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Charles Dickens: A Christmas Carol

I read through the first two pages of Christmas Carol, one of my favorite books.

01Charles Dickens: A Christmas Carol
02A plague of dissent New Final

Physical Attributes

199 cm / 6ft 6in
91 cm / 36 in
Less than 40 kg / 88 lbs
Eye color:
White / Caucasian
Hair color:
102 cm / 40 in
Hair length:
Skin color:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Lord Arthur Savile's Crime : Lord Arthur Savile
  • Little Women : John Brooke
  • The Drawer Boy : Miles
  • Unscene : Stewart/Kelvin
  • X-Files - The Curse Of The Thorn : Agent Cook


Acting experience

Previous unpaid speaking roles

  • English

  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • USA California
  • USA Southern
  • Russian

I have performed in 'The Drawer Boy by Michael Healey as 'Miles'. This was my first performance on stage and was a hugely enjoyable role. As Miles I was a 20 something year old actor from Torronto Canada and was living with two older farm hands to learn about acting so i could write a play about it.
I am currently rehearsing 'Little Women' as 'John Brooke' which we will be performing 16th to the 19th October. My role involves mainly romance, flirtation and love scenes between myself and my fellow actress playing Meg.
After this I am scheduled to appear in the comedy 'Lord Arthur Saville's Crime' by Oscar Wilde adapted by Constance Cox. I will be appearing as 'Lord Arthur Saville' where he is told by a palm reader that he will commit a murder and decides he should do it before getting married.

In 2006-2008 I co-wrote, produced and stared in a movie that my friends and I dedicated 2 years to create called Unscene. It was a psychological thriller based on a premise my friend had in University and we worked on to create a 2 hour long movie. I played one of the main roles as Stewart in the movie and as myself in the second act.

In 2004-2005 I co-wrote and filmed an X-Files spoof movie with friends where we enjoyed creating jokes and funny moments from the X-Files universe which we edited together into a movie.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

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