Joelle Stephanie Koissi

Joelle Stephanie Koissi

London, United Kingdom


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Joelle is so kind and genuine!! I am so glad to have met her on the set and has been an excellent actor to work with. She is so natural and professional. I would love to work with her again. I highly recommend her ??

Recommended for Acting Sep 12, 2021

Joelle, is extremely talented, and has a lot of experience under her. It was great to work with as well as learn a few tips from her. I wish her continued success in the industry.

Recommended for Acting May 30, 2021

It's been great working with her. She's fun, friendly, versatile and very professional

Recommended for Acting May 28, 2021

Joelle is very professional, charismatic and super entertaining! It was a pleasure working with her, great energy!

Recommended for Acting May 28, 2021

She is super funny and positive person to have on the set. Very professional attitude also!

Recommended for Acting May 28, 2021

It was a pleasure working with Joelle, she's beautiful inside and out. Joelle is Professional and positive person to work with. Would love to work with her again! Best wishes, wardah x

Recommended for Acting May 28, 2021

JOELLE is a great, sympatic, talentfull actress,I recommand her for yr productions, she also speaks french, english fluently, and did many roles already succesfull

Recommended for Modelling Jan 23, 2017

hard worker and professional s always a joy to meet her on set

Recommended for Acting Dec 20, 2016

Joelle is a lovely and professional person to work with. She is always positive and friendly on set. Always looks flawless and suits any role.

Recommended for Music Nov 24, 2016

Very professional and at ease in front of the camera.

Recommended for Acting Jul 26, 2016

I've worked with Joelle on many occasions now and every time has been an absolute pleasure. Positive and professional with a fantastic attitude and work ethic I would happily recommend her to anyone looking to work with her. All good! :)

Recommended for Acting May 1, 2016

Great work Joelle

Recommended for Acting Apr 15, 2016

Great actress pleasure to work with.

Recommended for Modelling Apr 14, 2016

Great working with you .Good luck for the future

Recommended for Acting Apr 11, 2016

Look forward to working with Joelle soon

Recommended for Acting Apr 10, 2016

Joelle is an exceptionally talented artist. Punctual, articulate, and all round professional. Always a pleasure to work with!

Recommended for Acting Apr 10, 2016

Professional and hard working

Recommended for Modelling Apr 9, 2016

Joelle is a very talented actress and model a real pleasure working with her.

Recommended for Acting Apr 9, 2016

My goodness!!!!! I love Joelle so much. I admire her passion for acting so much and I am so proud that she has performed in dozens upon dozens of productions and there is no slowing her down because she is super talented. I have enjoyed working with her on many projects and I can't wait for our next collaboration on the next gig.

Recommended for Acting Apr 9, 2016

It was a pleasure to work with Joelle. She was absolutely fantastic! She is not afraid of the camera, follows directions and brings her own character to the shoot. I would recommend her highly to any project. Look forward to working with her again !

Recommended for Acting Apr 7, 2016

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