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Physical Details

182 cm / 6ft 0in
88 cm / 35in
83 kg / 182 lbs
Eye color:
White / Caucasian
Hair color:
106 cm / 42 in
Hair length:
Skin color:
Hair type:


  • Rocky Horror Picture Show club night : Performing various songs from the hit musical / movie
  • Village People cover versions performance : Singing on my own 'In The Navy'
  • Rotten Cotton : Regular shoots for Feature film Rotten Cotton Writing/Acting/Producing/Directing.
  • Murder Mystery Dining Night : I played Gordon Sumners a nasty, arrogant, insulting character out to expose a a fake paranormal TV show.
  • National Radio interview on Talksport : Invited on to the Hawksbee & Jacobs show to discuss my Horror feature film Rotten Cotton. My film is a gory horror but also out to help bullied teens & raise awareness re domestic abuse, mental illness & drug & alcohol addiction.
  • Beetlejuice (From the Tim Burton film.) : I played Beetlejuice at a party. Client feedback: Kasper I think your performance was outstanding. And I appreciate all the hard work and effort you put in. I think you looked great and sounded amazing. And will be talked about for ages true legend.
  • Snow White and The Seven Poofs : Cast in the lead role of cheeky cockney chappy Mirror Man in this adult pantomime. Incuded performing songs live on stage.
  • Rotten Cotton : Acting in, Directing, Producing, Writing lots of scenes during 2017 for this Horror Feature Film.
  • Snap Judgement Gameshow Contestant : itv Studios & 12 Yard Films. Lots of screen time, cannot reveal details due to NDA.
  • Hitler's Evil Inner Circle Netflix Documentary : Voice over for Adolf Hitler & others, World Media Rights
  • Speed Dating Experiment Show for Channel 4 : Featured & seen speaking at length, Betty TV
  • Cyber Crime : Played lead role of menancing, dangerous man who's organised a meeting with a woman he's met on the internet. She has a dangerous fantasy and has called this stranger to visit her. Based on real events Reconstruction documentary for Channel 4(Blast Films)
  • Stray Girl, Written & Directed by Serena Janeann Wright) Karma Productions (The Danish Girl, Luther) : Man who preys on a young woman (lead role)
  • Rotten Cotton (Dream Hard Films) : Continued filming on the Horror Feature Film I'm Producing, Directing and Acting in (Lead Role)
  • Playing a Police Officer for Jack Daniels : Entertaining Jack Daniels staff at their Christmas party, 'arresting' a few and warning them not to drink too much.
  • Britain's Most Evil Killers (Woodcut Media) : Played the lead role of Stephen Griffith 'The Crossbow Cannibal' for a reconstruction documentary series that aired on Sky channels Pick and Sky Living.
  • Age of The Living Dead (Runaway Features.) : Production assistant (I cast all of the supporting artists)
  • Rotten Cotton (Dream Hard Films.) : Playing Rotten, Mike the cop & producing & directing various scenes throughout 2016
  • London Boy photoshoot : Played a punk in a 1970s themed photo shoot to help promote the forthcoming British film based on Johnny Mack's book 'DunPeckham'
  • Promoted the new Terminator Genisys movie : Dressed up in a Terminator outfit and did the 'Arnie' voice talking to members of the public in Leicester Square
  • Rotten Cotton (Dream Hard Films.) : Produced, Directed & Acted in various scenes for the Horror movie Rotten Cotton.
  • Film name TBC : I have written the script for a new horror movie. I'm currently also acting in this film (Lead role.) plus Producing and Directing.
  • (Film name TBC.) I directed Wil Johnson In a film I wrote the screen play for : I'm also producing and acting in this movie. Wil johnson is the star of Emmerdale, Waking The Dead, Adulthood and the Academy award winning In a Better World
  • PLIGHT (lead speaking role) : film. Written and directed by Lucy Bonnett
  • Cooking TV Show for Peninsula TV : Took part in a new cooking TV show with my girlfriend for a new TV channel.
  • Lawrence Moody (Director) acting workshop : I was privileged to take part in an acting workshop with legendary TV Director Lawrence Moody (Coronation Street, Bad Girls, The Bill, Hollyoaks, Waterloo Road)
  • Rowland Beckley Casting Workshop : This was a casting workshop with Rowland Beckley (BBC Casting Director of Eastenders, Doctors, Casualty, Lark Rise To Candleford.) Places at his workshops are in high demand and I was lucky to be involved
  • Metropolitan Police Training : Played the role of a criminal who has commited arson and kidnapping but is trying to get away with it. This was to help train future police officers. This role involved huge amounts of improvisation.
  • BEEF The Movie (Feature film.) : Played a Police Officer (Speaking role) in a new British independent feature film
  • Serial Thriller : Reg Heaver (lead speaking role.) Directed by Nicholas David Lean
  • Lee Mack's new gameshow for SKY - Duck Quacks Don't Echo. : Featured contestant on the show, kissing my girlfriend on camera for an experiment.'t-echo.aspx
  • Vendetta : Played a Drug Dealer in Danny Dyers' new feature film. (Speaking role.) WATCH THE TRAILER HERE:
  • Honeycomb lodge : A feature film about a women's refuge. Nasty man who sexually assaults a woman (speaking role.)
  • The Hooligan Factory : Played a scouse football hooligan in a new comedy feature film, the first EVER hooligan comedy. This role involved extensive onscreen combat. (this film is under UNIVERSAL pictures.)
  • Coming Up : Played a CHAV in a new drama for Channel 4, link:
  • Hellraiser Origins teaser trailer : Covered in lashings of fake blood in a sea of bodies writhing in 'sexual agony'. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE:
  • The Hooligan Wars : Played an extremely violent hooligan
  • The Sun newspaper interview : Interviewed and photographed for an article in The Sun about facebook
  • WHY? horror feature film : Lead acting role playing The Head of the maniac family (speaking role.)
  • Interview for Chatshow : Screened on HispanTV
  • Toolwire Student Training Video : Played the part of an abusive drug dealing boyfriend for a film helping to train students of social service. (Speaking role.)
  • GBH (Also known as RIOT.) : Feature Film. Played a gang member.
  • The Voyeur : Film, played a CCTV operator obsessed with a woman (speaking role.)
  • Doin' The Rounds : Feature film. Comedy. Played the role of 'pants man'. (Speaking role.)
  • Budweiser F.A. Cup : Commercial for Budweiser. Spoke to camera holding the real F.A. Cup and spoke about my love of the F.A. cup competition
  • The Sweeney : Nick Love Feature Film. Played the role of a white van man.
  • The Kaiser Chiefs : Music video for 'The Kinda Girl You Are.' Pub Customer.
  • The Sickhouse : Horror Feature Film. Student.
  • Second Generation : Channel 4 drama. Supporting artist. Factory worker.


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • Australian
  • Canadian
  • Irish
  • New Zealand
  • South African
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • UK Welsh
  • USA Boston
  • USA California
  • USA New York
  • USA Southern
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Russian

Kasper enjoys playing roles with high intensity and emotion as they reflect his true character.
He always gives a large part of himself to any role he takes on.
His mantra is 'Don't act...Be'
Mr Lewis is comfortable doing nudity/love scenes.

Special skills:
Good Swimmer
Good Boxer
Good Footballer
Can Sing
Stand Up Comedy
Highly skilled at improvisation especially comedy.
Presenting - charismatic & informative & will appeal to young people.
Screen combat trained.

Chest: 42inch
Head: 59 cm
Boot: UK 11
Waist: 36inch
Leg: 30 inch


Lead Speaking role in ROTTEN COTTON playing Mike The Cop - a new British, Horror feature film coming soon in 2018, plenty of famous, well known talent on board. (Writer, Director and Producer Kasper Lewis.)
Lead role in Positive Result Feature Film (written by Andrew Cant.)
Speaking role in supporting cast in DYSTOPIA - A new U.S. sci-fi TV show also starring Michael Madsen (Resevoir Dogs.)
Speaking role in For The Love of Ella (Written and Produced by Simon Golding)
The Exorcist Chronicles - Episode one 'Beginnings (Playing 'Jonathon') (Written and Directed by Joshua Dahn)
Featured Comedian in new Channel 4 & Amazon comedy pilot (written & directed by Ian Dangerfield.)
Lead speaking role in 'Mr Flopsie' - a new comedy sketch to appear in various fringe theatres & part of Hastings festival - with actress and performer Alice Guile.
Playing Donald Trump in a short.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work


TV & Reality

See Credits for all my TV credits.

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