Lambros Zannettos


London, United Kingdom
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"Bullet Dodger" trailer

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"Water Church" trailer

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Action scene

Cinematic music for an "Action Scene"


  • Rafaeli & the Real : Bass player
  • Three's a Crowd : Short Film
  • Water Church : Short documentary
  • The Burmese Story : Short documentary
  • Albert : Short documentary
  • Big Fish : Short documentary
  • Russian Roulette : Interactive film
  • Cyprus:Digging the Past in Search of the Future : Documentary film
  • Kingston University : MMus Composing for Film and TV
  • University of Plymouth : BA Music


Guitar ability


Bass Guitar ability


Keyboard ability


Composer ability


Producer ability


Favourite genres
  • Rock
  • Electronic
  • Jazz
  • Classical

Influences: Nick Cave, Grinderman, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Those Poor B*stards, The Cinematic Orchestra, Bach, Zbigniew Preisner

Guitar: Grade 8 Plectrum guitar
Music Theory: Grade 5

First Degree: BA Music from the University of Plymouth
Second Degree: MMus Composing for Film and TV from the University of Kingston

Working knowledge of professional music production software and techniques.

About me:

Beyond my general qualifications as an instrumentalist and musician (Grade 8 Guitar & Grade 5 Music Theory), I completed my Bachelors degree in Music at the University of Plymouth with First Class Honours. I then went on to do a Masters in "Composing for Film and TV" at the University of Kingston in London.
During my time at University I also taught myself to play the piano, which I found to be a very important tool for modern day, computer-based composition techniques. I also play several other instruments and I often use them to embellish the texture of my compositions.

As a Tutor:

I have been teaching guitar for many years now and since 2008 on a professional level. These are some of my students including a short description:

My Bachelor Degree dissertation was titled "A minimalistic approach to jazz guitar" and was a inquisition into the ways Jazz guitar is taught and the simplification of the process to make it more approachable. The result was a method book which has now been self-published.

My Work:

Other than several smaller profile compositions for screen, I have recently composed the music for a documentary commissioned by the Elders Foundation (
I am now composing music for a few smaller scale projects, and constantly looking for new and challenging opportunities in various areas of the music and media industry.
Composing for media is a highly collaborative field which is ideal for me as I thoroughly enjoy working as part of a team of people who share the same vision and passion for as myself. At the same time, I am also able to take on a project on my own and deliver to deadlines and timescales.
When I am not working on compositions I am updating my guitar-teaching website which can be found at This is something I started at university and which still continues to attract guitarists and music enthusiasts.

A few samples of my composition work can be found on my website at:

Band Involvement:

I have been the main songwriter for several projects through the years, and I am currently writing music and lyrics for my band "The Four Part Cure".
Bass player for "Rafaeli & the Real"

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