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Actor, Extra, Model, Dancer

London, United Kingdom
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Physical Attributes

162 cm / 5ft 4in
100 cm / 39 in
79 kg / 173 lbs
Dress size:
UK 16 / AUS 16 / US 12
White / Caucasian
Eye color:
over 119 cm / 47 in
Hair color:
Skin color:
Hair length:
97 cm / 38 in
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Film Kindred Spirits : Audience member IMDB credit
  • The London 2012 Olympics : Cast member, ceremonies performer, for all 4. IMDB cast credit


Acting experience


  • English

  • UK Cockney
  • UK English

. I Attended a Stage School up to my teens. Whilst in a drama group I helped write and performed our own short play.

. Drama GSE

. 2012 Imbd credit, I was regularly filmed for documentary film makers and during a Live Global broadcast to Millions of spectators during The 2012 London Olympics as a cast member, part of The Pandemonium drummer segment. In addition I was a drumming marshal during the Athlete parade whilst in shot as background entertaining all the world. Danny Boyle was the Director, see The 2012 London Olympics sites for full artistic team members.

. I was a cast member of The Pandemonium Drummer Volunteers who played on the track And I will Kiss that accompanied the Olympics Opening Ceremony Industrial Revolution Selection. I was part of the sound Voice recordings that went out live and on the track.

. I was part of the other 3 London 2012 Ceremonies that were broadcast live as an Athlete Marshall, performing and dancing routines to entertain during the parades of athletes. Only 43 of us Participants of the ceremonies did all 4 out of 7,000 volunteers.

. 2012 Arthouse Cinema Thriller, Still by Simon Blake, Feature Film. Staring Adrian Hillend, Elodie Yung and Amanda Mealing. SA in a bar scene

. Toynbee Hall A fragment in Time by Gerry Pilgrim. A site specific performance installation of the history of the people of the East End, and Toynbee Hall since 1884 till present day. I played a 1930's audience member of a theatre piece showing The Mikardo.

. 2016 Final Score Feature Film with David Bautista, Pierce Bronson, West Ham crowd fan SA, and an opposing Football team fan Dynamo Fc SA.

. April 2017 The Terror Effect, by Lets Connect films, I played Mary, a part with spoken lines, with additional physical action of slapping a male.

. June 17 The Terror Effect by Lets Connect fims Additional documentary to accompany the main short film, I'm interviewed on the subject matter of the film by the film maker

. May 2017 A recorded research survey on eating a cereal brand for an Internet commercial, Platform production.

. May 2017 A short film for Centerpoint Homeless Charity by Full Focused Films to I played a shocked onlooker at Cashpoint SA. Natalie Gumede and Kayode Ewumi featured actors.

. May 2017 The Inner a short film by Unseen films, featuring Ingvild Delia, Thomas Law and Stevee Davis. I was an SA in a pub setting scene.

. May 2017 Video recording Podcast images, still photography modelling/acting for Ghetty images

. May 2017 SA, airport scene Bollywood Feature film Judwaa 2

. May 2017 Sprat TV Audience member SA for Co-operate Cisco fim featuring Richard Ayoade

. May 17 Feature film Kindred Spirits by Boak fims, pub SA Imbd credit

. June 2017 Chinese Film Whiteoak Background SA in a Bar scene

. July 2017 Maria's Place Dove Films Short Film. I play a disgruntled boardroom employee called Beckley SA

. South Asian film The Villain background SA

. Short Fim Dan extra park scene SA

. Short Film Bruno The Movie, SA cafe scene

. Adverts for The Carphone Warehouse, Restaurant dinner, SA, advert for the Red Cross Charity 3 locations, SA

. 2018 Nike sportswear brand LDRN ad, SA.

. 2018 South Asian film Pantham SA Business women

. Bollywood film DE DE PYAR DE wedding scene guest SA Due Due PYAR Due, Formal lunch scene SA

. Bollywood film, Time to Dance, SA Ballroom scenes various locations

. 2018 Gomorrah, Sky TV business women SA

. 2018 The Sky is Pink staring Priyanka Choprah S.A.

. 2018 Badnaam Bollywood, S.A. as a cruise ship passager

. 2019 Chinese Ad production, tourist market, As a Nun

. 2019 Amazon TV production, parody of a TV show, S.A. Conference business women

. 2019 Romesh Ranganathan title scene shoot for his show on bbc2, The Raganation, as part of his cool nation gang

2019, EE Best Seat in the House, Ad, Park Scene.


Extras experience

Previous extras experience

I have a retail background, a vast event experience, and multiple roles done within events, customer based, assisting customer glow, traffic, or to greet, provide info, seat, and secure as steward, security knowledgeable.


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

I modelled for stills and in a video for Getty images by Roy Shakespeare. See profile photos

A shoot playing a bereaved mother who lost a baby during pregnancy or before birth for the charity Sands. The usage will be to train nurses, health care professionals on the issue of loss and Sands charity help available to them via slides, training aids.

Barchester Care homes Recruitment drive shoot. Playing the Care home manager

Model as part of s group in the 'Together', Campaign for a pharmaceutical company, who maufacture a HIV drug.

TV & Reality

. I was in all was in 4 ceremonies of The London 2012 Olympics, with live performance to multimillions of audience around the world. (see Acting).

. 2013 The Baftas I was with 2012 Olympics cast members, I drummed for the TV stars and personalities during their red carpet walk. It was broadcast live for a magazine online coverage feature.

Audience TV shows Included;

. 2001 approx Graham Norton Live Comedy Christmas DVD recorded show at The Roundhouse
. 2013 C4 The Last Leg.
. 2014 BBC1 Strictly Come Dancing launch show
. 2014 The Elaine Page Musicals show for Sky Arts 2014.
. 2016 BBC Children in Need pre-recorded show 2016.
. 2016 ITV Tipping Point, Celeb show.
. 2016 BBC2 The Great British History Quiz
. 2016 BBC Radio 4 The Museum of Curiosity .
. 2016 3 x BBC Radio 2 Friday night is music night.
. 2017 Audience member of The Mathew Wright show daily, morning, week day's. The Wright Stuff.
. 2017 Audience for ITV Catch me out entertainment series

. May 2017 For BBC2 I was selected to film a science experiment by Outline media called No more Boys and Girls. An interview followed about my feelings and emotions afterwards towards the interaction regarding me playing with a baby. Tv advert aired on bbc news online from 15th Aug 2017 I am seen in it with Oliver and the show premiere 16th Aug 2017 9pm BBC2

. June 17 Advert for Macmillian Cancer shot by Commercials United. The launch of The campaign for the Cake mornings get together to raise funds for the Charity. Extra in scenes eating, chatting, enjoying a outdoor fund raiser coffee morning. Launched 1st August 2017. I am seen in a yellow dress eating a cake and in a blue dress linking a table to where a pyramid of mugs are set.
. Adverts for Cisco Systems and Jaguar Cars, Cadburys Chocolate Featuring Jamie Rednapp, S.A. football crowd
. BBC Sounds App advert, John Lewis, But and the piano, Elton John 2018, 1950's era
. Sainsbury's Advert, Christmas family Supermarket speed shop, online ad
. Chinese Ad, for the travel, tourist industry, Playing a Nun S.A.
. Major Global brand advert, post production S.A.


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Ballet
  • Ballroom
  • Rock & Roll
  • Salsa
  • Swing
  • Tap

. I attended Stage school for 10yrs plus and I can follow dance and movement, with an understanding of dance styles now.

. Choreographed routines during 2012 London Olympics as a Marshall in all 4 ceremonies and a cast member.

. 2013 A flash mob with the English National Ballet in Potters Field for marking the 50yr anniversary of Martin Luther Kings I have a Dream Speach. Cherographer Jenna Lee crafted a piece for the UK to be shown around the world. Over 10 countries took part in the larger project, it was flimed in key countries around the world, U tube has all the clips.

. 2013 I performed to thousands at a 1yr after 2012 Olympics show at the QE11 Olympic Park E15. I helped to arrange rehearsal and organise performers from 2012 cast groups for the show directed by Kim Gavin. We did a tribute of our London 2012 Opening Ceremony performance.

. 2013 Flash Mob Samba style with the Barbican youth Samba Drumming group. A colaberation with some of the Panamonium Drummers from 2012 to mark the QE11 park re-opening.

. 2013 I was in part of a I.T.V's Britain's got talent flash mob for the start of the show.

. 2013 The London New Yrs day parade . 2013 The Lord Mayors parade 2013 dressed as a Refuse collector on behalf of the City of London Cooperation
. 2013 Chinese New Yrs parade 2013 doing similar movement and drumming, acting.

. 2013 A dance, movement film Called Apparitions, by Make Amplify, Jen Irons and Zac. I discussed my experiences as a local during 2012 as a Olympic Cast performer, Gakesmaker and this with other local was turned into a dance piece through our joint recollections. The difference was we were dressed in white and filmed without seeing our faces, hands. Our feet shown in white shoes it was genius. The film was shown on the 1 yr anniversary for the opening if the QE11 Park in 2013 on the Cofley Power Generator buildings with tall towers around Hackney in the evening projected as ghostly Apparitions to a special musical score people could download. My blog is online on Tumbler.

. 2013 Lewes Bonfire night parade dressed in my 2012 Olympic period customes drumming. More movement and a lot of performance to act mean and give attitude to crowds of thousands lining the streets. Whilst walking next to fire torches with fire crackers going off.

. 2014 Legacy at The Palace, about the Legacy of the cast members after 2012 Cherographer by Rhiannon Brace. It was stage contemporary feel performance, art piece for a large group of amateur mixer ability community group dancers. The Legacy piece was 20mins and I was on stage throughout at all times.

. 2014 Thrill the world challenge learning the Thriller dance as a zombie for a World record attempt

. 2014 & 2015 Crowd pumped doing a set piece of Cherographer for children and teens at We Day Uk to get them up on their feet dancing, cheering and singing. Ideal to show them the dance and get them awake and active, having fun. At We Day in 2016/2017 whilst doing other roles around the kids when I hear the call for the We Day Dance I join in and boogie as a role model volunteer to encourage enjoyment of the day to make it an experience.

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