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Laura Showreel - YouTube

01Laura Showreel - YouTube

Physical Attributes

160 cm / 5ft 3in
49 kg / 107 lbs
White / Caucasian
81 cm / 32 in
Skin color:
66 cm / 26 in
86 cm / 34 in
Dress size:
UK 8 / AUS 8 / US 4
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Gothic and horror shoot : Barry studio
  • Living model : Richmond art gallery
  • extra for hollywood film The last photograph with denny Huston : 2020 casting agency
  • Living model for Tottenham changes Club
  • article published on the Daily Mirror : how changed my life at 42
  • Life drawning model
  • model for an exibition MichaelBarry photography
  • extra for Priingles Ad : extra
  • supporting actress as police woman and carer : Saint and Scroungers series BBC flame television
  • Flash mob Ls Freeze
  • Burlesque photo shoot with Tom Harrison
  • extra for a charity advertisement : londonextra agency
  • living model for a large scale project Belfast exibition : living model
  • Fan bollywood film : part of the crowd
  • extra for the film " now you see me 2" : Now you see me 2 , with Casting Collective
  • part of a crowd for a short online documentary for a leading insurance company : envisage promotions
  • living model for Blue Zoo animation : living model
  • Italian Voiceover for 2020 : voiceover
  • extra for Kleenex commercial : extra
  • extra for red bull charity Wings for Life : world run event
  • funeral guest for Sam smith new video : let me down song by Sam Smith
  • zumba dancer in the new commercial of Vodafone : vodafone
  • second day on set of Mission impossible 5 : Mission impossible 5
  • extra as commuter in a tube station for Mission Impossible 5 : Mission impossible 5
  • Photoshoot for Commercial Nebuliser Paul ' s story : Johnny Lynch extra agency
  • Probz singer : extra in the music video called 'NOTHING DOESN T MATTER "
  • Criminal future film with Kevin Costner : Millenium film
  • indie music video : music video
  • Hyperaptive-planet earth : supporting actress like a religious woman
  • supporting actress : Future film "Containment"
  • speaking role as supporting actress for short film "Uk borders"
  • extra in Bollywood film "Phantom" : Phantom, Bollywood film
  • Avengers ..age of Ultron future film : secondo time on set as a fugitive running away from fights and superheroes
  • supporting actress for short video for a global media compay
  • Avengers ..age of Ultron future film : fugitive escaping from the envasion of robots
  • extra in the Usa tv series The Royal : extra during a fashion cat walk
  • party guests in The Royals : wedding party guest
  • Extra for a viral for madcow agency
  • Fashion photoshoot for Foto
  • photoshoot for Workshop photography
  • westmister university "sexy line Day 2 " : extra swimming in a pool
  • hair model for Toby Price Phil Houghton Photography : testing a new product for hair
  • main host in trudy lite show : indian mars space mission episode
  • dancer in a music video of Ruby sweet ambitions
  • interview for magazine "matilda de Bati" : Matilda de bati magazine
  • extra for commercial "Beginers guide to live in the uk " : costumers in a chinese restaurant
  • future film " Nothing like this" : extra as party goer in a theatre
  • bristan - the big thank you : extra for a commercial
  • extra as party goer for future film " south of the river"
  • model for fashion and glamour photoshoot with sunny photo
  • extra for commercial with michael buble'
  • gothic model for a photshoot calle " fallen angels"
  • Viral ad "The Rumor" : featured walk on as a crazy cleaning lady
  • extra for the new video "Rumors" of Chloe Howl : demon who plays chess
  • extra as a wife in short film : Secret Lovers short film
  • extra as visitor in an hospital for Top dog film : Martin Kemp director
  • model for autumn colours photoshoot for the Denator Photographer
  • musical Walking on sunshine : dancer
  • LSDA : first level
  • commercial Online resorts international Ltd : extra as a wife
  • extra for "what is all about" : Visual media/UGLE
  • model for military photoshoot : waynes photographer
  • bodypainting model : for professional makeup academy
  • hair and make up model : for professional makeup academy
  • supporting actress spoken role in a web series "Search party for Kerion" : spoken role as supporting actress
  • extra in music video " ja girl" by Showerz and Talent : dancing and acting during the video
  • extra in the future film " Equal measure"
  • extra for envisage promotion
  • bridal model : photoshoot for jaleesa reid
  • extra for song "Jeje" by Airis singer
  • extra for music video singer Pepster : title of song "OH YEAH"
  • feature film "Retribution" : extra
  • extra for tv program " THE JASON PHILIP'S SHOW"
  • student film FAMOUS FIVE : extra playing football
  • Supporting actress in music video "Soldier " : singer Bennie Bizzie
  • christmas shoot for a commercial : model for Envisage Promotion
  • Heroes notice short film : extra
  • music video "No matter the temperature" with Natia Daniel : dancer and extra
  • short/student film "Morgumentary" : extra for the London Film Academy
  • extra in short film " Ciaran " : Bournemouth University Actors Agreements
  • extra in music video of Professor green : "are you getting enough " title of the song
  • extra for music video woah/brand new style : artist Smiler/ production company Gas and Electrecy company
  • extra for short film Rabbi : wolex production director chanel wolex
  • model for BODY METRIC MASSAGE : model
  • model for swimming pool test for LEE MACK SHOW : model in a bikini indide a swimming pool
  • secretary in film NICE TO MEET YOU : medan production
  • extra for short film for charity about HVI : extra
  • Amar , Akabar & Tony film : extra
  • film Closure by Wohproduction : extra
  • Diana Vickers of Ex Factor : extra in her new video
  • extra in short film CHASING ROBERT BARKER : extra
  • Macabre short film : supporting actress
  • one of leading performers in Stony boy ft Kifaro & Aimie video called Darkest mind : blind mother in a music video
  • THE PERFECT MATCH short film : supporting actress
  • Yvonne rap singer : extra in rap video
  • "Born to be king" Bollywood film : extra like journalist
  • extra for short film The Wolf : FBI agent
  • extra for Envisage : extra
  • extra in video of Ayo singer : song "Forever becoming"
  • extra for a video of Felix da Housecat dj : extra and dancer for the new video sinner/winner
  • THE TRUTH comedy drama tv pilot : extra
  • extra for american advertisement : Brave spark company
  • FISH BONE STUDENT FILM : extra for short film westminster university
  • extra for short film : twisting into place short film
  • model for a headshoot : photographer Raimondas Kazenas
  • santiago street machine-holes : extra in music video
  • HOME SWEET HOME short film : small spoken role
  • G Zang music video sing with the gang : extra for music video
  • short film " ONE SMAL STEP FOR A MAN" : extra for film of Met University with Sam Hayer director
  • short film " Doppelganger" : extra
  • "Tye" student film of hertfordshire university : extra
  • extra for music video The dream of Suzie : extra in music video for Nicola no profit association
  • Tamas film for london college communication : extra
  • photoshoot for website : model
  • Mr Wind short film for London film school : supporting actress
  • Half hour hotel group song Run from sirens : extra in music videos
  • Give me details : extra in music video
  • Waterloo festival 2013 : music video "dance life" by St.Luke's company
  • Desert dancer film with Akram Khan and Freida Pinto : extra
  • auditions for Blinkink news
  • music video song Elisabeth : waveyone ft jai&martin yard back tv
  • Down dog limited film
  • In a heartbeat : television series with Danny Dyer
  • The white room film limited : production office
  • Real people photoshoot : model for photoshoot in studio DizzyFinch
  • Still film : di simon Blakke
  • Sea Out Short film : Sean Griffith producer/James Cosmo the main actor
  • music video Single Malt : extra for music video
  • Short film "Author Inside" : extra in short film
  • students film "Love you more" : extra for student film in Westmister University
  • music video KENDIME YALAN SOYLEDIM : extra for music video Zildjan group
  • Britain's brightest show for BBC1 : extra for this program
  • hair model for aveda : hair model
  • film act/or statshi twins : extra in short film
  • videos for Rundiculous : extra
  • Mic Boogie dj for song "Catch wreck" : extra
  • music video "Divided we fall" with Emma Blakk : extra
  • flash mob SUPAFLY : dancer
  • short film "Dont blame us because we are famous" : extra
  • Explore the tv music video by Bentley Browning : extra
  • group "dancer for pleasure" for song Silver fox with Tony Visconti : extra
  • Cue collect short film by Tara Nahas : extra
  • hallow short film with rosie leslie : extra
  • music video of simon withington : extra
  • death of the balcony group : extra for song "one thing" director tomas james
  • music video the rythmes of the earth : extra and dancer
  • soap opera rab de sona isshq : extra in a soap opera of zee tv episode n.5 september 2012
  • bollywood production/limelight : extra in the film " jab tak hai jaan" bollywood production
  • just dance uk : zumba fitness


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English
  • Italian

  • Italian

i am still working as life model , extra , supporting actress in London and Bristol
I have lots of experience and you can see my credits on imdb as laura bernardeschi


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

part of my work is on imdb and the link is in my profile


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

I started since 2012 and since that moment i never stopped
i am a photo model and life model working for prestigious institutes of art

TV & Reality

i was the main host in the "The trudy lite show "
I am working in London as extra and supporting actress in music videos, films, commwercials, tv series and soap operas
Part time model


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Contemporary
  • Disco

i have a long experience in working as an extra a dancer in music videos ( with artists such as Professor Green, Diana Vickers, Bennie Bizzie, Ayo-Dele and many others) tv series, future films, commercials and soap operas
i have always danced in clubs and courses of aerobics and Zumba and pole dance
i participated in several flash mobs here in London


TV presenter experience

No previous TV presenter experience

  • English
  • Italian

  • Italian

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