Jonathon Michaels

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London, United Kingdom


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I have worked with Jonathon on various film productions . He is the ultimate professional at all times. He is also very knowledgable about the industry and always has time to help others . Being very talented an versatile Jonathon will go right to the top in the film and T.V industry . I look forward to working with him again .

Recommended for Acting Jun 20, 2017

Whilst working with Jonathon, on what was a: long, difficult and cool TVC; I found him calm yet alert to his given role and during breaks in the shoot, a wonderful singer. I look forward to working with Jonathon again, and wish him every success in the future.

Recommended for Acting Sep 20, 2016

Jonathon is very professional and has taught me a great deal about this industry's etiquette.

Recommended for Acting Aug 20, 2016

It was a great pleasure to work with Jonathon on a few shorts recently. He is an experienced actor, a fun person and was very professional onset. I truly recommend his work and look forward to some potential collaborations in the future.

Recommended for Modelling Jul 8, 2016

Jonathon is always a pleasure to work with. He is friendly and always professional.

Recommended for Acting May 9, 2016

Jonathon was great on this shoot. Very professional and punctual. Nichola Clydesdale, Director - Envisage Agency

Recommended for Acting Mar 5, 2016

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Jonathon is a lot of fun to work with and has a lot of great ideas and talent.

Recommended for Acting Jan 27, 2016

Good person to work with .know hes stuff in the industrie of filming

Recommended for Acting Nov 3, 2015

Jonathan is a very talented actor it was a pleasure working with him.

Recommended for Acting Sep 25, 2015

Having worked with Jonathan I can say he's very dedicated and a pleasure to be on set with.

Recommended for Acting Sep 23, 2015

Great working with you

Recommended for Acting Sep 15, 2015

Good actor and very professional.

Recommended for Acting Jun 19, 2015

Great actor, easy going, intelligent and fun.

Recommended for Acting Jun 18, 2015


Recommended for Acting Jun 15, 2015

In addition to being perfect for the role and putting in a lot of work on the character, Jonathon is very professional and a great guy to have around on set.

Recommended for Acting Mar 10, 2015

StarNow Verified

Absolutely amazing actor to work with, giving it his all in everything that he did! Whether he was waiting around to be called or acting on set, he was always calm and collected. With skills ranging from acting to spoken voice overs, I would recommend Jonathon for any shoot. One of the best actors to work with.

Recommended for Acting Mar 4, 2015

Great work!

Recommended for Acting Mar 4, 2015

A lovely friendly professional guy. A pleasure to work with him.

Recommended for Acting Nov 22, 2014

Very pleasant, fun person and an asset to the acting world xx

Recommended for Acting Sep 11, 2014

An experienced, professional & hard-working actor that I have had the pleasure of working with on several major productions

Recommended for Acting Aug 18, 2014