series, Funeral Mourner.
2016, tv film, Ex's & Love, Fisherman in Pub.
2016, As Seen on TV, film short,drama, Uncle Carl, Drug Dealer.
2016, TV, The Coroner, Rambler.
2016, Ros Dowrgeun, drama. star role, Wise Gardener.
2016, Burrow, drama, Chatty dog walker
2016,The Doorkeep, drama, Rich Patron
2016,The Raven Flies South West, surreal drama, Doyle a gangster.
2016,Gus, drama, co Star, Gus a widower
2016, Steine . drama. Co Star, Old French Jew.
2015, Feature Film, Infliction. a Thriller. Lead role Alex McCallister.
Director Ryan Vacey, Golden Cut Productions.
2015, Film, The Hunger Games, Fourth Quarter Quell
Tribute 9, Richie Cywall. Director Laura Jay.
2015, TV Film, Argentine Tango, Local Artist, Drama, German Production
2015, TV Film, Love & Thieves, Fisherman, Drama, German Production.
2015, TV Film, The Doctor & Three Women, Angler, Drama German Production.
2015, Film, King of Karaoke, Bill Huson. Black Comedy Drama
Director, Connor Brown.
2015, Film, ONE WHO LOOKS, Ben, Surreal Horror.
French Honey films, Director Samuel Johns

2015, Silent Film short, LOST FOR WORDS, Old Man. Drama Doc.
2015, Film short, ELEVATE, Joseph Cleaver, MD. Phsyco Horror
2015, TV, DOC MARTIN, Local Fisherman. 4 episodes
2015, Film, BAD EDUCATION, Member of the Cornish Liberation Army, Comedy Drama.

2015, Film, SEAGULLS Alex Taxi driver, Drama
Performing Arts of Bratislava, Director Suzanna Mariankova
2014, Film short, IT'S IN THE MEAT, Pastie Shop Manager, Black Comedy

2014, Film, WHERE THUNDER REIGNS, Sir William Kingston, Tudor Drama
TWO & SIX PRODUCTIONS, Director Graham Pitt

2014, Film Short, BREATHING IN TIME,Roy, Elderly Debenture Sufferer.
2014, Film, Short, WHO'S LYING TO YOU, Dr Graham Chapman, Drama Doc

2014, Film, WELCOME TO CURIOSITY, Barfly, Drama
Jericho Lane Pictures, Director Ben Pickering

2014, TV Film, PROMISES & LIES, Singer, two songs, Drama/romance
German Production
2014, Film short, LONGEVITY, Death an Immortal Being, Physco Drama.

2014, Film, ARMADA, Marvin, Day Janitor. Physco thriller.
Coco Beam Films, Director Joshua Adams.

2114, TV, ANCIENT BLACK OPS, Leonidas, King of Sparta. Drama Doc
Yesterday Channel, World Media Rights, Director Chris Letherbridge.

2014, TV, Casualty, Roman Catholic Priest.
2013, Film, THE MURDER OF CHARLOTTE DYMOND, Elias Bettinson, Bodmin Farmer.
CB Productions SW, Director Chris Batters.

2012, Film, The Murder of Neville Norway, Actor, Abraham Whitting, Blacksmith.
CB Productions SW, Director Chris Batters.
Other roles
2014, Film, Cider with Rosie, Field Worker.
2014, TV, Da Vinci Demons. Otranto Councillor. Series 3, Episodes 2, 3, 4, & 5
2014, TV, BBC. Funeral Mourner, The Casual Vacancy, series.
2014, ITV, Solicitor, Broadchurch Series 2, Tea & Sympathy.
2014, BBC TV Series, Poldark, Shipwrecked Passenger.
2014, Film, Coffee, Office Supervisor.
2014, Film, World of Dreams, Resistance Fighter.
2013, Film, Far from the Madding Crowd, Grain Inspector & Bookie
2013, Film, Captain Sabertooth & the Lama Rama Treasure

Other roles prior to 2012 Devon local theatre.
Gangster, Pirate, Chain Gang Prisoner, Beatnix, Puppet Maker, Roman Centurian.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

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