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Physical Attributes

180 cm / 5ft 11in
76 kg / 167 lbs
109 cm / 43 in
Skin color:
78 cm / 31 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:


Acting experience

Previous unpaid speaking roles

  • English

  • UK Cockney
  • UK English

I am always willing to try out different roles on whatever the project is to gain more experience and have done a variety of characters. My main passion is screen fighting and I've been featured many times as a Martial Artist, I choreograph fights and do all the stunts, in addition to this I have worked as an extra in many projects.

February 2016: Betrayal (Drama Series), Role: Henchmen, Director: Daniel Ndlara Robson
January 2016: Title tbc (Feature film), Role: Martial Artists (extra), Director: ??
August 2015: Nannaku Prematho (Feature film), Role: Stunts/ Fighter, Director: Sukumar
July 2015: My Best Friends Wedding (Chinese Version/ Feature film), Role: Footballer, Director: ??
May 2015: Battle Creek Hackney (Short film), Role: Lead Actor; Martial Artist, Director: Azeem Mustafa
February 2015: Spectre (Feature film), Role: Extra; (Gangster, Police Officer/ Armed Police Officer), Director: Sam Mendes
January 2015: Deep Pan Fury (Short film), Role: Gang member, Director: Ismail Guluev
December 2014: Lewisham McDeez (Music video), Role: Ronald Mcdonald, Director: Peter Todd
November 2014: 007 Sapphire (Short film), Role: Martial Artist, Director: Colin Emerson
September 2014: Time Rush (Feature film), Role: Punk, Director: Daniel Zirilli
September 2014: Falling Ash (Feature film), Role: Martial Artist, Director: A.J Singh
May 2014: London Hood (Short film), Role: Gambler, Director: Sean Cronin
February 2014: The Liberator (Feature film), Role: Martial Artist, Director: Ben Lettieri
January 2014: Night At The Museum 3 (Feature film), Role: Passerby (Extra), Director: Shawn Levy
January 2014: A Thief's Mistake (Short film), Role: Martial Artist, Director: Steven J Jobes
January 2014: 2024 (Student film), Role: Street Enforcer, Director: Tony Ogunyinka
January 2014: Rock Band Vs Vampires (Feature film), Role: Martial Artist, Director: Malcolm Galloway
November 2013: Nana Means King (Feature film), Role: Mugger, Director: Nanabiri Yeboah
October 2013: The 5th China Image Film Festival 2013 (Short video), Role: Goalkeeper, Director: Jewel Zhao
August 2013: Snow In Paradise (Feature film), Role: Extra, Director: Andrew Hulme
July 2013: Gym Life (Short film), Role: Gym user (Extra), Director: Jonny Spurling
July 2013: Art Ache (Short romantic comedy film), Role: Living Artist, Director: Berty Cadilhac
May 2013: Valladesam (Feature film), Role: Gangster/ Martial Artist, Director: Nantha Thurai
Sept 2012: The Dangerous Zone (Short film), Role: Mafia Bodyguard/ Martial Artist, Director: Daniel Ndlara Robson


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

An experienced model and have worked at promotion events. I competed in the; Mr & Miss State Commonwealth 2014 and was runner up (2nd).

February 2015: Dubai Property Show 2015, Model/ Arab
November 2014: Mr & Miss State Commonwealth 2014, Model/ Contestant (Runner up/ 2nd)
November 2014: Esso Fuel, Modeled for their new uniform
July 2013: Models for photography by Bunmi Hazzan, Model
July 2013: London Anime Con, Model/ Catwalk
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