John Tozer

Actor, Extra, Singer, Guitarist, Bass guitarist,… more

Victoria, Australia
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The Runaway Colliopi - a trepidation

A colliope captures children and travels through time.


  • Neighborhood House : Mentor, coach. teacher to a group of High School kids interested in music projects.
  • Writing and preparing a Concert programs for Words in Winter Festival and later in 2017 : Composing words and music and performing
  • Words in Winter "The Devils Notebook" : Author and Composer Viola and Violin Performer
  • Words in Winter Festival : Collaborative Composer - Wiresong 3 - Food
  • Teaching Music : Violin, Viola, Guitar, Bass
  • Words in Winter Festival : Collaborative Composer - Wiresong 2, Woolsheds
  • Words in Winter Festival : Collaborative Composer - Wiresong 1 - Singing Fences
  • Words in Winter Festival : Composer Performer
  • Justin Time Jazz Quartet : Bass
  • Daylesford Swing Band : Principal Bass Player
  • Clunes Chinese Riot : Celebration Composer - Featured Music Celebration
  • Banksia Avant Garde Jazz ensemble : Leader composer and arranger
  • The Town Musicians : Practice Conductor
  • The Town Musicians Symphony Orchestra : 1st Violas
  • Eltham Symphony Orchestra : Member 2nd violins
  • Member Melbourne Choral : Baritone, 1st Bass - Retired 1995
  • Collaborative Composer : Film music for Frank Eidlitz and the MU Film unit


Acting experience

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  • English


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Favourite genres
  • Indie
  • Electronic
  • Jazz
  • Classical

Influences: Charlie Haden, Dave Holland, Miles Davis, Paul Grabowsky, Joseph Tawardros, Rabi Abu Kahlil, Ali Farka Toure, Cikada String Quart, Kronos Quart; Carl Vine, Arvo Part, Henryk Gorecki, Philip Glass, Etc

I Became a full time musician beginning in 2010, after retiring from a career in professional IT consulting, during which I was involved part time in performing music since 1956 .
My Approach to composing:
I don’t generally create something out of nothing. When I write music, a new piece, I am creating out of past experience, my understanding of music theory, what I’ve studied and the music to which I’ve listened. Often it is what I would like to hear myself, but more often I am answering some ‘question’ in the language of music. The questions are sometimes formal - assignments, events, requests, suggestions, collaboration projects and sometimes the questions are felt or experienced.
My History in music:
From a young age I Studied violin (private tuition), classical guitar (Sydney con. and Melba con).
Was coached as a semi-professional Baritone/tenor for Melbourne Chorale by Ian Cousins
In 1967 Wrote music for the film "Light II" created by Frank Eidlitz on a Churchill Scholarship in the USA. Around the same time I was collaborating in "Musique concrete" and "Musiqe electronique" projects with Melb.Uni. film unit and James Murdoch including a Karlheintz Stockhousen "toure"
30 years singing with the Melbourne Chorale
40 years playing in amateur orchestras - 2nd violin, 1st violin, principle viola, concert manager, orchestra manager, practice conductor
Studied Jazz guitar/theory in Melb. with Bruce Clarke
20 years playing in Jazz combos - Avant garde, modern, BOP, swing - guitar, violin, viola, oud
Studied composition (2 years private tuition under Jock Kyme Melbourne)
studied oud/Arabic classical music with private teacher
Since 2012:
Composed various compositions for "Words in Winter" festival 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
Composed three works for "Spring Fling Festival" 2014, 2015
Have several major projects under way - Amplified plectrum guitar and small orchestra; serious music for electric instrument ensembles;
developing song repertoire for a local group, a suite for wind quintet, small scale works for bassoon or cello with guitar.
Currently preparing work for entry into various International composition competitions.

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